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"You were always different..."
Jaller, Mask of Light


Occupation Toolmaker
Kanohi Unknown (broken)
Status Diminished
Pronunciation tah-KOO-ah


Toa of Light
Affiliation Toa Nuva (honorary member)
Kanohi Great Avohkii
Tools Staff of Light (formerly)
Power Lance (formerly)
Midak Skyblaster (formerly)
Twin Light Staffs
Status Alive (Revived by the Avohkii)
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TAH-kah NOO-vah
Set 8596 Takanuva (instructions)
7135 Takanuva (instructions)

Occupation Chronicler
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Volo Lutu Launcher (formerly)
Chronicler's Staff
Book of Chronicles
Status Rebuilt
Pronunciation tah-KOO-ah
Set 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua (instructions)

Occupation Chronicler
Kanohi Pakari
Tools Chronicler's Staff
Book of Chronicles
Kolhii stick
Status Transformed into a Toa
Pronunciation tah-KOO-ah
Set 8595 Takua & Pewku (instructions)


Toa of Light and Shadow
Affiliation Toa Nuva (honorary member)
Kanohi Great Avohkii
Tools Power Lance
Midak Skyblaster
Status Reverted back to normal size
Inner Light restored
Pronunciation TAH-kah NOO-vah
Set 8699 Takanuva (instructions)

Takua was an Av-Matoran who was taken from his homeland during the Time Slip and placed in Ta-Metru. He later lived in Ta-Koro after the Great Cataclysm, and led the life of a wanderer and adventurer. The discovery of the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, revealed him to be the Herald, meant to discover the Toa of Light. The actions of Makuta Teridax resulted in the death of his best friend Jaller, causing Takua to realize that he was destined to be the seventh Toa. He donned the Avohkii and transformed into a Toa, renaming himself Takanuva.



Early life

Takua was the first Matoran ever created by the Great Beings, and worked on constructing the Matoran Universe with his fellow Av-Matoran.[1] As the first Matoran, his programming differed slightly from that of later creations, who were not given complete sapience.[2] He grew to be best friends with Solek, another Av-Matoran.[3]

Takua was among the Av-Matoran who colonized Karda Nui, and was working there during the Avohkah attacks. When the Toa Mata defeated the sentient lightning bolts, Takua approached Toa Gali, expressing his amazement at her skills and expressing his wish to become a Toa. The Av-Matoran soon returned to their homeland, as the Energy Storms started in Karda Nui.[4]

He was later relocated to Metru Nui by the Order of Mata Nui during the Time Slip, disguised as a Ta-Matoran, though due to his lackluster amount of control, his disguise was a poor one.[5]

Metru Nui

A toolmaker in Ta-Metru, Takua also ran a small business in his home called Takua's Trade Goods, where he offered souvenirs from other Metru that he had picked up on his travels, which he often did at moments when he was assigned to do work.[6] This habit often attracted a lot of attention from the Vahki; there was a running joke in Ta-Metru that an entire squad was assigned just to keep watch on Takua.[5][7] Jala would frequently help him stay out of trouble with the Vahki.[8]

Sometime during his years on Metru Nui, his original mask was damaged and replaced with an ill-fitting blue Pakari.[9][10][11][12][13]

Along with all of the Matoran in Metru Nui, Takua was cast into a slumber by Teridax,[14] and was later rescued and brought to Mata Nui by the Toa Metru. Shortly after being awakened by the Toa on Naho Bay, Takua noticed a Ta-Matoran named Jala whose strength was draining because his mask had been damaged in his Matoran Sphere. Turaga Vakama then gave Jala Lhikan's Hau, which Vakama had saved after Lhikan's death.[15]

Mata Nui

Takua after being forced into a Matoran Sphere

Takua assisted in the construction of Ta-Koro under Turaga Vakama, utilizing materials from the airships that were used in the Great Rescue.[16] He made a living there, along with with the rest of the Ta-Matoran. However, he was always eager for new adventures, and was not always content to stay in his village and work.

Quest for the Toa Stones

Due to his poor work ethic, Takua was banished from his home of Ta-Koro. Awakening on a beach, he was told by a Ta-Matoran that Turaga Whenua had an important job for him. Upon entering Onu-Koro, he learned that Turaga Whenua had been kidnapped by Rahi and that his staff had been stolen. Takua rescued the Turaga from a Vatuka and recovered the Firestaff, the lost Toa Stone of Earth, and two Vuata Maca Crystals. Whenua informed Takua that the Rahi had been stepping up their attacks, and that he must continue to help the other villages. Takua picked up a Volo Lutu Launcher and Madu fruit. After competing in a Great Ussal Race, Takua left Onu-Koro.

After competing in a Ngalawa Boat Race, Takua found the same problem in Ga-Koro that faced Onu-Koro. Takua set out through Ga-Wahi and found Madu Cabolo fruit. Outwitting the Makika toad guarding Nokama, he healed the Vuata Maca tree and found the Toa Stone of Water. In Po-Wahi, Takua found the Drill of Onua and the Stone Hammer. After rescuing Podu, Takua healed the Vuata Maca, saved Onewa from a Kofo-Jaga, found the Toa Stone and played koli. He also began to use Bamboo Disks. After competing in Kewa Bird Riding to enter Le-Koro, Takua found the problem all Koro were facing. Takua found the Ice Pick, the Tree Crystals, saved Matau from a Kewa nest, and found the Toa Stone. Before leaving, Takua was given the Kau Kau Staff to use. Most villages give Takua Amana Volo Spheres.

