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The Wall of History was a section on BIONICLE.com in its early years. It had various animations (including the individual cutscenes of Mata Nui Online Game), comics, games, and character bios from the 2001, 2002, and 2003 storyline. The Wall of History was most notable for news reports released during 2002 and 2003, which were presented in-universe as the Chronicles of Takua; some of these Chronicles were accompanied by the Mata Nui Online Animations.

When BIONICLE.com was overhauled in 2004, the Wall of History was significantly reduced in scope. Its main feature was briefly summarizing the first three years' storyline through the Story Year Animations. The Wall of History also provided links to MaskofLight.com, BZPower, and Mask of Destiny. The Wall of History also encompassed the website's Lexicon, which was updated later in the year to include terms from the Metru Nui setting and storyline.

In 2005, it was replaced by the Story section.

Victory Party Canceled!

A swarm of Tahnok attack.

New foe surfaces in Ta-Koro
By Takua

Celebrations were cut short today when swarms of unknown creatures appeared in Ta-Koro, with the apparent purpose of leveling the village. "They came out of nowhere", said Turaga Vakama, still visibly shaken from the encounter, "Luckily, we reached the Toa in time!"[note 1]

During the attack, Turaga Vakama had the presence of mind to send for the Toa, who were still recovering from their remarkable victory over Makuta. Tahu, Kopaka, Lewa, Onua, Gali and Pohatu rushed to the aid of Ta-Koro just in time to avert certain disaster. The Toa managed to use their now legendary elemental powers to disable the swarm of creatures known as "Bohrok".

"Before the Toa arrived to defeat Makuta," explained Turaga Vakama. "we [the Turaga] couldn't believe there could be anything worse than the Rahi. Today we were proven wrong."

"Apparently, the Turaga have always known the legend of the Bohrok," explained Lewa grimly. "Now we get to find out the reality of the swarms."

Tahnok Surround Po-Koro, Matoran lost in fray

The Tahnok Swarm leader prepares its attack.

Hafu hailed as hero
By Takua

Hafu, the famed carver from Po-Koro, was trapped outside the village today in a desperate attempt to protect his home and fellow Matoran from a rapidly approaching Tahnok swarm.

"The last I saw, the Fire Bohrok were closing in on him," explained Huki, "but the smoke and the ash were so thick that no one was able to see what happened."

Scouts from Po-Koro had spotted the Bohrok earlier, but the swarm was moving so quickly that Turaga Onewa had no time to evacuate his village. The only alternative was to block the entrance to Po-Koro by using the stone carvings on the Path of Prophecy. Hafu, the carver who created the Path, volunteered to topple the giant stones in order to save the village. Turaga Onewa was gathering Matoran to protect Hafu when he heard the commotion.

"The Tahnok reached us much faster than we anticipated," said the Turaga. "Fortunately, Hafu kept his head and acted quickly. His bravery may have saved the village."

When asked if he thought that Hafu would be found, Turaga Onewa reassured the villagers. "Pohatu, along with Gali and Kopaka, have been defending Po-Wahi against a particularly fierce group of Tahnok - which is why we had a much smaller swarm to face today. I'm confident that once Pohatu returns, he will find Hafu and bring him back to us safely."

Turaga shares knowledge of Bohrok

Vakama Explains Mysterious Powers of Krana
By Takua

In recent months, Mata Nui has fallen prey to swarms of strange creatures called Bohrok. These Bohrok are said to be driven by the krana they carry inside them - but little is known about these krana. What do they do? Where did they come from? Can even the Toa overcome them? Turaga Vakama shared his vast knowledge of Mata Nui truth and legend in the hope of answering these vital questions?

T: Vakama, Turaga of Ta-Koro, what is a krana?

V: The krana are the true power behind the Bohrok swarms. They provide the direction and inspiration to each Bohrok. There are eight varieties, each having different powers. When placed inside a Bohrok, a krana drives the Bohrok to perform tasks. Krana can even be said to be the "brains" of the Bohrok.

T: Can the krana function independently of the Bohrok, or do they act more like the Kanohi Masks of Power?

V: We have seen a number of instances where krana have attached themselves to their foes and taken control of their bodies. Perhaps the most tragic example of this was in Le-Koro, not so long ago? It seems that when a Bohrok senses danger, it sets its krana free, and the krana attempts to add its foe to the swarm. Whether there is any way to resist the power of the krana, I do not yet know.

T: These krana are truly a terrible menace to all who dwell on Mata Nui.

