Chronicles of Takua

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Chronicles of Takua

The Book of Chronicles, where Takua recorded the early events on Mata Nui
Users Takua
Function Recording chronicles and information
Status In use

The Chronicles of Takua is an in-universe record kept by Takua originally in the Book of Chronicles. Several excerpts have been published from this collection including The Origin of the Bohrok-Kal, Beware the Infected Masks, and Origin of the Rahaga.

In addition to these, the Mata Nui Online Game Walkthrough, Wall of History, and Takanuva's Blog are further samples of Takua's work.

The Origin of the Bohrok-Kal

Section present in BIONICLE 10: Powerless!:

From the Chronicles of Takua:

In the time before time the Bahrag were created, Cahdok and Gahdok, along with the six Bohrok swarms.

The swarms relied on the Bahrag for guidance, and in return, they were the eyes and hands of Cahdok and Gahdok in the world outside. If the Bahrag fell, the swarms would fall also… and so the Bohrok-Kal came into being.

Six Bohrok, one from each swarm, gifted with powers far beyond those of their brothers. They were given special markings to distinguish them from the rest of the Bohrok, and hidden in a special chamber far from the nests.

If the day ever came that the Bahrag were defeated, either by an enemy or a natural force, the Bohrok-Kal would awaken. Their mission:

Find the Bahrag.

Free the Bahrag.

Unleash the swarms once more.

That day has arrived… the Bohrok-Kal walk the surface of Mata Nui.

Beware the Infected Kanohi

Section present in the BIONICLE: Collector's Sticker Book:

From the Chronicles of Takua:

The masks of Mata Nui can be a source of great power… and of great danger. For the darkness of an infected mask can have grave effects on the wearer, turning him into a servant of Makuta. You can recognize these dangerous infected masks by their blackened and pitted condition — if you value your freedom, you will stay away.

The first infected masks appeared on Mata Nui shortly after the Matoran arrived on the island. Rahi, who had previously been no threat to the koro, suddenly became a danger to the villages and people. It was Turaga Vakama who discovered that the Rahi had been fitted with infected Kanohi that made them obey Makuta’s will.

But where was the infection coming from? It was only after a great, secret hunt all over the island that the Turaga discovered kraata were spreading this plague of shadows. It is only in recent days that we Matoran learned this, or that the Turaga were capturing the kraata and keeping them imprisoned in a cave in Po-Wahi.

A kraata carries the will and darkness of Makuta inside it. One touch of a kraata can turn any Kanohi mask into a tool of the Master of Shadows. Even a Toa cannot resist the power of an infected mask! The only way to help someone who wears such a mask is to remove it as quickly as possible and replace it with a pure mask.

At first, it seemed to be impossible for an infected Kanohi mask to be restored to its original state. The Turaga tried many different ways to do this, but all failed. Later, the Toa discovered that they could use their elemental energies to cleanse a mask, but it requires a huge amount of effort due to the sheer power of Makuta. For this reason, the Toa cleanse masks only when it is vital that they do so.

The Toa removed dozens of infected masks from the Rahi of Mata Nui. Since there were so many and they would be a danger to anyone who wore them, the Turaga ordered that they be buried deep beneath the surface until such time as they could be cleansed. A small team of Onu-Matoran did the work. Only they and the Turaga know where the masks are hidden, and Onu-Matoran are very good at keeping secrets…

Origin of the Rahaga

Section present in the Appendix of BIONICLE Adventures 9: Web of Shadows:

From the Chronicles of Takua, as related by Turaga Vakama:

As we prepare to start our journey back to the city of Metru Nui, I cannot help but remember the Rahaga. I wonder if they are still in my homeland, or if they have moved on to continue their work elsewhere. Of all the beings I have encountered, they were among the wisest and bravest. And were it not for them, neither I, my fellow Turaga, nor the Matoran who walk Mata Nui today would be here.

Rahaga Norik rarely wanted to talk about his past. Fortunately, Rahaga Iruini was not so close-mouthed. It was from him that Matau learned the Rahaga had once been Toa in another land — and not just any Toa. Clad in armor forged from precious metals, and wielding both Toa tools and Rhotuka launchers, they were the elite. Each of the six wore a Kanohi mask forged in the shapes worn by the great heroes of the past. Their duty: Protect Makuta, he who was sworn to protect and defend all Matoran.

They did their job nobly and well. Ironically, they were most often called on to defend Makuta against Rahi attacks (for so powerful a being could not dirty his hands fighting beasts). Believing him to be a good and honorable servant of the will of Mata Nui, Norik and his Toa did not hesitate to aid him.