In Ko-Wahi, Takua played Huai Snowball Sling, and set out on his quest. Facing several Rahi, Takua found the Element of Melting, the Tree Crystals, the Toa Stone, Trident, and Nuju. Returning to Ta-Koro, Takua participated in Ignalu Lava Surfing, and found that Vakama was gone and Ta-Koro's water source was poisoned. Saving Vakama from Mahi, finding the antidote, and the Tree Crystals, Takua returned to Ta-Koro. After learning the Toa Stone's location inside the Mangai Volcano, Takua saved it and was blasted out on his Lavaboard. He landed at the Kini-Nui where the Turaga waited for him. He returned their Badges of Offices and activated the Toa Stones. The Toa stones created an energy blast that slammed Takua into the Ta-Wahi beach.[17]

The Quest of the Chronicler

The blast caused Takua to lose his memory, and he woke up on the beach disoriented.[18] Following tracks through the Charred Jungle, Takua rediscovered the village of Ta-Koro. Once there, he learned from Vakama the legend of the Toa, and heard how the Ta-Matoran had mistaken Toa Tahu (who had made the tracks Takua followed) for a Rahi, and had tried to attack him. Vakama then warned Takua that he was not yet welcome in Ta-Koro, for the Matoran did not trust travelers. While he was in Ta-Koro, Takua re-met Jala, right hand of Vakama.[19]

Takua returned to the beach, where he found a distressed Ga-Matoran named Maku. Maku told him that Ga-Koro had been attacked by Rahi, and that only she had escaped. Borrowing Maku's boat, Takua traveled to the village of water. Finding that one of the huts had sunk, Takua learned that Turaga Nokama and the inhabitants of Ga-Koro were trapped inside. Takua dove into the water and retrieved the missing gear from the city pump, returning the hut to the surface. A Tarakava attacked the Matoran as they escaped, but Toa Gali arrived in time to protect them, defeating the Tarakava and removing its Infected Kanohi. Maku told him of Po-Koro, and the koli champion Huki who lived there.[20]

Upon arriving in Po-Koro, Takua learned that Huki and many of the other Matoran had fallen ill in an epidemic. Investigating the Comet Balls that were being sold in the market, Takua found a small stone key with an Elemental symbol on it. Takua journeyed to the Po-Wahi Quarry, and there found the door which the key opened. Inside, he found the source of the Comet balls and discovered that they were being stored with infected masks and were being guarded by a Nui-Jaga. Takua then guided Toa Pohatu, who had been temporarily blinded by the Nui-Jaga, to knock down the pillars that held up the roof of the cave. After being rescued from the cave, Takua returned to Po-Koro, where the grateful Turaga Onewa gave him a small stone chisel he was to show Turaga Nokama. Upon seeing the chisel, Turaga Nokama appointed him Chronicler and gave him a device known as the Book of Chronicles, with which he could document the events he witnessed.[21]

Takua continued his journeys, next traveling through Onu-Koro. A lava flow had cut off access to the Lightstone mine, preventing the workers from being able to finish the tunnel to Le-Wahi.Using his Lavaboard, Takua crossed the lava flow and repaired the lava pump, allowing the Matoran to mine more Lightstones. Also while in Onu-Koro, Takua learned of a mysterious layer that had been uncovered deep in the Great Mine. Traveling down there, he found a massive sundial.[22]

Once the Le-Koro tunnel was completed, Takua decided to accompany Taipu to visit Le-Koro. While traveling through the jungle, Taipu was carried off by a wild Nui-Rama. Upon arriving in Le-Koro, Takua learned from Kongu that Turaga Matau and many of the Le-Matoran had also been kidnapped by Nui-Rama, and that Toa Lewa was missing. Their talk was cut short by a swarm of Nui-Rama, and Takua agreed to second for Kongu riding a Kahu. After training, Takua was able to master Disk throwing well enough to protect the Kahu from the attacking swarm, but upon arrival at the Nui-Rama Hive, they were knocked from the air. Within the hive, Takua discovered that Toa Lewa had been corrupted by Teridax, and was wearing an infected mask. Onua soon arrived and began fighting Lewa, eventually winning and subsequently removing the infected mask. When they arrived back at Le-Koro, he joined in the celebration of the Le-Matoran victory before moving on.[23]

The final village that Takua visited was Ko-Koro. There, after rescuing an almost-frozen Kopeke with a Heatstone, he found that Matoro had gone out into the drifts in a blizzard. Following Matoro, Takua succumbed to the cold and had a vision about the Bohrok. He was found by Matoro and reenergized with a Vuata Maca Tree Fruit. After Takua recovered, the two Matoran were attacked by a Muaka, and witnessed Toa Kopaka defeating the beast. The two returned to the village, where Matoro translated for Turaga Nuju, who gave Takua the mission to take one Matoran from each village to guard the Kini-Nui while the Toa fought Teridax.[24]

Takua descending into Mangaia

Takua gathered Kapura, Maku, Hafu, Taipu, Tamaru, and Kopeke, all Matoran he had met on his journey, forming the Chronicler's Company. Arriving at Kini-Nui, Takua witnessed the Toa fuse the Makoki Stone and prepare to enter the underground. Gali spoke with Takua briefly before entering Mangaia, establishing a mental link with him that would allow him to view things that she witnessed. The Company repelled infected Rahi while Takua received visions of the Toa Kaita from Gali.[25]

