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8588 Kurahk
Canister Set
Set number 8588
Subtheme Rahkshi
Release date Summer 2003
Pieces 45
MSRP $8.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8588 Kurahk is a canister set released in summer 2003, portraying a Kurahk.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Beware the rage of Kurahk!
From the exciting new direct-to-video movie BIONICLE: The Mask of Light, here come the Toa Nuva's greatest foes: the Rahkshi. These "sons of Makuta" have been unleashed on the island to find the Mask of Light and stop the coming of the Seventh Toa!
Kurahk is one of the most dangerous Rahkshi, for his power can turn the Toa Nuva against each other! His staff fills opponents with anger and makes them fight among themselves. The Toa Nuva will need all their strength to resist the rage Kurahk creates!

Set Information

The Kurahk set was released in summer 2003 as one of the six Rahkshi sets. The set consists of forty-five pieces.

By combining pieces from Kurahk with 8589 Lerahk and 8592 Turahk, one can build the Rahkshi Kaita Za. Instructions for another model that combined pieces from Kurahk and 8589 Lerahk were included in a Kabaya-associated bundle. Another model was published in the Asian LEGO magazine without instructions. This model later found itself as an Inspirational Model on the Builder's Section. Finally, a fourth model titled 'Ultra Rahkshi' was featured in a Korean LEGO magazine with instructions.

A limited edition version of the set later available at Target stores contained a Shadow Kraata.


By turning a knob in Kurahk's back, its torso will move from side to side, swinging its Staff of Anger.

Kurahk's canister is designed to have its decals peeled off to display the Rahkshi stored inside. The canister's bottom, when turned over, features six small holes that the peg in the bottom of a Kraata can fit into, so the Kraata can be displayed.

Some copies of the set included a Kurahk Mini Promo CD.


A rubber Kraata Cu, randomly chosen from one of the six main stages, was included in the set.

Some later Kurahk sets include one of the six variations of Shadow Kraata instead of the original Kraata. This limited edition set was available exclusively at Target stores.