V: Yes, they are cunning and powerful. We can only hope that the Toa, in their wisdom, can find a way to end this threat to our land.

Vakama had more to share, but that will be revealed at a later time. For now, see to the defenses of your villages - there is no way to know where or when the Bohrok will next appear.

Hafu Saved in Daring Rescue

Pohatu sizes up his Tahnok opponent.

Pohatu Returns Hero To Safety
By Takua

Pohatu returned to his village just in time to save the Matoran, Hafu, from certain doom at the hands of a swarm of Tahnok. The fire Bohrok had surrounded the helpless Matoran just outside of Po-Koro, but using the powers of his Kanohi, Pohatu snatched Hafu out of danger and returned him to the village unharmed.

Hafu was in a precarious situation after attempting to block the Tahnok from entering Po-Koro using his very own Path of Prophesies carvings. Sacrificing not only his art, but potentially his life, Hafu ventured from the safety of the village to dismantle the famed statues. The statues blocked the entrance from the Bohrok, protecting many Matoran from a potential disaster. The villagers of Po-Koro watched in horror from the gates as Hafu disappeared from sight.

"I knew the Toa were close by, and chances were good that Pohatu would be returning soon," explained Turaga Onewa, "and like a Toa, he was here to help us in our darkest hour!"

The grateful Po-Koro Matoran were overjoyed to have Hafu back in the village.

"The Tahnok are still out there," says Huki, "but we're just glad to have Hafu back safe and sound with us!"

New Invention Saves Onu-Koro

The Gahlok flood the tunnels of Onu-Koro.

"Boxor" Drives Gahlok Swarm from City
By Takua

After a vicious squad of Water Bohrok flooded Onu-Koro recently, a Matoran named Nuparu made an important discovery that may turn the tide against the Bohrok menace.

Nuparu, a tunnel engineer from Onu-Koro, constructed a vehicle called the Boxor that uses a swift punching motion to knock a Bohrok's krana loose. The Onu-Matoran made the discovery when he came across a krana-less Gahlok while trapped with Onepu and Taipu in an evacuated part of Onu-Koro. Once Nuparu realized that the Bohrok were simply transports for the krana, he used his knowledge to give the Matoran an advantage. After constructing the Boxor, he beat back the aggressive Gahlok swarm, driving them out of the underground city and stopping the flood.

Onu-Matoran were delighted to return to their homes safely. "Finally we have a defense against these monsters," Onepu said. "Maybe now we can rid Mata Nui of the Bohrok and go back to more peaceful times."

Island Wildlife on the Move

A Lehvak destroying the Le-Wahi jungle

Local Naturalists Concerned
By Takua

The arrival of the Bohrok swarms has taken a serious toll on island creatures. Gahlok activity off the coast has driven a number of Takea closer to the shore, where they menace diving Taku and disrupt the migration of the Ruki schools.

One Ga-Koro fisherman responded, "In addition to threatening our homes, the Bohrok are also threatening our livelihood!"

The deforestation of the Le-Wahi jungle has sent herds of Vako and Fusa wandering deep into the desert to compete for food with the native Husi flocks. The Hoi and Kuna have lost the shelter of the trees, making them easy prey for Rahi. Destruction of Fikou webs has caused the tree spiders to flee to the high jungle canopy, territory of the swift-flying Goko-Kahu.

The Ussal-riding defense force of Onu-Koro has had its hands full with a surge in Kofo-Jaga, chased from their hidden lairs, while scouts warn that the mountain-shaking of the Nuhvok and Pahrak has brought a few dangerous Makika toads out of their caves. In fiery Ta-Wahi, besieged by the frozen Kohrak, the tunnels of displaced Hoto firebugs have been creating sinkholes and causing hut collapses. Even the fierce Hikaki have been forced to abandon their ancient nesting grounds.

The Bohrok swarms are a threat to every creature of Mata Nui, from Matoran to Rahi. Hopefully, the swarms will be contained soon before irreparable damage is done to the island.

Le-Koro Liberated!

A group of Nuhvok in Le-Wahi

Boxors instrumental in Nuhvok defeat
By Takua

The Bohrok invasion of the Le-Wahi jungle and Le-Koro resulted in the loss of many hightree villagers. Even Toa Lewa was overcome by the evil krana! But thanks to the courage of Onua, Toa of Earth, Lewa has been freed, and now the mighty Toa search together beneath the surface of the island for the Bohrok nest.

