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"As I head back to where I started, I see a large stone face carved into the side of the cliff. I had not noticed it behind me earlier. Its large mouth appears to be a portal to somewhere, but I am unable to coax it open."
Takua's thoughts, Mata Nui Online Game

Bohrok Nest Portal
Mysterious Exit.PNG
Status Destroyed
Position Ta-Wahi Beach
Pronunciation BOH-rock

The Bohrok Nest Portal was a feature of the Ta-Wahi Beach on the island of Mata Nui.


Takua in the passageway

The stone portal was carved in the likeness of the Great Spirit's symbolic face. The portal connected to a long passageway leading to the Bohrok Nests. A transportation system could be used to travel from the Bohrok Nests to the Ta-Wahi Beach.

The wandering Av-Matoran Takua exited through this portal to escape from the awakened Bohrok Lehvak swarms by fitting Turaga Onewa's Chisel into a small mechanism in the Nest. It then created a kinetic bubble that hurled Takua onto the Ta-Wahi Beach through the 'mouth' of the carved face.

The Portal was later destroyed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms.



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