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This article is about the entity. You may be looking for the Rahkshi of Heat Vision, which was marketed as "Rahkshi".

"What are you, creature? Why does the sight of you chill my soul as nothing else has since... Makuta!"
Toa Nuva Gali, Rise of the Rahkshi

Brotherhood of Makuta
Powers Kraata Powers
Tools Staffs of Power
Status Wild[1]
Location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation RAHK-shee[2][3][4]

A Rahkshi is a suit of armor, transformed from a Kraata exposed to Energized Protodermis. Another Kraata is used to animate the suit, providing it with powers.


The creation of the Rahkshi was originally influenced by Great Beings for a specific purpose in the universe.[5] Prior to their evolution, Makuta were able to channel their Antidermis in a lengthy process which produced inferior Kraata and, by extension, inferior Rahkshi. Despite their faults, the Rahkshi were utilized in the Brotherhood's army, such as when they ambushed the League of Six Kingdoms. After the Makuta's evolution into a gaseous state, they found it much easier and faster to produce higher quality Kraata.

The Brotherhood used Rahkshi as guards on the Brotherhood island of Destral, ordered to kill and destroy any intruders (though they were taught to recognize a Tablet of Transit, and to capture and escort any bearers of such a tablet). They were also utilized in most of the Brotherhood's military operations; for example, when Kojol assaulted the island of Artakha to claim the Kanohi Avohkii, he brought with him two squads of Rahkshi. These Rahkshi were later dispatched to a mission on the Southern Islands, but disappeared; Makuta Mutran later found them reduced to scraps and slime. They had been hunted down and destroyed by Tobduk, of the Order of Mata Nui, in the interests of eliminating all beings aware of Artakha's location.

At some point, Makuta Chirox encountered the sapient manifestation of Energized Protodermis while creating Rahkshi. At least one Rahkshi created at this time would go on to fight in the battle of Nynrah.

A team of Toa fought mutated Rahkshi in a land they were visiting. During this battle, one Toa was thrown down a deep pit and badly wounded; he would later become the Dark Hunter Spinner.

A number of Rahkshi fulfilled their duties and were released from the servitude of their creators. These Rahkshi wandered the Matoran Universe, lacking direction. Many "wild" Rahkshi resided in Metru Nui, under the Archives. Several took up residence in the Fikou Web. 1,001 years ago, the Toa Metru encountered Rahkshi wielding various powers, all of them territorial and hostile, while battling Krahka.

Shortly after the Great Cataclysm, all Rahkshi in Metru Nui were summoned by Makuta Teridax to distract Voporak in a massive rush. These Rahkshi were uniformly aged to dust by Voporak's personal time field.

Tahu being ambushed by Rahkshi

During the Dark Time, Teridax created six Rahkshi on Mata Nui to impede the Matoran's Search for the Seventh Toa and, nominally, to obtain the Avohkii. Three of these Rahkshi destroyed Ta-Koro, and the other three ravaged Onu-Koro. Over the course of the search, the Rahkshi clashed with the Toa Nuva several times, dealing them several grievous defeats. Though the Rahkshi were potent foes, the Toa Nuva succeeded in defeating them with the assistance of the Toa of Light, Takanuva. The Toa Nuva scrapped the parts of these Rahkshi to construct Takanuva's vehicle, the Ussanui.

A Rahkshi of Chain Lightning and several Visorak encountered Vican when he was sent to Destral. The Rahkshi recognized his Tablet of Transit and escorted him to Makuta Icarax.

When Vezon landed on Destral, sent by the Order of Mata Nui, he was immediately captured by Rahkshi, which took him to Makuta Tridax.

Many Rahkshi were stationed by the Brotherhood to guard one of the Southern Islands, which contained the pool of Antidermis from which all Makuta had sprung. Axonn and Brutaka traveled to this island with an army of Skakdi. Led by Nektann, the Skakdi battled the Rahkshi; despite initial losses, they mustered up the rage which the Rahkshi lacked and used this to win an advantage. Other Rahkshi were used extensively during the Destiny War, most notably during an assault on Nynrah and the Siege of Metru Nui. In the latter battle, the Rahkshi nearly overcame the city's defenses, but were impeded when Toa Krakua awakened the Bohrok. The Brotherhood lost this battle, and many of the Rahkshi were destroyed.

When Teridax took over the body of Mata Nui shortly afterwards, he enslaved the remaining members of the Brotherhood and forced them to mass-produce Kraata, which he then turned into Rahkshi (the Makuta themselves were destroyed). He sent many Rahkshi to Metru Nui in order to keep the Matoran in line. Some of these Rahkshi captured the Turaga from within the Archives, and imprisoned them in the Coliseum. Under the reign of "Turaga" Ahkmou, Rahkshi became order enforcers in Metru Nui. Teridax also bid a force of Rahkshi invade Odina, driving out the remaining Dark Hunters, and finally, sent a regiment to besiege Artakha. Finally, Nektann (who had pragmatically allied with Teridax) was commanded to lead a strike force of Rahkshi to Metru Nui, but the Toa Mahri repelled it.