Just when the Rahi were about to defeat the Company, reinforcements arrived from all the six villages, driving them away. Takua's last vision from Gali was of the Toa about to enter Teridax's lair. At the Kini-Nui, Onepu, who led the Ussalry from Onu-Koro, told Takua that something strange had happened in the underground village. Takua hurried back to Onu-Koro, where he found that the strange sundial had become an elevator. Entering the underground, he found the Toa and watched them defeat Teridax. Unintentionally left behind, he also saw the awakening of the Bohrok. Takua found that the Chisel Turaga Onewa had given him generated an energy bubble that brought him back to the Ta-Wahi beach. Vakama was there waiting for him, and told him that because of his bravery and selflessness, he was now welcome back in Ta-Koro.[26]

Bohrok Invasion

Takua continued his work as Chronicler during the many more adventures he had as a Matoran throughout the island's struggle against the Bohrok. He helped liberate Le-Koro, whose entire population was controlled by the krana.[27] After that, he traveled to Ga-Koro with Jala, which soon came under attack from the Pahrak. They brought Nuparu and several of his Boxors with them for the defense of the village, though the machines were not very successful. Later, after the Pahrak had been driven off, they launched a surprise attack.[28] Takua and Jala were cut off from the rest of the Matoran when the Pahrak demolished several of the pathways between Ga-Koro's lily pads. However, Takua came up with a makeshift catapult, which he used to launch himself between the Bohrok and the Matoran.[29] It was at this time that the Toa Nuva imprisoned the Bahrag in Protodermis, stopping the Pahrak, as well as all the Bohrok on the island. After the defeat of the swarms, Jala and Takua helped in the collection of krana in pits in Ga-Wahi.[30]

They later returned to Ta-Koro and witnessed the theft of Tahu's Nuva Symbol.[31] During the struggle with the Bohrok-Kal, upgraded Bohrok that had stolen the Nuva Symbols, Takua and Jala briefly traveled with the Toa Nuva as they went to defeat them.[32]

After the Kal's defeat, the Turaga decided to hold a Naming Day Ceremony for the Matoran who had helped defeat the Bohrok.[33] Shortly before this service, Jala and Takua were secretly rebuilt into stronger forms by the Turaga, a gift that all Matoran would receive following the ceremony.[34] During the ceremony, Macku, Jaller, and Hewkii's names were changed, but Takua's remained the same. The Turaga then announced the plans for the Wall of History, and Takua's "honor" was to write the wall. Upset that he was left out of the celebration and forced instead to do work for it, he held his own personal Naming Day Ceremony, where he renamed his pet Ussal Puku to Pewku.[33]

The Turaga also announced a great kolhii tournament to celebrate the new peace, and Turaga Vakama chose Takua to represent Ta-Koro as the team's forward.[35][36]

At one point, Takua wandered into a stretch of jungle and encountered a Nui-Jaga. He managed to escape by leading it into a Muaka's cave.[37]

Search for the Seventh Toa
Takua preparing to play kolhii

Takua, shortly before the kolhii championship, went wandering around Ta-Koro. While exploring an underground cave, he discovered the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light. He was nearly killed by a lava surge, but was saved by Tahu. At the kolhii championship, the Ga-Matoran won, to the chagrin of the Ta-Matoran. As the tournament concluded, the Avohkii fell out from Jaller's bag where it had been stowed. The Avohkii shone on Takua to indicate he was the one chosen to find the seventh Toa, however Takua tilted it to shine on Jaller, his best friend, instead. Turaga Vakama charged Jaller with the quest, but Jaller convinced Takua to come with him.

Takua donning the Kanohi Avohkii

The two soon departed with Pewku on their trip to search for the seventh Toa. Three of Teridax's Rahkshi began pursuing them, as they traveled through Mata Nui. These Rahkshi were temporarily defeated by Kopaka. Later, Jaller and Takua got separated in an Onu-Koro tunnel; While trying to find Jaller, Takua was confronted by Teridax, who spoke through the shadows. Teridax attempted to frighten Takua into giving him the mask, saying that Takua would never find the seventh Toa and that Jaller would die. Takua fled this encounter, and eventually reunited Jaller. Shaken by Teridax's words, however, Takua abandoned the quest and took Pewku, leaving Jaller alone. After a conflict between three new Rahkshi and the Toa Nuva in Onu-Koro, in which the village was destroyed, Takua and Pewku rejoined Jaller. Continuing on their quest, the three ended up at Kini-Nui. All six Rahkshi appeared at the site to stop them; the Toa Nuva then arrived to face the Rahkshi. In a final showdown, while several of the Rahkshi were defeated by the Toa Nuva, a Turahk took the life of Jaller. With his dying breath, Jaller handed Takua the Mask of Light and told him the truth he had seen about Takua's identity: that Takua was the seventh Toa. Takua placed the mask on his face, and was transformed into the fabled Toa of Light; he renamed himself "Takanuva" as a tribute to the Toa Nuva.[38][39]


Takanuva about to battle Teridax

Shortly after transforming, Takanuva helped defeat the remaining Rahkshi. With the assistance of the Toa Nuva, he built a vehicle called the Ussanui, using designs stored within his mind,[40][41][42][43] from Rahkshi parts, and powered it with a Kraata. The Kraata returned to Teridax, leading Takanuva to Mangaia. The Ussanui was wrecked when Takanuva used it to break through the door to the lair. It was then that Hahli emerged from the wreckage of the Ussanui and volunteered to be the Chronicler now that Takua was a Toa. Takanuva accepted, sending her up to the surface to summon the Matoran.

