Amana Volo Sphere

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Amana Volo Sphere
Users Matoran of Mata Nui
Function To restore health
Status Unknown
Location Anywhere Rahi with recently removed Infected Kanohi can be found
Pronunciation ah-MAH-nah VOH-loh[1]

Amana Volo Spheres are rare and powerful globes of energy that can restore health and boost strength when they are absorbed by beings. They are discharged from certain Rahi upon the removal of Infected Kanohi.[1]


The Amana Volo Sphere as it appears in BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa

During his quest for the Toa Stones, Takua received an Amana Volo Sphere from each village's Tree Keeper after returning the Koro's Vuata Maca tree to full health, in addition to those he acquired by rescuing each Turaga from their infected Rahi captors.[2]


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