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"Rama after Rama comes at us, eager to swat us out of the sky. I launch my discs as fast and as hard as I can, aiming carefully to knock the Rama down. I get many. Others retreat."
Takua's thoughts, Mata Nui Online Game

Bamboo Disk
Manufacturer Mata Nui Matoran
Users Mata Nui Matoran
Function Defense purposes
Status Unknown

Bamboo Disks,[citation needed] also known as Throwing Discs,[1] discs,[2][3][1] or disks,[4] were weapons created by the Matoran of Mata Nui as a defense mechanism against the Rahi.


Bamboo Disks were the primary weapon of the Matoran during the thousand-year period in which the Matoran of Metru Nui occupied Mata Nui. They were based after the Kanoka disks used on Metru Nui.[5] However, unlike the Protodermis-based Kanoka, these disks are made from Bamboo Wood, and they have no special powers.[6] Some disks had pictures of Kanohi masks inscribed onto them[7][2] to honor the patron Toa of their element,[7][2][8] although the Po-Matoran Hafu used a disk with a Kanohi Hau on it.[4] Disk-throwing championships were a popular sport,[2] and Hafu was believed to be able to throw his disk like a boomerang.[4]

Hahli throwing a disk

Disks were manufactured primarily in Le-Koro by the Le-Matoran Kumo,[6] although they were owned by Matoran all over the island.[9] Matoran trained in Disk-Throwing at the Disk Range of Le-Koro, tended by Tamaru. Here, disks were used to train in the kolhii skill of Accuracy.[6] In Po-Wahi, Takua found some Bamboo Disks that he used to fight Rahi on his quest to save the Turaga and find the six Toa Stones.[10] Disk throwing contests were held, and on the way to one, Hewkii used a disk to ensnare a Nui-Jaga that was blocking the route for him and other Matoran.[2]

Following the invention of the new form of kolhii, disk-throwing went slightly out of fashion,[citation needed] although many Matoran continued to carry disks for defense against Rahi and other tasks. Shortly before the commencement of the kolhii tournament on Mata Nui, the Ga-Matoran Hahli used Amaya's disk to knock the counterweight loose on a bridge which had been knocked out during a violent storm, restoring access to the rest of Ga-Koro.[9] She also used Disks to train in Accuracy.[6]

Example Usage

Hewkii throwing a bamboo disk

In Challenge of the Rahi, the Po-Matoran Hewkii threw his disk to trigger a trap against an attacking Nui-Jaga.

Set Information

Six versions of the black plastic disks were released, each printed with an image of one of the Kanohi masks of the Toa Mata and the name of that mask. They were available in the six promotional Matoran sets released in 2001 McDonald's Happy Meals. Pulling back and releasing the Matoran set's right arm enabled them to throw the disk.

The Power Pack released in 2001 featured a disk printed with the Kanohi Hau as well as a Hafu set containing the same action feature as above.

In 2023, 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua features a disk represented by a black circular tile piece, which can be held by the clips used for Takua's hands. Although the product description refers to "a disc-thrower accessory", the disk cannot be thrown like the original McDonald's sets.


A Bamboo Disk as seen in The Final Chronicle
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