Chronicler's Staff

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Chronicler's Staff
Manufacturer Original: Unknown
Takua's: Turaga Nokama[1]
Users Chroniclers
Function Ceremonial purposes
Recording events
Status In use

The Chronicler's Staff piece

The Chronicler's Staff is a tool used by Chroniclers, Matoran assigned by Turaga to chronicle and record the events and history of the Matoran.


The original Chronicler's Staff was used by the Chronicler of Metru Nui, Kodan, but was lost when he encountered the Dark Hunter Eliminator.

Turaga Nokama made another staff, and presented it to Takua when he was appointed Chronicler of Mata Nui.[1] When he transformed into Takanuva, he presented the staff and title to Hahli, a Ga-Matoran.[2]

When Hahli became a Toa, it was passed on to Kopeke, a Ko-Matoran.

Set information

The piece representing the Chronicler's Staff was packaged with BIONICLE: The Game.


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