There, Takanuva fought Teridax in a game of kolhii, until Hahli returned with the Matoran, Toa Nuva and the Turaga. Teridax then brought down the gate, sealing them all in his lair. It was at that moment that Takanuva succeeded in bringing down Teridax, winning the kolhii match. Teridax rose, and stated that he was protecting Mata Nui, and had a duty to his Mask of Shadows. Takanuva then tried to pull off Teridax's mask, but he resisted, and both Takanuva and Teridax fell into a pool of Energized Protodermis. Out of that pool emerged Takutanuva. Takutanuva was able to perceive the truth of their destinies, and lifted the huge gate blocking the way to Metru Nui, the Matoran homeland, in an effort to have the Matoran return there. He stopped Hahli, running past with Jaller's mask, and used some of Teridax's life energy to bring Jaller back from the dead. Exhausted from bringing Jaller back, the gate then fell and crushed Takutanuva.[38]

Takanuva's Avohkii was recovered from the rubble of the destroyed gate, and taken by the Turaga to the next chamber. There, the mask was used to revive the Toa of Light, who continued on with the rest of the population. Shortly after, Takanuva used his Avohkii to shoot a beam of Light across the Silver Sea to reveal the city of Metru Nui, by returning power to it and re-activating all of its lightstones.[12][44]

Return to Metru Nui

The Turaga began sharing their tales of Metru Nui with the Matoran, while boats were being constructed.[45] These tales served to remind the Matoran of their forgotten memories, though Takanuva's past in Karda Nui still remained unknown to him. Upon arriving in Metru Nui, Takanuva helped the reconstruction work, and guarded the Matoran of Metru Nui. He was told by the Turaga about the impending death of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, and the Toa Nuva's mission to go to Voya Nui and recover the Ignika, the Mask of Life. Although he wanted to go with the Toa Nuva, Turaga Dume insisted that it was Takanuva's destiny to defend Metru Nui and guard the Matoran. He was also charged with keeping the discovery a secret. Takanuva was approached by Jaller, who had found out about Mata Nui's failing health. Jaller convinced Takanuva to accompany a group of Matoran he had gathered on their way to Voya Nui, and they began a journey.[46]

The group traveled through an Underwater Chute and the Tunnel of Darkness. At an archway that marked the gate to Karzahni's realm, he could not continue, as the archway banished the force of Light, so he was forced to turn back to Metru Nui after an emotional goodbye.[47]

Takanuva later spotted Makuta Icarax[48] diving into the Silver Sea around Metru Nui. The Makuta emerged carrying the Kanohi Kraahkan, but escaped before Takanuva could reach the spot where he was.[49]

Several Frostelus also made attempts to invade the city, and Takanuva managed to successfully repel them.[50] At another point, Kapura got lost in the Archives and Takanuva narrowly saved him from one of the exhibits.[51]

Takanuva's friends, who through various adventures were now the Toa Mahri, eventually returned to the city. They were, however, short one of their number: Matoro, who had died to save the Great Spirit from dying. Takanuva and the city mourned the death of the hero, and the Toa Mahri joined Takanuva in protecting the city.[52]

Shadow Leech Attack

While patrolling Metru Nui, Takanuva was psychically attacked by the Dark Hunter Dweller. Takanuva was able to use the telepathic connection to locate Dweller in the Archives. However, as he was rushing towards the Archives, a Shadow Leech dropped by Makuta Icarax jumped onto him and began sucking out his internal light. Takanuva was able to burn the leech off with his powers before passing out, but the leech was partially successful; a portion of Takanuva's inner light had already been sucked out, granting him dual control over Light and Shadow.

Takanuva's unconscious body was recovered by Toa Helryx and Toa Krakua of the Order of Mata Nui. When Takanuva awoke, Helryx informed him of the existence of the Order of Mata Nui, and told him that he needed to help the Toa Nuva. Krakua placed a Kratana on Takanuva's mask and he was given memories of the Toa Mata's past, which included his own encounter with them.

After the vision ended, Helryx told him that his mission was to inform the Toa Nuva that, if they succeed in awakening Mata Nui, the Energy Storms which devastated Karda Nui when Mata Nui first awoke and took over for Tren Krom would be unleashed once more, destroying everything except the Codrex, where they should take refuge. Takanuva agreed to go and help those he looked up to. However, he was uncertain as to who would help the Toa Mahri in his absence. Helryx introduced him to Brutaka, who had captured Dweller. Having heard about conflicts with Brutaka from the Mahri, Takanuva was angered that a traitor would be asked to protect the city alongside his friends, but was told that Brutaka was reformed, and that his Kanohi Olmak would be the means of dimensional transport to Karda Nui. Takanuva was given the Great Sundial, shrunken down for future usage, and Brutaka opened a portal for Takanuva to travel through. However, Brutaka's mask had been damaged and was not functioning properly.[53]

Takanuva in Journey of Takanuva

Dimensional Voyages

City of Silver

As a result of the damage to the Olmak, Takanuva was instead transported to a pocket dimension where he found himself surrounded by a forest full of black trees and dying grass. Suddenly, he encountered a Spectral Mask floating in the air. It informed him of a village that was in terrible trouble, and the Toa of Light ran to save it before the mask finished talking.