Not forgetting the lost Matoran of Le-Koro, the Toa sent Nuparu, the Onu-Koro engineer, to meet under the cover of darkness with the last free villagers of Le-Koro. Together with the high-flying Kongu and Tamaru the bird-tamer, Le-Koro’s liberation was planned and a cunning trap prepared for the Bohrok.

The brave Kongu and Tamaru led a force of Nuhvok and krana-controlled villagers to the forest edge. Believing them trapped, the Bohrok prepared to capture the last of Le-Koro – only to face a force of Boxors as they rose from hiding! Thanks to Nuparu’s Boxor squad and the element of surprise, the krana that controlled the Bohrok and Matoran were successfully removed.

The Turaga have called for a great feast and festival to celebrate this day’s victory. A shaken but grateful Matau said, “At long last, the darkdream is over. Sunbright Le-Koro and her people are free! As we rebuild, our thoughts must turn to the Toa and the great challenge that they face beneath Mata Nui. May they succeed in their quest!”

Last-Moment Save!

A Pahrak Va observes the village from the cliff.

Ga-Koro Matoran rescued by Koli champion
By Takua

With a swarm of Pahrak battering at the gates, the Matoran of Ga-Koro today attempted to dismantle the floating path that connects their village to the shore of Lake Naho. But before they could finish, the gate was shattered by the might of the Bohrok, sending stone fragments everywhere. One nearly struck Maku, but was deflected just in time by the last Matoran one would expect to see in watery Ga-Koro: Huki, Koli champion of the village of Stone.

“Maku is a good friend,” said Huki after the exciting rescue, “and I…enjoy her company greatly. When I saw that boulder come flying at her, I didn’t have time to think. I just swung!”

And a lucky swing it was, too, for the stone not only missed Maku but also destroyed the path, preventing the Pahrak from reaching the village. But why were the Matoran of Po-Wahi there?

“Our village was badly damaged in the Bohrok’s last assault,” explained Turaga Onewa sadly. “We came to Ga-Koro in search of sanctuary until the threat of the swarms is past – but we did not expect to arrive in the middle of a Pahrak siege!”

With the Bohrok in retreat, the Matoran of Ga-Koro have begun to relax. But how long will this safety last? Jala, Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, urges caution. “The Pahrak are stubborn,” he warned. “They do not give up easily. I fear that the danger is still very much present.”

Disaster in Ga-Koro!

Macku leaps to safety from the attacking Pahrak.

Bohrok raid floating village
By Takua

Disaster struck late last night as a force of Pahrak destroyed Ga-Wahi’s great monument to the Toa Gali, smashing the famous cliffside Kanohi to create a bridge of rubble from the beach to the floating village of Ga-Koro.

“It was terrible,” Turaga Nokama said. “Our most skilled artisans labored to create that carving, and it was gone in an instant. All of that beauty and craftsmanship was just another obstacle for the Bohrok to destroy.”

But Ga-Koro’s troubles were about to become much worse. As dawn broke, the Pahrak swept across the bridge, shattering everything in their path. Nuparu’s Boxors rose to challenge them, but found themselves plunged into the waters of Lake Naho.

“My poor Boxors are designed for land, not lily pads,” mourned Nuparu. “They did their best, but they just don’t float. We’re lucky that Maku and Kotu were there to pull us out in time.” The engineer paused for a moment. “You know, perhaps if we were to attach hollow shell-seeds to the sides, and maybe add a gear-driven propeller system…”

With the Pahrak stranded on another pad, the villagers of Ga-Koro thought that they were safe…until a Pahrak Va suddenly appeared on the scene.

Turaga Onewa explains: “Those Pahrak Va – goatdogs, we call them in Po-Wahi – they carry extra krana for the swarm. This one replaced the Bohrok’s krana with Krana Vu, letting them take to the air.”

As the Pahrak hurtled toward the huddled villagers and refugees of Ga-Koro, one question was on every Matoran’s mind.

Who could possibly stand up to the Bohrok?

After the Storm

Takua challenges the might of the Pahrak.

Peace returns to Mata Nui
By Takua

As the defenders of Ga-Koro faced the Pahrak swarm, it seemed that all would be lost. The village’s great monument lay smashed, its buildings torn and tattered, and the Boxors sent to protect it had sunk to the bottom of Lake Naho.

But suddenly something amazing happened. A blinding light burst from the shrine of the Toa Gali, shining upwards like the very beacon that first summoned the Toa to the shores of Mata Nui. Five others rose to join it, and as they lit up the morning sky, the Pahrak… stopped.

All across the island, the destructive rampage of the Bohrok came to a halt. Far below, the Toa had triumphed over the Bahrag, twin rulers of the Bohrok nest, and had been transformed by the mysterious power of protodermis.