Rahkshi legions, enhanced with stronger armor by Teridax,[6][7] were later summoned to the Southern Islands by Teridax, who planned to release them upon Bara Magna. A large number of Rahkshi of Heat Vision and Quick Healing were present in the assembled army, and Skakdi also joined their ranks. Teridax unleashed them upon the planet, and they came into conflict with the Glatorian. Though the Glatorian managed to destroy some of them, also discovering the Kraata, several warriors were killed by the Rahkshi.

The use of the Golden Armor by Tahu vaporized the Kraata of every Rahkshi during the assault on the planet, rendering them inactive. After the death of Teridax, all Rahkshi left in the universe became wild;[1] those that survived emigrated from the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna, where they scattered into the wilderness.[8]

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In a universe where the Makuta were created as agents of order and light, the Rahkshi exist as their servants and perform duties including guarding and scouting the areas of Spherus Magna.[9] The powers of the Rahkshi in this universe differ from those in the core dimension: they include Telekinesis[10][11] but not Darkness, Peace instead of Anger, and Courage instead of Fear[12][13].

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In this alternate timeline, when most of the species evacuated to Mata Nui, the Rahkshi were not allowed to come. They tried to get through to the island, and managed to kill Pohatu and Hewkii, but were eventually driven off by Tahu, Jaller, and Kopaka. 10,000 years later, Teridax managed to create for the Rahkshi shadow armor that lasted just long enough to get through the light barrier. One Rahkshi, a Panrahk, got through and was instantly killed by the Dark Hunters. This caused concern among the ruling council. When Takanuva, Tanma, and Matoro went down into Mata Nui's tunnels, they could find no sign of the Rahkshi. Right as they were about to leave, Matoro was suddenly attacked by four Rahkshi, with more coming through the barrier. Takanuva and Tanma returned to help, and the Rahkshi were defeated.[14]

The Great Spirit Makuta Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, the Makuta was created as a forty-million foot mechanical robot, and could not manipulate his internal workings to create Kraata, so he had to have servants to create Kraata for him, and by extension, Rahkshi.[15]

Abilities and Traits

To create a Rahkshi, two Kraata of the same power type are required, though level does not matter. Any one of these is put into Energized Protodermis, where it undergoes a change from organic living matter to a non-living, inorganic shell: the Rahkshi's body.[16][17] This transformation takes several months,[18][19][20] which is why Teridax only had six available to challenge the Toa Nuva.[20] The other Kraata then crawls inside the Rahkshi armor and animates it using its willpower, as Rahkshi suits are incapable of operating on their own.[21] The Rahkshi armor amplifies its Kraata's powers to the same level regardless of the Kraata's stage.[22][23] However higher stages of Kraata confer greater physical strength, speed and agility to the Rahkshi.[24]

Most Rahkshi channel their powers directly through the staffs that they carry, although some, like heat vision and heat resistance Rahkshi, do not. If a Rahkshi is not carrying its staff, its power is considerably weakened. All Rahkshi also possess the natural ability to fly.[25][26][27][28] This ability is enhanced by their staffs.[29] Even without their staffs, the Rahkshi posssess immense physical strength, where three of them have enough might to bust through a wall of an Onu-Koro tunnel.[26][30] Rahkshi have highly acute senses, which allows them to detect the shapeshifter Krahka when she is disguised, something that Toa are unable to do.[31][32] Unlike Toa, Rahkshi do not run out of power.[33]

The Rahkshi symbol

Rahkshi are naturally destructive, often going out of their way to cause as much damage as possible. When they are acting under orders, this instinct is channeled towards one objective, making them extremely dangerous. When they are not under orders, they are much less focused, making them easier to defeat. Wild Rahkshi are also very territorial, attacking anything that invades their area, even other Rahkshi. Rahkshi are uniquely connected to the Makuta who created them, and there is no evidence they will follow another Makuta's orders unless their creator wills it.[34] Notably, the wild Rahkshi in Metru Nui followed Teridax's command to fight Voporak.[35]

While regular Rahkshi armor is susceptible to light, the Rahkshi used by Teridax during the Battle of Bara Magna were upgraded with enhanced armor which was more resistant to light.[6][7]

In terms of stature, all Rahkshi stand about 8 or 9 feet tall (2.4 or 2.7 meters).[36][37]

Rahkshi Types

Below is a table indicating the color of the Rahkshi armor, Kraata and the powers that it would possess if it were in Rahkshi armor. For those Rahkshi that are multi-colored, the first color is that of their head, spine, shoulders and knees and the second is that of their hands, feet and hip.[38][39] For more in-depth information on the powers, see Kraata Powers.