When Takanuva arrived at the village, he was surprised to find out that it was actually a huge city full of silver towers. Inside the city, he encountered a race of Kestora. These beings were in combat with a large creature, which Takanuva took to be the source of the commotion and danger. He attacked the beast, which fled. However, instead of thanking him, the small beings began laughing at him and locked him outside of the city.

Takanuva falling out of a dimensional gate

Takanuva then went back to search for the mask, which told him of his mistake, and how it had tried to tell him the entire situation beforehand. Takanuva then found out that the large creature was actually gentle and kind, and the one he chased away was the last of its kind residing in the city, which had been taken over by the small beings. Takanuva then searched for the beast and convinced it to trust him, and the two developed a plan. Takanuva created a fireworks show outside to distract the small beings while the beast returned and reclaimed its former home.

After he was finished, he returned to the Spectral Mask, who congratulated him on his new-earned wisdom of not to judge good and evil on appearances but their deeds instead, and opened a new dimensional gate. Takanuva went through, intending to head for Karda Nui once more, but ended up in yet another alternate dimension.[54]

Takanuva communicating with the Spectral Mask
The Kingdom

Upon leaving the City of Silver, Takanuva was transported to an alternate universe, one where beings of all species were living together on the island of Mata Nui. Takanuva first met Macku and told her who he was, but she did not believe him. She then took him to Axonn, who deemed Takanuva trustworthy, but had his Staff of Light taken as a precaution. Takanuva then went to see Jaller and attempt to discern what was going on. Jaller directed him to a Wall of History that told of how Matoro had failed to use the Ignika and Mata Nui died, 10,000 years beforehand. He learned that Metru Nui's Turaga had expected such an outcome and gathered together many of the Matoran Universe's species, and, with help from the Order of Mata Nui, migrated to the surface for safety. Then, the Order and that universe's Takanuva kept the Brotherhood of Makuta at bay to prevent their migrating as well. That Takanuva then created light barriers designed to keep beings of Shadow out. His destiny fulfilled, the Takanuva of that universe used his Toa Power to create six new Toa: Kapura, Balta, Dalu, Velika, Defilak, and Tanma. He was then transformed into a Turaga and was made leader of the new Kingdom of the Great Spirit. He ruled the Kingdom with the help of a council, made up of Turaga Dume, Nektann, Roodaka, the Shadowed One, Helryx, and a Nynrah Ghost.

Toa Takanuva then traveled to the city's Coliseum to speak with his alternate self. Turaga Takanuva, who had deduced his Toa counterpart's identity, asked Toa Takanuva to help find a way to fix the light barriers keeping the Rahkshi and Makuta out of the Kingdom before they would find a way to return him to his own universe. Turaga Takanuva took his Toa counterpart, along with Tanma, to a Fe-Matoran Nynrah Ghost who armed him with a Power Lance and a Midak Skyblaster. Takanuva and Tanma then departed, with Tanma wanting to head towards the nearest light barrier. However, Takanuva instead insisted on visiting Matoro first. Takanuva managed to convince Matoro to accompany them by telling him that it was a chance to be seen as a hero again.

Takanuva traveling in dimensional space

The trio went to the abandoned Bohrok tunnels under Po-Wahi to investigate the light barriers there. Initially finding nothing wrong, the group was then attacked by Rahkshi, who had been given new shadow armor to circumvent the barriers. The Rahkshi were under the direction of Teridax, who had killed and absorbed all other Makuta to steal their armor. In a battle against Teridax, Takanuva managed to knock Teridax's mask off, and Tanma destroyed it, only to be caught by Teridax and killed. Teridax then used a Shadow hand to absorb Matoro; however Teridax's will was overpowered and Matoro destroyed the Makuta from the inside, sacrificing himself in the process.

Takanuva returned to the surface and told the ruling council about the fight. He stayed long enough to see a statue made in honor of Matoro, then had the alternate universe's Brutaka use his Olmak so Takanuva could resume his journey to Karda Nui.[55]

Toa Empire

Once he reached another alternate universe, Takanuva encountered Kapura, who thought Takanuva was going to punish him for being in his way. The Matoran was frozen by Toa Mata Kopaka, who also froze Takanuva and imprisoned him in the Coliseum. There, Takanuva met his alternate self of that universe, who was still the Matoran Takua. From Takua, Takanuva learned of the divergence of this universe: the Toa Mangai Nidhiki sided with Toa Tuyet and killed Toa Lhikan. Tuyet used the Nui Stone to take over the universe and build an empire of Toa loyal to her. Takanuva then took off his Kanohi Avohkii and attempted to put it on Takua to see if he would become a Toa of Light, but his attempt failed. Takanuva then told the Matoran to come with him to the Archives, intending to search for the Rahi Krahka from Vakama's tales.[56] In the Archives, Takanuva found Turaga Dume, trapped in a stasis tube. He freed the Turaga and asked him to help searching for Krahka, but was confronted by Toa Tuyet.[57] Tuyet led them down into the Archives, but was revealed to be Teridax in disguise, who had taken refuge there with other Makuta. The Makuta agreed to help Takanuva find that universe's Brutaka if Takanuva retrieved the Vahi from Matoran Jaller.[58]

Makuta Krika gave Takanuva a type of virus which temporarily granted Takanuva the power of flight; Takanuva then flew off to Karzahni to intercept Jaller, who he found to be accompanied by Toa Kualus and Bomonga, along with Pewku. Takanuva successfully bluffed his way into joining their company, but his ruse was discovered when he mentioned Brutaka, who Bomonga had already killed. Takanuva learned that Brutaka's mask and tools were held in the Coliseum.[59] He was rescued by Lesovikk, who defeated Bomonga and Kualus with his Air powers.[37] Lesovikk took Takanuva to Metru Nui, where he was introduced to the rebel group led by Toa Pohatu.[60]