“With their link to the Bahrag gone,” Turaga Vakama explained, “the krana that the Bohrok carry no longer control them. On their own, the creatures are harmless.”

Turaga Whenua agreed. “Without the will of the queens, the Bohrok are like machines, lacking direction of their own. Set them to a task, though, and they will eagerly carry it out.”

So now the swarm aids in repairing the very damage that it caused! As the Matoran mend their villages and homes with the help of these unlikely new allies, volunteers are collecting the remaining krana, hiding them away where they can do no more harm. The Toa have returned as the Toa Nuva, their powers greater than ever before. It seems that the threat of Makuta and the Bohrok swarms is finally at an end. Peace has come at last to the island of Mata Nui.

Or so we hope…

Theft of Fire


Toa Nuva’s symbol stolen!
By Takua

Just as we thought the threat of the swarms was finally over, a new danger has emerged from the darkness. In a daring raid on Ta-Koro, Tahu Nuva’s symbol of power has been stolen, and with it the Toa’s control over the element of fire.

The thief approached the Ta-Suva by stealth, incapacitating the Matoran on watch with some sort of electrical field. As the Ta-Koro Guard looked on helplessly, the creature – like a Bohrok in appearance, but far more powerful than any that we have encountered before – took Tahu’s symbol from the shrine and leapt away.

“I have rarely felt so powerless,” said Guard Captain Jala, “as when that…thing stood gloating before me with Tahu’s symbol in its grasp, and I could do nothing to stop it.”

Tahu Nuva appeared to block the beast’s path, but it brought down a shower of stones upon him. The onlookers’ relief at the Toa’s arrival turned to dismay as mighty Tahu summoned his blazing elemental energies – and was buried beneath the rubble as his flame failed to appear.

What does the appearance of this terrible new creature bode for Mata Nui, and what has become of the Toa Nuva of Fire?

Out of Their Elements

Takua and Jaller with a powerless Tahu

Toa Nuva search for symbol thieves
By Takua

The theft of Tahu Nuva’s symbol was just the start. Each village of Mata Nui has been the victim of a similar raid, with each Toa left diminished in its wake. Kopaka Nuva was nearly lost down a chasm, Tahu Nuva found himself buried beneath a hail of stones, and Gali Nuva was swept away by a giant wave that she had called forth only a moment before. Lewa, Onua and Pohatu too have suffered indignities thanks to the work of the mysterious Bohrok-Kal.

“I fell out of a tree!” said an embittered Lewa Nuva. “Me, of all beings! I nearly ended up neck-deep in that reeking swamp on the ground below. Stupid bugs.”

“It wasn’t fun,” was Pohatu Nuva’s only comment. “Frankly, I’d rather not talk about it any more.”

As they set out in pursuit of the Bohrok-Kal, some of the Toa were more introspective. “Our powers were increased greatly in the nest of the Bahrag,” Onua Nuva mused, “but they were also shackled to these symbols by some means. Now with the theft of the one, we have lost the other. It is a discomforting thing to ponder.”

“Thankfully, although they have lost some of their vibrancy, our masks still serve us,” Gali Nuva reported. “The Turaga believe that the event that transformed us and created our symbols may also have brought forth new Kanohi from Mata Nui. As we follow the creatures that have stolen our powers, we will seek these Kanohi Nuva and hope that they grant us the strength to protect our villages once more.”

Desert Showdown

Disaster in the sands for the Toa Nuva
By Takua

The Toa had tracked the thieves of their symbols all across Mata Nui, returning at last to the sandy expanse of Po-Wahi. Deep in the desert, they finally caught up with the mysterious Bohrok-Kal.

The creatures’ eyes glowed with a cunning intelligence. Their gleaming shells bore reptilian patterns surrounding strange symbols. They raised their shields and, incredibly, they spoke!

“We are the Bohrok-Kal,” said one in a voice like metal scraping stone. “We search for Cahdok and Gahdok, queens of the swarms.”

“Tell us where you have hidden the Bahrag and then stand aside,” said another, “We have no wish to harm helpless foes.”

Angered by their tone, Lewa Nuva leaped into action, but the impulsive Toa of Air found himself pinned in place by the magnetic force of Gahlok-Kal. Onua Nuva tried to end the battle with a single blow, but Pahrak-Kal’s plasma held him at bay. As Tahu Nuva attempted to protect his fellow Toa with the Mask of Shielding, Nuhvok-Kal’s mastery of gravity sent him crashing to the ground. Then the Bohrok-Kal turned the full force of their powers on the heroes of Mata Nui.