Rahkshi Color Kraata Color Power Demonym
Red Reddish Gold/Bright Red Fear Turahk
Green Lemon Metallic/Bright Yellowish Green Poison Lerahk
Brown Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow Fragmentation Panrahk
Blue Sand Blue Metallic/Medium Blue Disintegration Guurahk
Black Dark Gray Metallic/Gray Hunger Vorahk
White Light Gray Metallic/White Anger Kurahk
Gold Lemon Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic Weather Control Unknown
Tan Bright Yellowish Green/Bright Yellow Elasticity Unknown
Yellow Black/Bright Orange Heat Vision Unknown[note 1]
Tan/Blue Dark Green/Brick Yellow Illusion Unknown
Blue/Green Lemon Metallic/Bright Red Teleportation Unknown
Black/Brown Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Quick Healing Unknown
Red/Orange Lemon Metallic/Dark Green Laser Vision Unknown
Blue/Silver Dark Gray Metallic/Lemon Metallic Gravity Unknown
Blue/White Bright Blue/Bright Red Electricity Unknown
Yellow/Green Black/Bright Yellow Sonics Unknown
Orange/Black Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish Green Vacuum Unknown
Tan/Red Dark Gray Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Plasma Unknown
Black/Gold Bright Orange/Black Magnetism Unknown
Aquamarine Black/Bright Red Fire Resistance Unknown
Red/Yellow Brick Yellow/Dark Green Ice Resistance Unknown
Light Purple Bright Red/Lemon Metallic Mind Reading Unknown
Blue/Gold Dark Gray Metallic/Bright Yellowish Green Shapeshifting Unknown
Black/Red Reddish Gold/Bright Yellow Darkness Unknown
Green/Brown Reddish Gold/Black Plant Control Unknown
Light Blue Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish Gold Molecular Disruption (inorganic) Unknown
Silver Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon Metallic Chain Lightning Unknown
Black/White Sand Blue Metallic/Light Gray Metallic Cyclone Unknown
Black/Green Dark Green/Lemon Metallic Density Control Unknown
Red/Gold Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright Yellow Chameleon Unknown
Blue/Purple Bright Red/Bright Blue Accuracy Unknown
Magenta Sand Yellow Metallic/Black Rahi Control Unknown
Orange Bright Yellow/Black Insect Control Unknown
Blue/Black Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic Stasis Field Unknown
Gray Black/Sand Yellow Metallic Limited Invulnerability Unknown
Purple Bright Red/Black Power Scream Unknown
Red/Silver Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow Metallic Dodge Unknown
Gray/Black Bright Yellowish Green/Dark Gray Metallic Silence Unknown
Black/Purple Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold Adaptation Unknown
Blue/Yellow Light Gray Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Slow Unknown
Gray/Green Black/Reddish Gold Confusion Unknown
Maroon Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow Metallic Sleep Unknown

Set Information

Teridax's Rahkshi in set form

The Rahkshi Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk were released as canister sets in late 2003. Each contained forty-five pieces including a unique spine and staff ends. Also among these parts was a Kraata of varying level whose power matched the power of the Rahkshi set in which it was contained. The Kraata could be removed by opening the hatchlike back armor (which could be done by striking the Rahkshi's head from above), and an axle on the back allowed the Rahkshi to swing its staff from side to side.

Later on in the year, as part of a Target promotion, Rahkshi sets containing purple stage seven Kraata, or Shadow Kraata, in place of its normal stage 1-6 Kraata were released.

A Rahkshi of Heat Vision was released in 2010 as a part of the BIONICLE Stars line. The set consists of seventeen pieces, and includes an additional piece not used on the set for the Golden Armor. This set did not include a Kraata nor did it include a space for one due to a redesigned spine piece.


"They are born of my darkness. Each one carries a part of me within their gleaming armor. They live, and they die, in my name."
— Makuta Teridax, Time Trap

"If you controlled this kind of army, then why resort to trickery to capture the Matoran? Why not just unleash these monsters on the city?"
"If I had, there would have been no city left to rule."
Toa Metru Vakama and Makuta Teridax, Time Trap

"Must I release those who should never see the light of day? Go my sons, use the shadows, and keep my brother asleep."
— Makuta Teridax, Mask of Light

"Most beings had a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant; Rahkshi smelled of cold metal and death."
Vezon's thoughts, Destiny War


  • Rahkshi are considered to be a delicacy by Muaka, which will often go out of their way to hunt them down.[42][43][44]
  • According to Greg Farshtey, Rahkshi that are not operating under direct orders are about equal in intelligence to a Hyena.[45]
Rahkshi in flight


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