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"Each Bohrok carries within it a Krana, their greatest strength. Also their greatest weakness."
Turaga Vakama, The Bohrok Awake

Comic Krana.png
Powers Controlling their wearers
granting their wearers power(s)
Status Dormant
Location Bohrok Nests
Pronunciation KRAH-nah
Set number 8559

Krana are small organic creatures that link the Bohrok or other beings to the Bohrok swarms.


Kopaka on his quest to collect the Krana
The Toa Mata with the Krana they collected

The original Krana were created by the Great Beings by exposing the remains of the process that created the first Matoran to Energized Protodermis. This procedure resulted not only in Krana, but also Zyglak.[BEU, p. 68]

The Bahrag were later taught how to create Krana on their own and were given Energized Protodermis to do so. A carving depicting the process the Bahrag used was inscribed on a tunnel above Metru Nui.

When the Bohrok first attacked Mata Nui, the Turaga of the island instructed the Toa Mata to collect a specimen of each of the eight Krana varieties from each of the six Bohrok types. The Toa then placed the forty-eight Krana into niches on the floor of a Bohrok Nest, thus opening up pathways to six Exo-Toa.

After the Bahrag were defeated and imprisoned in a Toa Seal, the Matoran dumped many Krana into deep pits, which they sealed and marked with warning signs. However, many Krana still remained in stasis in their nests.

When the Toa Nuva returned and freed the Bahrag in preparation for Mata Nui's Reawakening, the Bohrok destroyed the Krana pits and retrieved the creatures inside.[1]

Abilities and Traits

The Krana receive commands from the Bahrag and can assimilate biomechanical beings to the Bohrok swarms by latching onto their faces and controlling their minds. Krana cannot control organic beings, such as those native to Spherus Magna, as they do so by overriding their host's programming.[2] Krana can also slow down their life processes. Like the Matoran and Toa, Krana are a form of artificial intelligence.[3]

All Rahi fear and avoid Krana as they sense something about them is amiss.


There are forty-eight varieties of Krana: for each of the six breeds of Bohrok, there are eight types that each bestow a different power. Bohrok cannot serve the Bohrok swarms without a Krana, and if a Krana is ever lost it is the task of the Bohrok Va to replace it.

Krana Vu being used by Pahrak

The eight types of Krana are listed below.

Krana Power
Krana Xa Swarm Commanders

Allows its Bohrok to form complex strategic plans.

Krana Vu Surveyors

Allows its Bohrok to fly short distances.

Krana Yo Moles

Allows its Bohrok to tunnel through almost any substance on Mata Nui.

Krana Su Workers

Gives its Bohrok enhanced strength.

Krana Za Squad Leaders

Allows its Bohrok to communicate telepathically with others within the swarm. It also gives its Bohrok the ability to read the minds of other beings.

Krana Ca Clearance Workers

Allows its Bohrok to shield itself and others from attack.

Krana Ja Scouts

Allows its Bohrok to detect distant obstacles.

Krana Bo Sentinels

Allows its Bohrok to see in the dark.

A Tahnok's Krana Xa

Krana have both active and dormant states. Krana are active if they are inside an operating Bohrok or if they are attached to a being's face. When not commanding a host they go dormant, conserving energy and turning a different color. Bohrok Va do not need Krana to operate, so the Krana they bear are always in the dormant state.

