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Matoran Type
Element Iron
Preferred regions Regions where metal can be mined[1]
Transforms into Toa of Iron

The Fe-Matoran are the Matoran of Iron.

Abilities and Traits

All Fe-Matoran have inactive Iron powers which are activated upon becoming Toa. They do, however, possess a very minuscule amount of Elemental Iron energy, to the extent that they have more physical endurance than other types of Matoran.

One known job of the Fe-Matoran is weapon making. The Nynrah Ghosts, highly praised weapon smiths, are all Fe-Matoran. Due to their skill with metalworking, Nynrah Ghosts and other Fe-Matoran are typically found in places where metals can be mined.[1]

Physical attributes of Fe-Matoran include gray, metallic gray, gold, bronze, and burnt orange armor. Like many Matoran types, their armor colors vary by region.[2][3] They are also one of the several male Matoran types.[4]

Known Fe-Matoran

  • Zaria (transformed): Formerly; now a Toa of Iron.[5]
  • A Matoran that eventually transformed into a Toa, and was part of the Toa Cordak, later killed by Zyglak. (transformed, deceased)[6]
  • The Nynrah Ghosts[7]
    • Phantom (transformed): A Fe-Matoran who was mutated after being experimented on by his fellow Nynrah Ghosts.[8]
    • A group of Nynrah Ghosts who were executed by the Brotherhood of Makuta after sabotaging their commissioned work, the Fohrok. (revived)[9][10][11]
    • A group of rogue Nynrah Ghosts that experimented on Gaardus, all of which were later hunted down and killed by him. (revived)[12]
    • A rogue Nynrah Ghost on Stelt who secretly helped Vultraz modify his Skyfighter. This Matoran was questioned by Mazeka, who demanded information about Vultraz.[13]