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"Toa of Fire, Tahu is destined to wear the powerful golden armor and strike a blow for the freedom of two worlds."
— Narrator, All That Glitters centerfold

Golden Armor
Animation Golden Armor.png
Manufacturer Kanohi Ignika
Users Tahu
Function Destroying solid Antidermis
Status In use
Location Spherus Magna

The Golden Armor is a set of six mysterious and powerful pieces of armor.


Creation of the Golden Armor

The design for the Golden Armor was created by the Great Beings and programmed into the Kanohi Ignika, to be utilized by Toa Mata Tahu if ever needed.[citation needed]

From inside the Matoran Universe, Tren Krom sent a message from the Core Processor to the Ignika on Bara Magna, which included information about the Golden Armor[RoS, Ch. 8] and the need to devolve Tahu back into a Toa Mata.[1]

When Tahu emerged from the Great Spirit Robot, the Ignika transformed Toa Nuva Tahu back into his original Toa Mata form and created the Golden Armor partially from organic materials[2] for him to use, as per the instructions. However, a blast from Teridax scattered the six pieces of armor, which were recovered by various forces around the battlefield on Bara Magna. Tahu defeated the Skakdi warlord Nektann to obtain the shield piece, and his allies Takanuva and Gresh recovered the other pieces from Rahkshi of Heat Vision and Skrall.

Pieces of the Golden Armor being stolen

After Tahu donned the armor, energy was unleashed from it, striking and incinerating the Kraata within all of the Rahkshi on Bara Magna. This distraction momentarily shocked Teridax and allowed Mata Nui to defeat him. The energy released by the Golden Armor returned to Tahu, charging his body, and gave him the powers of all the Kraata killed.[3]

Tahu using the Golden Armor to defeat Rahkshi


The Golden Armor was designed to destroy all solid Antidermis within the area. The Makuta species was originally composed of solid Antidermis, but eventually evolved into a gaseous state, rendering them immune to the effects of the Golden Armor. The Kraata they create were still made of solid Antidermis, and the Golden Armor was able to obliterate them. The armor's primary function was only able to be used once.[4]

The Golden Armor was also able to bestow upon Tahu all of the Kraata powers that belonged to Kraata destroyed by the armor. After the Golden Armor's use, Tahu did not require it to use the abilities it gave him.[2]

The mask of the Golden Armor, a Kanohi Hau, could function like a regular Hau, creating a shield for its user.


Piece Set Golden Armor Kanohi Hau.png Set Golden Armor Torso Pieces.png Set Golden Armor Torso Pieces.png Set Golden Armor Torso Pieces.png Set Golden Armor Pommel.png Set Golden Armor Shield.png
Function Kanohi Hau Chest Armor Shoulder Armor Shoulder Armor Sword Pommel Shield

Set Information

Tahu wearing the Golden Armor

A single piece of the Golden Armor was included with each of the six 2010 BIONICLE sets of the Stars line. The Tahu set includes the golden Kanohi Hau, the Rahkshi of Heat Vision contains the shield, a Skrall contains the pommel, and the "Piraka", Gresh, and Takanuva sets each include pieces that can be utilized either for chest or shoulder armor.


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