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"All I cared about was darkness and destruction... the things I helped Mutran do and create... Mata Nui forgive me. After the Rahi attack, suddenly I realized how far into the darkness I fell. I saw myself for what I became and it made me sick. But I'm not that twisted thing anymore — I'm not!"
— Vican, The Final Battle


Occupation Unknown
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Unknown
Status Mutated
Pronunciation Vye-can

Former Shadow Matoran
Occupation Mutran's Lab Assistant (formerly)
Kanohi Shelek[OGDi: Aug 25 2009, 12:53 PM]
Status Alive
Inner light restored
Location Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation Vye-can
Set number 8952

Vican is a Le-Matoran who became the first Shadow Matoran.


Vican originally lived on an island situated in a lake in the center of the Southern Continent.[2][TMC, Ch. 10][OGDi]

Hungry for adventure, Vican volunteered for Makuta Mutran's experiment and became a Shadow Matoran. After the transformation, he acted as a lab assistant to Mutran, who also mutated him into his current form. Vican remained loyal to Mutran in the hope that he would be returned to his former form for serving well.[citation needed: BL9?]

He accompanied Mutran to Karda Nui, where he assisted Mutran in guarding the Hive where the Shadow Leeches were kept and managing Mutran's experiments.[TMC, Ch. 1]

Vican as a Shadow Matoran

Vican was working on kicking a failed Rahi experiment out of a window by order when Vamprah entered the hive after the Makuta's first defeat by the Phantoka Toa Nuva. After a negotiation between the four Makuta, Antroz, Chirox, Vamprah, and Mutran was held, Vican was chosen to be the one to fly to Destral and summon Makuta Icarax. Vican later rode on a hybrid creature to Destral, where he encountered Rahkshi and Visorak. Upon showing the creatures a Tablet of Transit, Vican was allowed into the fortress, where he learned that Icarax had taken over the throne of Makuta Teridax. After a moment of interrogation by the Makuta, Vican stated Antroz's summons to Icarax.

Vican then returned to Karda Nui. In a battle between the Toa Nuva and Makuta, Vican saved Mutran from falling after the Makuta unleashed a powerful blast of Shadow by catching him on his hybrid steed. He then carried out Mutran's orders to retreat to the swamp below.[2]

While the Toa and Makuta were fighting to gain entrance to the Codrex, Vican ended up upon a small islet with Mutran, who created a Klakk to act as a sentry. The Klakk escaped and attacked Vican with a sonic scream that broke the mental barrier preventing his Light from regenerating. Vican concealed his change from Mutran, who sent him to recapture the Klakk. Vican encountered Takanuva and revealed he had found a cure for the Shadow Matoran. He led Takanuva, Tanma, Solek, Photok, and Radiak to find the Klakk, which cured Radiak. The Matoran then went to find and bring all the Shadow Matoran to be cured.

Vican joined the Av-Matoran in fleeing from the Energy Storms, ultimately making it to Metru Nui.[3]

Following the Battle of Bara Magna, Mata Nui sent a wave of Life energy throughout the planet that reversed the mutations that Mutran gave the former Shadow Matoran. Vican, however, wished to keep his mutated form, so he was not affected.[CwGF] As a result of the battle, the Great Spirit Robot was badly crippled. Vican and other surviving Matoran departed from Metru Nui to live on Spherus Magna.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Vican was an adventurous Matoran and dreamed of having more in life, not caring about the means by which it happened.[TMC, Ch. 10]

While a Shadow Matoran, Vican could fire bolts of Shadow energy, an ability that was lost when he was transformed back into a Le-Matoran. However, because Vican was not an Av-Matoran, he did not gain any other powers when physically connected to a Makuta. Because of alterations made by Mutran, he is larger than a normal Matoran, and was granted claws and wings, allowing him to fly.

Despite being loyal to his master, Vican was also quite wary of Mutran's insanity, knowing that Mutran could have thrown him into a mutating vat as a joke. Vican also regretted how he looked[OGDi: Mar 11 2008, 01:30 AM] and hoped that Mutran would one day cure him.[citation needed]

Having been transformed back into a Le-Matoran, Vican feels guilty for having willingly helped the Makuta and, as a result, works harder and is more helpful to other Matoran.[OGDi: Mar 16 2010, 08:51 AM] He has retained his Kanohi Shelek[OGDi: Aug 25 2009, 12:53 PM] and his monstrous form as reminders of his past mistakes.[OGDi: Dec 17 2009, 10:49 AM]

Vican has increased agility in the trees, yet is clumsy on flat land. This was negated upon his transformation into a Shadow Matoran, but restored when his Light returned to him.

Set Information

Vican in set form
Vican combining with Mutran

8952 Mutran & Vican was released in April 2008 as a Wal*Mart-exclusive set. He can be attached onto Mutran's back. The set consists of ninety pieces, twenty-one of which are used to build Vican. Vican's mask features a two-colored blend of lime and black, maintaining the trend of Shadow Matoran wearing dual-colored masks.


"I was fortunate enough to run across a villager named Vican, eager to find a more adventurous life for himself."
— Makuta Mutran, The Mutran Chronicles

"Slow down! You're not making sense!"
"He never did.
— Takanuva and Radiak, The Final Battle


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