Midak Skyblaster

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"A sphere of light flew out the end of the weapon, hit a nearby wall, and punched a neat and smoking hole in it."
— Narrator, Shadows in the Sky

Midak Skyblaster
Manufacturer Artakha
Nynrah Ghosts
Users Various
Function Shoot spheres of Light
Status In use
Pronunciation MY-dack[1]

A Midak Skyblaster is a projectile weapon which fires spheres of Light.


The Midak Skyblaster was designed long ago by Artakha. He added these weapons to the three battle vehicles that he created: the Jetrax T6,[2] the Axalara T9,[3], and the Rockoh T3. The blaster on the Rockoh T3 is known to be a prototype.[4]

The weapon was reproduced by the Nynrah Ghosts, and one was sold to the Order of Mata Nui for use by Brutaka's team to rescue Makuta Miserix.[5] Spiriah claimed this Skyblaster when the team came to arm themselves.[6]

The Midak Skyblaster was given its name by the Toa Nuva Pohatu and Lewa. An Onu-Matoran named Midak from Metru Nui always preferred to spend time in bright areas over dark ones, contrary to other members of his tribe, whose sensitive eyes would be overwhelmed in bright light. The weapon reminded Pohatu of the Matoran, whom he had befriended while living on Mata Nui. Lewa had always wanted a weapon named a "Skyblaster", and the two names were combined.[7]

Toa Ignika created a replica of the weapon for himself, formed from organic particles.

Adaptive Armor

The Toa Nuva Phantoka team's projectile weapons, given to them by Artakha, took the form of Midak Skyblasters after they reached Karda Nui, as the weapons were particularly effective against the Makuta Phantoka.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe in which Mata Nui died, the Nynrah Ghosts redeveloped the Skyblaster 10,000 years after Mata Nui's death. The Nynrah Ghosts gave one to Takanuva.[8]

A Midak Skyblaster in use


The Midak Skyblasters fire concentrated bursts of Light, effective against Shadow users, though the energy is powerful enough to do damage to ordinary objects. The energy for the launchers is mainly drawn from the light surrounding the users. The Av-Matoran Tanma has the ability to provide an energy source for a Midak Skyblaster when connected with a Toa or a Makuta. If Midak Skyblasters are overused, the light in an area could be completely drained.[9]

A Nynrah Ghost on Stelt altered Vultraz's Skyblaster to fire shadow blasts, drawn from the shadow in the environment.[10][11][12]

Example Usage

In Shadows in the Sky, Toa Nuva Pohatu accidentally activated his Skyblaster and hit a nearby wall with a sphere of light, creating a smoking hole in it.





Adaptive Weapon

Set Information

The Midak Skyblasters, in set form, utilize four silver Zamor spheres as ammunition, representing light spheres. However, Zamor spheres of any color can be utilized. A small wheel near the opening of the blaster can be spun to launch the spheres with a spring-loaded action.

An orange life-size version of the Midak Skyblaster was also produced, identical in shape to the life-size Zamor Launcher from 2006. It included four green and silver foam balls which could be launched through the modified blaster, and packs of five additional orange and silver spheres could be purchased at LEGO stores. This launcher is emblazoned with the "Phantoka" logo on each side.[13][14]


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