After Takanuva's arrival, the group attacked the Coliseum. For much of the fight, he simply watched the battles raging around him, even witnessing his alternate self be killed by a Toa of Iron. Once inside, Takanuva was confronted by the real Tuyet, who had figured out that Takanuva was not from their universe.[61] Takanuva and Tuyet then battled against each other, with Tuyet eventually gaining the upper hand. However, the rebellion Takanuva started had been successful, with Matoran and other species banding together to rise up against the empire. Takanuva managed to convince Tuyet to open up a portal using the Olmak and go to another dimension where she could start anew. However, as Tuyet prepared to step into the portal, Takanuva ripped the mask off Tuyet's face and entered the portal himself.

Angered, Tuyet followed by grabbing onto Takanuva's leg. During the struggle, the Olmak was lost in the dimensional space and the portal closed on Tuyet, cutting her in half and killing her. Wondering if he would ever be able to return to this dimension, Takanuva continued through the portal.[62]

Karda Nui

Takanuva emerging from a dimensional portal

Takanuva then emerged from a portal in the western portion of the Swamp of Secrets, and was enlarged in size by the energies of the place. Upon his arrival, he saw Gali fighting against his own universe's Krika. Takanuva used his powers of light to drive Krika off, who retreated into the mists. He and Gali then went to find the other Toa Nuva, to warn them of the danger they were in. Takanuva used the Great Sundial he had been given to determine the direction he had to go. The two first encountered Pohatu, who informed Takanuva of recent events, and they began flying towards the east, to where the other Toa Nuva were and where the sundial pointed. During their conversations, Takanuva realized that he was once an Av-Matoran, and became determined to find a cure for the Shadow Matoran.[63]

The three Toa were attacked by a group of mutated Niazesk, who overwhelmed the Toa; Takanuva elected to use his new Shadow powers, which were successful in driving the insects off. However, the use of these powers alarmed Pohatu, who accused Takanuva of being Teridax in disguise. Takanuva proved his identity by suggesting that Gali use the mental link she used when the Toa Mata descended into Mangaia to confront Teridax and to relay the events for him to chronicle. Gali did this, and learned of Takanuva's adventures in the Toa Empire and Kingdom. She acknowledged that it was Takanuva, and Pohatu then revealed the situation of Karda Nui to him.[64]

The Battle for the Codrex

Takanuva later joined the Toa Nuva in a battle against the eight Makuta in the swamp, who all eventually fled. Tahu then showed him the Keystone, and was about to read it when the Toa Ignika arrived and warned them of the the impending doom of its countdown. Takanuva then informed the assembled Toa of the Energy Storms as well.

After another battle between the Toa and the Makuta, the Toa Nuva entered the Codrex, along with Takanuva and the Toa Ignika. Takanuva witnessed the discovery of the three battle vehicles and the theft of Jetrax T6. Angered at the actions of the Makuta, Takanuva grew to believe that it was his destiny to destroy all the Makuta, and left the Codrex to do so. He followed Kopaka, who was pursuing the Jetrax T6, out of the Codrex. Kopaka encountered Radiak, and was combating the Matoran when Takanuva offered to help. As Kopaka left, Radiak insulted Takanuva, calling him a "Toa of Twilight." Though angered, Takanuva and enlisted Tanma, Solek, and Photok to help him find a cure. The group then encountered Vican, a former Shadow Matoran who introduced them to the klakk, a Rahi which could turn the Shadow Matoran back into Av-Matoran, and witnessed its use on Radiak. Takanuva sent the Matoran to gather up all of the Matoran in Karda Nui.

Takanuva was then attacked by Chirox and Bitil, who were driven off with the help of Kopaka, who had recovered the Jetrax T6. Takanuva informed Kopaka that the Makuta intended to awaken Mata Nui, and Kopaka went to inform the others.

Takanuva's light returning to him

Takanuva then tracked down the last Shadow Matoran, Gavla, and used the klakk on both of them to begin restoring their light. Gavla returned to the other Av-Matoran leaving Karda Nui, while Takanuva rejoined the Toa Nuva. The Ignika had already begun the process of restoring Mata Nui's life and the energy storms began to rage once more; the Toa all escaped the Energy Storms with the help of the vehicles, and traveled back to Metru Nui, assisting it in defeating the remaining forces of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

During a celebration in Metru Nui, Teridax revealed that he had taken over the body of Mata Nui and proclaimed his rule over the universe and the banishment of Mata Nui and the Ignika.[63]

Teridax's Reign

Takanuva and the other Toa Nuva escaped into the Archives, fleeing from Rahkshi. Soon they regrouped in a deep underground chamber, where the Turaga and Matoran hid as well. The Turaga found Krahka, who allied with them, and revealed the locations of underground passageways through which they could escape Metru Nui and contact other Toa in other lands. Tahu then came up with a plan, which was that all the Toa would split up and wreak havoc around the Matoran Universe, thus distracting Teridax. Partnered with Pohatu, Takanuva then proceeded to the ruins of Destral; while Pohatu searched for weaponry, Takanuva went looking for Destral's teleportation device, in the hopes of using it to contact another universe and seek help, or a way to defeat Teridax.[64] He later found the device, and requested for Nuparu to assist in learning how it worked, but failed to have it repaired.[65]

