Great Ussal Race

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"The Ussal Crabs are strong and loyal. They help us with many things here, from mining to transportation, but mostly racing."
Midak, Mata Nui Online Game

Great Ussal Race
Matoran Game
Equipment Ussal
Location Onu-Wahi (formerly)
Pronunciation uss-SUL

The Great Ussal Race was a major sporting event of Onu-Koro. This competition pitted riders on Ussal Crabs against each other in a test of speed and skill. Onepu won the race five times (three of those times were with his favorite crab, Pewku).


The object of the race is to dig through the ground and touch all eight crystals that have been buried; the first rider to do so wins. During the game, the player can switch between obtained crystals. The Green crystal provides a digging speed boost, the Blue allows one to drop horizontal explosive crystals, the Red allows one to drop vertical explosive charges, and the Yellow allows one to drop "webs" which slow down opponents. There are two types of each crystal. If the player has both crystals of a color, the power will be upgraded.



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