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"Where are --? Oh, I see. Another test. All right, I'll play along. You are on Spherus Magna, and I am Toa Macku. This oversized mass of muscle is one of my villagers. Always happy to meet another hero of the Melding."
— Alternate Macku, Brothers In Arms

The Melding Alternate Universe
Status In existence
Inhabitants Various
Population Unknown

The Melding Alternate Universe is an alternate universe in which the Great Spirit Mata Nui was never built.


On the Spherus Magna of this universe, the Great Beings here constructed the Matoran as large beings resembling the main universe's Toa so that they could perform the labor in villages. In contrast, the Toa were given the smaller stature of the main universe's Matoran for added agility. They were also granted Elemental Powers and the ability to use Kanohi. The first Toa were created to repair the planet and protect it from the cataclysm that the Great Beings felt was imminent after Energized Protodermis was discovered and the war over it began. The Toa were sent underground with containers to hold the Energized Protodermis and the duty of repairing all of the planet's damage. After five years, the task, dubbed the Melding, was successfully completed.

In the aftermath of the Melding, the Great Beings continued to reside in the Valley of the Maze and added crystal and iron fortifications to the fortress at its center, as well as modified the Maze to be less dangerous and more confusing for potential intruders. They also created the Makuta race as peacekeepers fully dedicated to the service of light and the Great Beings, though they were also to create creatures and plants to assist the Matoran and Toa. Gorast, Icarax, Chirox, and Vamprah served as guardians of the Valley of the Maze.

Vezon, after being fused to a Kanohi Olmak, briefly entered this universe and departed shortly after.

Ko-Matoran Mazeka and Shadow Matoran Vultraz found themselves passing through the remnants of Vezon's portal during their conflict in Karda Nui, emerging into this pocket universe's Spherus Magna. Here, the two Matoran discovered a gigantic organism capable of firing razor-sharp crystals and turning objects into energy, and a massive tree banded in golden metal. The two then met a pair of beings resembling a Ga-Matoran and a Toa of Water. When Mazeka inquired as to their whereabouts, the Matoran introduced herself as Toa Macku, and stated she was pleased to meet a "hero of the Melding" (since Mazeka and Vultraz fit her understanding of Toa rather than mere Matoran).

The four then traveled to a village called Ga-Koro as Macku related the story of the Melding. She also revealed that her companion, the Ga-Matoran, was actually Helryx. After Macku had finished her tale, Mazeka informed her that he and Vultraz were not from Spherus Magna, and that they needed to find a way home. Macku eventually suggested that the pair visit the Great Beings themselves, who would be able to help them. Macku then brought the two Matoran before Makuta Teridax, who was to be their guide.

Teridax led the two Matoran to a fortress, where they met a council of six Great Beings (including Angonce, Heremus, and four others). Mazeka explained their journey from another dimension, and Teridax, having read Vultraz's mind, announced Vultraz's corruption to the Great Beings, which astonished them. By the Great Beings' orders, Vultraz was taken away to be tested, to see why he was so full of darkness, and Mazeka was bid to return to the Matoran Universe, exchanging Vultraz with a being from the alternate universe to preserve the balance between the universes. Mazeka chose Teridax, and together, they departed from the universe.


After the melding of the planet, Spherus Magna has a variety of locations to match its prime reality counterpart, to include the Great Jungle, Great Sea, and Northern Frost. The Great Beings' main fortress, the Valley of the Maze, is also located on Spherus Magna. Between the main entrance and the central chamber is the Maze, featuring a large amount of twists and turns, and the main chamber is a room concealed in near darkness, featuring a semicircular dais giving it the appearance of a council chamber.


  • Although it is unknown where the fortress was that Makuta guided Vultraz and Mazeka to, it is not a parallel version of the Valley of the Maze because it was neither located in the Black Spikes nor Bara Magna.[1]





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