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"Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui. Our brother must be awakened."
— Takutanuva, Mask of Light

Comic Takutanuva.png
Formed by Takanuva
Powers Light
Life force manipulation
Kraata powers
Kanohi Mask of Light and Shadow
Tools Polearm
Pronunciation Tah-KOO-tah-NOO-vah
Set number 10201

Takutanuva was an extremely powerful fusion of Toa Takanuva and Makuta Teridax created by the power of Energized Protodermis.


The newly formed Takutanuva

During the fight between Takanuva and Teridax, Takanuva struck a finishing blow against Teridax. But Makuta rose once more, and attempted to convince Takanuva that his cause was noble. Takanuva was confused but undeceived, and launched himself at a surprised Teridax, catching him off-guard and removing his Kanohi Kraahkan. During the struggle, the pair fell into a pit of Energized Protodermis, fusing them together and creating the powerful entity known as Takutanuva. Removing the Kanohi Kraahkan weakened Teridax, preventing his consciousness from dominating the fusion. With their minds merged, each got a glimpse into the other's psyche, though Takanuva was unable to comprehend the true depth of Makuta's labyrinthian brain.

Once created, Takutanuva proclaimed that Mata Nui must be awakened and proceeded to open the gate to Metru Nui. After all of Mata Nui's residents had passed under the gate, Takutanuva stopped the Matoran Hahli, and took the recently deceased Jaller's mask from her. Takutanuva infused a portion of his own life force into the mask, reviving Jaller. However, the amount of energy exerted was too great and weakened him. Takutanuva dropped the gate, crushing and defusing him into Takanuva and Makuta, and killing Takanuva. The gate's weight also caused Takutanuva's mask to split back into the Avohkii and Kraahkan. The Avohkii was used to bring Takanuva back to life, and the Kraahkan was thrown out on the other side of the gate, leaving Teridax with his armor shattered and his Antidermis floating in Mangaia.

Abilities and Traits

Takutanuva lifting the door to Metru Nui

Takutanuva had an equal balance of light and dark energy, and as a result, was able to see the world from a point of view that was completely free of bias.

Takutanuva possessed both Teridax's and Takanuva's elemental powers of Shadow and Light. He also had access to all of Teridax's Kraata powers.

The fusion granted Takutanuva immense strength, which he used to open the heavy doorway in Mangaia. It also gave Takutanuva the ability to manipulate his own life force.

Mask and Tools

The Takutanuva model

Takutanuva wore the Mask of Light and Shadow, a mask that granted him the powers of both the Avohkii, the Mask of Light, and the Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows.

He also carried a large, bladed polearm.

Set Information

The Takutanuva set was a promotional 399-piece set that included Teridax and Takanuva and came with a "Movie Edition" version of the Kraahkan. Takutanuva could also be constructed from separately packaged Teridax (simply called "Makuta" at the time) and Takanuva sets. His instructions were printed in Takanuva's instruction manual, following the instructions for the actual Takanuva and Ussanui set. One could spin an axle on Takutanuva's back to cause him to swing his upper torso from side to side, or spin a gear on his back to make him raise and lower his right and left arms in alternation. He also featured two blades on his back that could be raised or lowered.


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