BIONICLE 10: Powerless!

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"Helpless? Toa Nuva are never helpless! We'll run you into the ground!"
Toa Nuva Lewa to the Bohrok-Kal

BIONICLE 10: Powerless!
Outside/alternate title The Coming of the Kal!
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

"Powerless!", also known by its title text "The Coming of the Kal!", is the tenth issue in the BIONICLE series. It was packaged with the first LEGO Magazine of 2003, the January/February publication.

Plot Summary

As Toa Nuva Kopaka is falling toward an icy death, he scrapes his blades into a crevice. After sliding several feet, he finally stops, hanging.

Elsewhere, the Bohrok-Kal steal the remaining Nuva Symbols. The Toa lose their powers and easy problems turn into desperate situations for them.

Nuju rescues Kopaka with his mask power, and the Toa meet the Bohrok-Kal after a chase to Po-Wahi. The Bohrok-Kal ask the Toa where the Bahrag are, and Lewa attacks Gahlok-Kal, but the Bohrok-Kal simply magnetizes the Toa's feet to the ground. Onua tries to throw a boulder at the Bohrok-Kal, but Pahrak-Kal turns the boulder to magma before it could even leave his hands.

Tahu uses his Kanohi Hau Nuva to protect his fellow Toa, but Nuhvok-Kal uses its Gravity power to make Tahu fall to the ground. Then Tahnok-Kal, Kohrak-Kal, and Lehvak-Kal use their Lightning, Sonics, and Vacuum powers, respectively, to knock the group unconscious. Later, when the Toa awaken, they work out the necessary course of action and Tahu separates the Toa into two teams: Gali, Pohatu, and Onua to go look for the Bahrag, while Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa continue to chase down and delay the Bohrok-Kal. Onua suggests that they look for the Kanohi Nuva. The Toa vow, as Toa Nuva, to defeat the Bohrok-Kal.


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