Then came the day the light of truth dawned, and the Toa were confronted by a horrible reality. Makuta, and the Brotherhood to which he belonged, were not protecting Matoran. They were oppressing and enslaving them. Even the very masks Norik and the others wore had been forged by Matoran working under threat of punishment — or worse. In addition, the Brotherhood of Makuta had allied itself with a foul mercenary band known as Dark Hunters. They converted the Exo-Toa mechanoids, first built as guardians of the Matoran, into sentries for their own fortresses.

Burning for justice and revenge, the Toa mounted an attack on a Brotherhood base. Arrayed against them were Dark Hunters and Exo-Toa, prepared to sacrifice all in the service of their dark masters. Separated in the conflict, the Toa fell one by one, but not at the hands of these enemies. No, they were felled by treacherous attacks from the shadows by Roodaka.

Finally, only Norik and Iruini remained. Cunning in their strategy and absolutely fearless in their actions, they succeeded in driving off the Dark Hunters and destroying most of the Exo-Toa. Makuta battled them to a stalemate until he, too, left the field, badly weakened. Now the two Toa had to find their companions.

Find them, they did — shrunken, weakened, turned into monstrous mockeries of Turaga. In what she no doubt regarded as a fine jest, Roodaka had mutated them, giving them the heads of Rahkshi and twisted bodies that would frighten all who saw them. Creatures such as these, she believed, would be shunned by any Matoran they approached. Their days as heroes would be over.

Relying on stealth, Norik and Iruini were able to rescue their friends. But they were discovered by Sidorak and Roodaka and struck by her mutation spinners. Strangely, she then allowed them to escape, perhaps convinced they would never prove a danger to her. Six who had once been powerful Toa were now Rahaga.

At first, they were grief stricken over the change. But Kualus and Norik rallied them. “Our bodies have been changed,” said Kualus, “but not our hearts. Not our spirits. No matter how we look, every breath we take, we take as heroes in the service of Mata Nui.”

Norik gave them new purpose: to find Keetongu, a mythical Rahi said to have the power to counteract any attack. Only he might have a hope of defeating Sidorak and Roodaka. Some, like Iruini, doubted that this being even existed. Still, they agreed to follow Norik’s lead, knowing that unity was essential to the Rahaga’s survival.

From that day to this, the Rahaga have wandered from island to island, seeking Keetongu and studying the ways of the Rahi. Often, their efforts have brought them into conflict with the Visorak hordes, and many a beast has been saved from certain death by the Rahaga. Sidorak had vowed to destroy them, while Roodaka wondered whether there is some way to use them to further her own ends.

At last, their journey brought the Rahaga to Metru Nui. Knowing the Visorak must inevitably find their way to the City of Legends, they hid in the Archives, observing with horror as their ancient enemy, Makuta, returned and rained destruction on the city. They saw the valiant efforts of the Toa Metru that led to his defeat. And they noted with dread that the heroes then left the city, leaving it defenseless before the Visorak horde.

By the time the Toa returned, the Visorak were in control of Metru Nui. Worse, the Toa fell into a trap and were mutated into Toa Hordika. The Rahaga could wait no longer. Risking discovery by Sidorak, they rescued my friends and me. They armed us with truth and gave us the will to fight on.

Whether they wait for us still in Metru Nui or not, Takua, they deserve to be remembered as the greatest of Toa.

Chronicles of Hahli

After Takua became Toa, Hahli was appointed Chronicler, and she continued writing entries in Takua's absence. One excerpt was released in the Lego Magazine accompanying promotional images for the six Toa Inika.

Secrets of the Toa Inika!

Section present in the July/August issue of 2006 Lego Magazine:

From the Chronicles of Hahli:

A strange and amazing thing has happened! I and five of my Matoran friends journeyed to the island of Voya Nui. When we arrived, bolts of lightning from a mysterious red star transformed us. Now we are Toa Inika -- and unlike any heroes ever known before.

Light-Up Weapon Our Toa weapons are charged with incredible energies that make them light up when in use.

New Armor Toa Inika armor is quite different from any seen before, designed to contain the energy that courses through our forms.

New Kanohi Masks The masks we wear are very different from any Toa masks we have seen before, with awesome new abilities.

Zamor Sphere Launcher Our Matoran friends on this island crafted zamor sphere launchers for us. They hurl spheres that can free the villagers of Voya Nui from enslavement.

Glow in the Dark Heads Now filled with the energies of the lightning, even our features glow brightly.

New Colors Even the colors of our armor were changed by the lightning. Toa Hewkii is the first Toa of Stone in memory to be a shade other than brown.