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"We use a Kolhii stick to play, now... it's kind of a new thing. It's important to have a good Kolhii stick. Kailani can make a new one for you if you give her the materials. Some wood is better than others!"
Macku, The Final Chronicle

Kolhii Stick
Comic Kolhii Stick.png
Users Matoran of Mata Nui and Metru Nui
Function Play Kolhii
Status In use
Location Mata Nui
Metru Nui
Pronunciation KOAL-lee

A Kolhii Stick is a piece of equipment used to play the game Kolhii. It has a hammer-shaped end to hit the ball, and a scoop on the other to carry the ball.


A piece of rubble deflected with a Ga-Matoran Fishing Staff in the Bohrok Online Animations

When Hewkii saved Macku from a piece of rubble from the Ga-Koro gate, he used a Ga-Matoran Fishing Staff to help deflect it. After the Pahrak invasion of Ga-Koro had been halted and the reconstruction of destroyed structures was taking place, an early version of Kolhii was being played on the beaches near Ga-Koro, using the same tools that Hewkii had used to save Macku. Eventually, this tool evolved into what is now the Kolhii Stick. In the official rules of Kolhii, the Kolhii Stick is also known as a Kolhii Staff.

During the invasion of Onu-Koro, the Av-Matoran Takua attempted to fend off the Rahkshi using a Kolhii Stick he picked up. Later he used it to help his friend Jaller up over the edge of a cliff and onto Pewku. When he became Takanuva, Toa of Light, he was holding this Kolhii Stick. This changed into his Staff of Light.

Set Information

A Kolhii Stick in set form

The Kolhii Stick was featured as a piece wielded by the rebuilt Matoran in the small sets of 2003 and the "Takua and Pewku" and "Jaller and Gukko" sets of 2003. The scoop was represented by a clip that held the puck-like Kolhii Ball piece. The action feature of the rebuilt Matoran allowed them to swing the sticks and hit the "ball".

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