When the Toa Nuva awakened, the creatures were gone.

“This was one of those look-before-you-leap things, wasn’t it?” said Lewa Nuva. “I guess I’m still mad about the tree. Stupid bugs.”

Kopaka Nuva’s mood was predictably cold. “If they free the Bahrag, the swarms will return to their mission. We cannot allow this to happen.”

“The Bohrok-Kal faced us together, while we stood apart,” said Gali Nuva sadly. “This is what I feared when we went our separate ways. As powerful as we became, it is in our unity that our true strength lies.”

Now the quest of the Toa Nuva has become even more desperate. They must find the Bahrag, defeat the Bohrok-Kal and end the threat of the swarms for good – all without the aid of their elemental powers!

Defeat of the Bohrok-Kal

The Toa Nuva Triumph Again!
By Takua

By the time the Toa reached the lair of the Bahrag, the Bohrok-Kal had already arrived – and departed. They had melted through the floor to the cave below, where the Queens had been trapped since their defeat. Strangely, the Bahrag were being guarded by the Exo-Toa. How and why the Exo-Toa came to be there would remain a mystery, for the powerful devices were swiftly defeated by the might of the Bohrok-Kal.

To free the Queens, the Bohrok-Kal needed to touch Cahdok and Gahdok with their Krana Xa-Kal and place the stolen Nuva symbols upon the cube in the cavern’s center. When the Toa Nuva arrived, the Kal had already completed the first part of their task!

The Toa Nuva quickly used their secret weapon: the Vahi, the Great Mask of Time. Using the Vahi is very dangerous, and Tahu knew that if he lost control, it could mean the unbinding of all reality. Time slowed, but the Bohrok-Kal were protected by a powerful energy field and could not be harmed. Acting fast, the Toa Nuva took one last gamble and channeled their energy through their symbols, straight into the Kal.

Energized by the elemental strength of the Toa, the Bohrok-Kal’s powers raged out of control, incapacitating or destroying their nonliving shells. The krana-kal yet lived, but without their Bohrok hosts, they were no longer a threat. The Bahrag remained imprisoned, and the Swarms would not be unleashed this day.

As the Toa Nuva reclaimed their symbols, they felt their powers surge through them once more. They made their way to the surface and prepared to return to their villages. Another threat to Mata Nui had been defeated!

Naming Day

Hewkii in his rebuilt form

Honoring the heroes of Ga-Koro
By Takua

Mata Nui has bestowed a great gift upon his people. Through the teachings of the Turaga, the Matoran have been transformed, becoming stronger and more agile, better able to defend their villages from danger. As all the villagers of Mata Nui gathered around the Kini-Nui, the Turaga made a momentous announcement.

“Brave Matoran,” began Nokama. “You have weathered a time of challenges with courage, spirit and unity. We wish especially to recognize those who stood against the Bohrok in the final battle against the swarms. In the face of darkness, you were a beacon of light for us all.”

Vakama raised his staff. “The defenders of Ga-Koro shall receive a special honor. Even as the Toa became the Toa Nuva, so too will these heroes have new names when their tale is carved in the chronicles.”

Jala was the first to be called. “Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard,” Vakama declared with pride. “Your valor and dedication to duty are an example to all. When your name is inscribed upon the Wall of History, you shall be known as Jaller.”

As the crowd cheered, Huki of Po-Koro and Maku of Ga-Koro too were granted new names. For their deeds at Ga-Koro, they will be known henceforth as Hewkii and Macku.

At last, Vakama called one final name. “Chronicler Takua…”

“Inscribe these names upon the Wall of History, as is your duty,” said Vakama sternly. “And try to spell them correctly.”

Now it is a time of great festivity and celebration. Matoran from all across Mata Nui gather in Po-Koro to exchange gifts and goods and to play in the village tournaments. After much consultation with Pohatu Nuva, Turaga Onewa has announced that the new form of Koli, played with Ga-Koro net-staffs, is to become the official Po-Koro sport of Kolhii.

As for Takua the Chronicler, who it seems shall forever remain only Takua the Chronicler, he too has held a small ceremony of naming. From this day forward, whenever her deeds are written on the great Wall of History, the faithful Ussal crab Puku shall be known by the name of Pewku.


  1. As presented in the promotional section at the end of BIONICLE 4: The Bohrok Awake, this line originally read "Luckily, Kapura reached the Toa in time!"

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