Takanuva on Bara Magna

After Teridax landed on Bara Magna, Takanuva reunited with Tahu to follow some Rahkshi south. The two witnessed a massive quake and Tahu saved them from a block of metal falling toward them. Takanuva feared an attack by Teridax, but Tahu understood someone was attacking Teridax. The Toa of Light then expressed his doubts about chasing after the Rahkshi, but Tahu reminded him they were gathering Toa to fight. Takanuva found a cache of weapons, and the Twin Light Staffs. His Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster were abandoned.[66][67][68][69] The virus given to him by Krika in the Toa Empire Alternate Universe wore off, and he lost his power of flight.[70]

Takanuva eventually made it out of the Matoran Universe, altering his armor color to silver, grey and white to be less visible in order to avoid drawing attention to himself.[71] Upon exiting through the hatch in pursuit of Rahkshi, he was caught in a blast of Air fired by the Glatorian Gresh, who had mistaken him as an enemy after seeing the Rahkshi exit. After realizing they were on the same side in defeating Teridax's forces, the two Toa allied with the Glatorian.

Tahu was devolved back into a Toa Mata by the Ignika, and the two Toa witnessed the Golden Armor being formed. However, a blast from Teridax scattered the pieces. While searching for the pieces, Takanuva was assaulted by a squad of Heat Vision Rahkshi. As Teridax had enhanced the armor of the Rahkshi, Takanuva's power was not as effective against them. After being overwhelmed by their power and hit by Heat Vision, Takanuva managed to create a hologram of himself using his light powers, which fooled the Rahkshi into attacking each other. Afterwards, Takanuva recovered the Golden Armor piece from the Rahkshi.

Reuniting with Tahu and Gresh, they joined the pieces of the Golden Armor, which Tahu donned. The energies of the Armor obliterated the Rahkshi, and Teridax was ultimately defeated by Mata Nui. Tahu and Takanuva looked out at the unmoving body of the Matoran Universe, Takanuva hoping that once and for all Teridax was dead.

The Great Spirit replenished the land after the planet was whole once again, and his spirit retreated to lay dormant within the Ignika. Takanuva then joined the others in the coming together of the two worlds.[72]

He later changed his armor color back to gold.[73]

Alternate Universes

Shadow Takanuva

See Shadow Takanuva

The Melding Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe where Mata Nui was never built, Takua had never renamed himself Takanuva. Toa Macku considered him to be the best at telling the story of the Melding. It is unknown whether or not he is a Toa in this universe.[74]

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In the reality where the Makuta never struck Mata Nui down, Takua was not destined to become a Toa.[75] Instead the Av-Matoran became one of the best storytellers of Spherus Magna's reformation, impressing Tarduk. He was in Roxtus when Vezon arrived in the reality.[76]

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

After the death of Mata Nui, this alternate Takanuva helped the denizens of the Matoran Universe out onto the surface of Aqua Magna. After he fulfilled his destiny by trapping the Makuta behind the light barriers,[77] he passed his Toa Power onto a new generation of Toa. Takanuva became a Turaga and proceeded to lead the ruling council of the newly-formed Kingdom of the Great Spirit.[55]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate reality, since the Makuta were not destined to be a threat,[78] Takua did not become a Toa as he was not destined to.[79] He was imprisoned by the Toa underneath the Coliseum.[56] Soon after the main universe's Takanuva freed him, he participated in Pohatu's rebellion. He was killed in battle by a Toa of Iron.[61]

Abilities and Traits

Takua was always adventurous and very curious, which often led him into trouble. He helped those who needed it, and was eager to accomplish any task. Takanuva was initially uncomfortable with being a Toa, preferring to spend time with his Matoran friends. However, he is willing to step up and claim the responsibility of a Toa, and has devoted himself to the cause, studying hard under the tutelage of the Toa Nuva. Takanuva was also notorious for not being able to keep secrets, and actively refused to heed the Turaga when they asked him to keep knowledge of Mata Nui’s failing health a secret from his people.

As an Av-Matoran, Takua had the potential to harness minuscule amounts of light energy and disguise his outward appearance. However, as he believed that he was a Ta-Matoran, he could not use any of these powers, and remained under the guise of a Ta-Matoran. As a Toa, Takanuva controls Light, and wears the Avohkii, Mask of Light. He can create lasers, beams of light, blind enemies, absorb all light in an area, and create holograms and solid light creations.[80][81] Because he was a Matoran of Light, Takanuva has the potential to access all of the Av-Matoran special light-based powers such as increased speed and using light as a power source, but only after intense training.[82][83][84] Takanuva can also change his appearance and colors by bending light.[72] After being exposed to a Virus crafted by Makuta Krika from the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, he could fly. However, the effect was only temporary, and has since worn off.[70]

After having his light partially drained, Takanuva controlled Light and Shadow, with the ability to fire Light from his left hand and Shadow from his right. A side-effect of the attack was that Takanuva had dark urges which grew increasingly harder to resist. Also, during this time, his light did not regenerate, so if he had used too much of it, he would have become a full Toa of Shadow. After being cured by the klakk, these effects were removed, and Takanuva commands the abilities of Light once more.

Upon being exposed to the energy of Karda Nui, Takanuva was enlarged in size and granted an increase in strength. Upon returning to Metru Nui, his size was reduced to normal, and he is now in his original form.