Xa Vu Yo Su Za Ca Ja Bo
Tahnok Active Tahnok Krana Xa.png Tahnok Krana Vu.png Tahnok Krana Yo.png Tahnok Krana Su.png Tahnok Krana Za.png Tahnok Krana Ca.png Tahnok Krana Ja.png Tahnok Krana Bo.png
Dormant Tahva xa.gif Tahva vu.gif Tahva yo.gif Tahva su.gif Tahva za.gif Tahva ca.gif Tahva ja.gif Tahva bo.gif
Gahlok Active Gahlok Krana Xa.png Gahlok Krana Vu.png Gahlok Krana Yo.png Gahlok Krana Su.png Gahlok Krana Za.png Gahlok Krana Ca.png Gahlok Krana Ja.png Gahlok Krana Bo.png
Dormant Gahva xa.gif Gahva vu.gif Gahva yo.gif Gahva su.gif Gahva za.gif Gahva ca.gif Gahva ja.gif Gahva bo.gif
Lehvak Active Lehvak Krana Xa.png Lehvak Krana Vu.png Lehvak Krana Yo.png Lehvak Krana Su.png Lehvak Krana Za.png Lehvak Krana Ca.png Lehvak Krana Ja.png Lehvak Krana Bo.png
Dormant Lehvak Va Xa.gif Lehvak Va Vu.gif Lehvak Va Yo.gif Lehvak Va Su.gif Lehvak Va Za.gif Lehvak Va Ca.gif Lehvak Va Ja.gif Lehvak Va Bo.gif
Pahrak Active Pahrak Krana Xa.png Pahrak Krana Vu.png Pahrak Krana Yo.png Pahrak Krana Su.png Pahrak Krana Za.png Pahrak Krana Ca.png Pahrak Krana Ja.png Pahrak Krana Bo.png
Dormant Pahva xa.gif Pahva vu.gif Pahva yo.gif Pahva su.gif Pahva za.gif Pahva ca.gif Pahva ja.gif Pahva bo.gif
Nuhvok Active Nuhvok Krana Xa.png Nuhvok Krana Vu.png Nuhvok Krana Yo.png Nuhvok Krana Su.png Nuhvok Krana Za.png Nuhvok Krana Ca.png Nuhvok Krana Ja.png Nuhvok Krana Bo.png
Dormant Nuhva xa.gif Nuhva vu.gif Nuhva yo.gif Nuhva su.gif Nuhva za.gif Nuhva ca.gif Nuhva ja.gif Nuhva bo.gif
Kohrak Active Kohrak Krana Xa.png Kohrak Krana Vu.png Kohrak Krana Yo.png Kohrak Krana Su.png Kohrak Krana Za.png Kohrak Krana Ca.png Kohrak Krana Ja.png Kohrak Krana Bo.png
Dormant Kohva xa.gif Kohva vu.gif Kohva yo.gif Kohva su.gif Kohva za.gif Kohva ca.gif Kohva ja.gif Kohva bo.gif

Set Information

A Krana Xa in a Bohrok headplate

Krana were first released in early 2002 in the Bohrok and Bohrok Va sets as rubbery plastic accessories, with one random Krana appearing in each set in the color used by that particular Bohrok or Bohrok Va. Bohrok sets would fling their Krana as a defense mechanism when their eyes were pressed, while Bohrok Va would fling their Krana when their right arm was moved.

Krana were also available in the "Krana" set (set #8569), a small boxed set that included three random Krana and two random Golden Kanohi or silver Kanohi worn by the Toa Mata. While the back of the box showcased only active-colored Krana, the box also could contain dormant-colored Krana. During the latter half of 2002 the "Kanohi Nuva and Krana" set (set #8598) became available, containing three random Krana in the same colors as before as well as two random Kanohi Nuva in any of the primary colors of the six Toa Nuva.

Each Krana bears three Matoran letters on its reverse side.


Carvings of Krana Xa, Vu and Bo

"These Krana are not objects of power, like our Kanohi - they are alive!"
Kopaka, To Trap a Tahnok

"What — you — you read my thoughts, Lewa?"
"I am a Bohrok Za, a squad leader. My telepathic powers are meant to communicate with my swarm. But your thoughts are so slow and transparent that I can read them with no effort at all."
Onua and Krana-controlled Lewa, Beware the Bohrok

"I know the Krana controls your body, Lewa, but not your will. If it is so strong that it can make you harm a friend... Then go ahead -- I will not defend myself. But I know you, Lewa. I have fought beside you... and I know you are stronger than this parasite."
— Onua to Lewa, Into the Nest


  • Matoran would classify Krana as Rahi, even though they are not.


A Krana targeting a maskless Tahu
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