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Set number 8580
Subtheme Kraata
Release date Summer 2003
Pieces 3
MSRP $1.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8580 Kraata was a collectible set released in summer 2003. It contains three randomly packed Kraata and two randomly packed stickers.

Product Description

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The darkness of Makuta!
The kraata are a part of Makuta which he uses to bring the Rahkshi to life! These slug-like creatures are capable of infecting any Mask of Power they touch and making the wearer a servant of Makuta. Each kraata goes through six stages of growth, making the Rahkshi faster and more powerful with every evolution. Each set includes three randomly packed kraata. Collect all 36!

Set Information

The twelve varieties of stickers included with Kraata sets

The Kraata set was released in summer 2003. It includes three randomly packed Kraata and two randomly packed stickers. The Kraata can be any variation other than Shadow Kraata. The stickers can be any of twelve designs including Takanuva, Teridax, the symbol of the Three Virtues, a Kraata, any of the six Rahkshi sets, the graphic of the word "Rahkshi" used in promotional material for those sets, and the promotional image of the Avohkii and Kraahkan around a glowing Mata Nui that was likewise used in 2003 advertisements.

The set's canister represents the stasis containers used by the Turaga in the Kraata Cave.[1]


The canister's lid features six small holes that the peg in the bottom of a Kraata can fit into, so the Kraata can be displayed.


Kraata can be any of the 42 variations in any of the six non-Shadow Kraata stages.



  • This is the only collectible set not to be packaged in a box or polybag. It is instead packaged in a small plastic canister.


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