Mask and Tools

Matoran Takua used several tools to perform his duties as Chronicler, such as the Chronicler's Staff, a Volo Lutu Launcher,[17] and the Book of Chronicles. Takua obtained a blue backpack in Ga-Koro,[20] which he later discarded when escaping the Mangaia.[26] As a kolhii player, he also used a kolhii stick and a shield. His original Kanohi on Metru Nui was broken, and he acquired a powerless Pakari as a replacement, though the Pakari often came loose.[9][10][11][12][13]

Takanuva wears the Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light. It is said to create light in darkness and to bring friendship and understanding to enemies. His first Toa Tool, the Staff of Light, could channel his light energy in a beam and could scoop up balls of light, as well as giving an advantage in kolhii.

When Takanuva entered the Kingdom, his Staff of Light was taken from him, because weapons were not permitted inside the Kingdom of the Great Spirit. He was later given a Power Lance and a Midak Skyblaster by a Nynrah Ghost. The Power Lance acted differently than most Toa tools, as it could amplify elemental power in addition to channeling it.

Takanuva eventually discarded his Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster in exchange for the Twin Light Staffs.

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Set Information

Takanuva riding the Ussanui, a feature of the 2003 set.

Takua as a Matoran was officially released, as part of the 221-piece 8595 Takua & Pewku set in 2003. The large boxed set depicts his form following The Rebuilding. Takua wields a kolhii stick and puck in this set.

Also released as a large boxed set of 2003, 8596 Takanuva came with his vehicle, the Ussanui. The set included 200 pieces altogether (38 of which are to build Takanuva, while the remaining 162 are to build the Ussanui). Spinning a gear on Takanuva's back causes the set to swing its right arm. This set includes exclusive gold Nuva armor as well as the Staff of Light (which could be attached to his back for storage) and two Kanohi Avohkii: one gold (for Takanuva) and one clear with gold speckles (representing the mask in use). This set could be combined with 8593 Makuta to build Takutanuva. The two sets also came together in a combo pack, 3287 Takutanuva and again, along with a promotional "movie version" of the Kanohi Kraahkan, in 10201 Takutanuva.

Takanuva was released again in summer 2008 as a large boxed set. 8699 Takanuva depicts his form following his partial light drain and his enhancement by the energies of Karda Nui. He wears a new form of the Kanohi Avohkii and wields his Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster. The set contained 267 pieces.

7135 Takanuva was later released in 2010 as part of the BIONICLE Stars line. The figure consists of 21 pieces, including the Golden Armor piece (one of the chest/shoulder pieces) included with the set. Takanuva could be combined with the five other Stars to form the Gaardus model, the instructions for which were released on BIONICLE.com.

Takua as a Matoran was officially released again, as part of the 219-piece 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua in 2023. The boxed set depicts his form prior to The Rebuilding. Takua has a Throwing Disk and a backpack.


"Add to that foiling the ingenious attempts by some Matoran to try and take unscheduled vacations from work — one Ta-Matoran, Takua, practically rated an entire Nuurakh squad to himself — and Vahki could safely be said to have seen it all."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

"Yes, work. You know, that thing you do all day? That thing Takua is apparently allergic to?"
— Jaller to Vakama (in an illusion), Time Trap

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer."
Nokama to Takua, Mata Nui Online Game

"Oh, Takua, he's got more rocks in his head than a Po-Matoran."
— Jaller, Mask of Light

"One day, your power will be all that stands between us and the darkness ..."
— Vakama, Island of Doom

"What's white and gold and can't keep a secret to save his life?"
— Jaller, Island of Doom

"In over 100,000 years, the Order has revealed its existence to very few, and then only in a time of great need. This is such a time — and we have need of a unique Toa, one who walks the world of both light and shadow."
— Helryx, Swamp of Secrets

"You'll be hearing my name someday, whenever people talk about heroes - Takua!"
— Takua to Gali, Swamp of Secrets

"He is. Darker, perhaps, and not quite the innocent Takua or the eager hero we remember ... but he is our friend."
— Gali, Takanuva's Blog

"But I'm not my 'kind', not anymore — your shadow leeches saw to that. I'm half Toa of Light, half Toa of Shadow. This was what you wanted, wasn't it? Toa consumed by darkness, Toa not hampered by things like mercy or morality. Well, now you can choke on it."
— Takanuva to Chirox, The Final Battle


  • Jason Michas voiced Takua/Takanuva in Mask of Light.
  • Takanuva is the only Toa of Light in the main universe.[85]
  • Due to his name and appearance, Takanuva is sometimes erroneously thought to be a Toa Nuva. While he is considered an honorary member of the Toa Nuva's team, he is not a Toa Nuva himself and is not inherently more powerful than any ordinary Toa.[86][87]
  • Greg Farshtey's intended destiny for Takanuva was for him to play a crucial role in a civil war between the Great Beings and Velika.[88][89] Since the BIONICLE story was discontinued, this destiny never came to pass.
  • Takanuva's Power Lance, Midak Skyblaster, and increased size in BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva were simply acts of artistic license. Despite not having actually obtained the weapons or changed in size, the character depicted in the book needed to resemble the set, and thus those features were included.
  • Takua made a cameo appearance in the LEGO.com 3D adventure game Backlot. He was seen in the cafeteria drinking coffee and reading a script for BIONICLE: The Swarm. In Backlot, his name is George, which was the placeholder name Templar Studios used for Takua.[90]
  • While he does not appear in any known build of the game, Takua was mentioned by an Onu-Matoran dancer in the v0.006 build of BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui.


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