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"Gali shook herself dry as she stepped out of the surf onto the beach. She stood there for a moment, looking around, strangely reluctant to leave the water.
She glanced across the beach. A thick, dripping jungle began where the sands left off. The humidity of the place reached out, beckoning her, and she could not resist its call.
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa

Region of Mata Nui
Status Destroyed
Inhabitants Ga-Matoran
Toa Gali
Turaga Nokama
Rahi (all formerly)
Population None
Position Northeastern Mata Nui
Pronunciation GAH-wah-HEE

Ga-Wahi was the Water region of Mata Nui.


Makuta Teridax eventually became jealous of the Great Spirit Mata Nui and the praise given to him by the Universe. Creating an elaborate plan, the Makuta planted a Virus in Mata Nui, causing him to slip into unconsciousness and fall onto the planet of Aqua Magna, which he had been passing at the time. This Great Cataclysm caused numerous problems throughout the universe, including a malfunction in the camouflage system, creating a dry, bleak island. However, the Great Cataclysm also triggered an Energized Protodermis leak, causing many plant varieties to flourish on the island.

Ga-Wahi was named by Toa Metru Nokama after her team traveled to the island of Mata Nui shortly before the Great Rescue. After they succeeded in their mission, the free Ga-Matoran and now Turaga Nokama lived in the village of Ga-Koro which they built. The region was attacked often by Makuta Teridax and his Infected Rahi during the Great War, and once by a rampaging Great Temple Squid.

Toa Mata Gali surveys Ga-Wahi from atop a cliff.

Nearing the end of what was known as the Dark Time, Nokama was captured by a Makika that inhabited a cavern near Naho Bay. When Takua arrived in Ga-Koro on his quest to find the Toa Stones, the Ga-Matoran asked him to try to rescue Nokama from the cave. Takua agreed, and used Madu Fruit and a Volo Lutu Launcher to fight off Rahi and reach the cave. Once inside, he battled against and subdued the Makika by tossing boulders at the Madu-immune rahi. As the beast tried to lift the stone off itself, Takua rushed in, picked up Nokama, and dashed out the exit.

After he returned Nokama to Ga-Koro, she told him that the Toa Stone was hidden in the cliffs outside the Koro, and gave him an Amana Volo Sphere to help him on his journey, and in exchange for coming to rescue her. Takua then entered the cliffs and fought past several Rahi until he found the Toa Stone hidden on a cliff with several grasshopper-like Rahi around it.

Takua eventually discovered all six Toa Stones and summoned the Toa Canisters toward the island. When Gali arrived in Ga-Wahi, she fought a Tarakava and rediscovered her Elemental Power of Water.

Later Gali would again journey through Ga-Wahi in search of the many Kanohi hidden throughout the island and as she did so encountered another Tarakava in the sea. Thinking quickly, she dodged an attack from the creature outside a cave mouth, and the charging Rahi, unable to stop, continued into the cave. Gali hurriedly sealed the cave entrance, and swam away.

Ga-Wahi with Ga-Koro in the distance

The Chronicler Takua, had traveled with his company under the Naho Falls on a mission to reach Kini-Nui and defend it.

During the end of the Bohrok Invasion, multiple Pahrak entered Ga-Wahi and even struck Ga-Koro. With some help from the refugees of Po-Koro, plus sent from Ta-Koro, Takua and Jaller, the village was able to hold off the creatures long enough for the Toa Mata to defeat the Bahrag. This caused the Bohrok to become immobilized and ended their cleansing of the Island.

Right after the Bohrok-Kal awakened and stole the Nuva Symbols from the villages, Gali Nuva was drenched with a massive wave of water that she was unable to stop. Nokama, who had been sent by Hahli, told her the location of a Kanohi Nuva. Taking her to an underwater sea cave, Nokama trapped Gali at the entrance by blocking the cave with a huge slab of stone, so that she would learn to understand the changes taking place on the island. Swimming deeper into the cavern, the Toa of Water battled against an octopus like Rahi before finding the Kakama Nuva and using it to escape. She then used the mask to also exit the cave.

After the Bohrok were reawakened by the Toa Nuva, Ga-Wahi became barren and the Rahi returned inside Mata Nui. When Mata Nui's body became functional again and rose up under the island, Ga-Wahi was destroyed.


Ga-Wahi was a large and mostly submerged region located on the eastern side of the island of Mata Nui. It was dominated by Naho Bay, taking up the vast majority of the region, which was surrounded by towering white cliffs. Ga-Wahi's landscape was very diverse; the regions around the coastline were long, sandy beaches surrounded by very tall and steep cliffs of white rock. The rest of the area was split between plains with plentiful vegetation and thick jungle, though it was not as thick and the trees were not as large as Le-Wahi. The entire region had very high humidity. Ga-Koro was located in this Wahi, along with other famous landmarks, such as the Naho Falls and the Hura-Mafa River. The Toa Metru first set foot on Mata Nui here, and it was where all of the Matoran were awoken from their slumber.

The location was later destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms and Mata Nui's reawakening.

Significant Locations


Ga-Kini was the temple of Water.



The Ga-Matoran were the primary residents of Ga-Wahi. They lived in the village of Ga-Koro, a village which was made mainly of seaweed and other plantations. The Ga-Matoran performed day-to-day activities such as sailing or manufacturing goods.

Rahi and Creatures

Ga-Wahi wildlife

Ga-Wahi was home to aquatic Rahi that migrated from the Matoran Universe after the Great Cataclysm. Aquatic creatures native to Aqua Magna also migrated there from the surrounding waters.


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