Battle for Le-Koro

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"Onward! For Le-Koro!"
Kongu, Bohrok Online Animations

Battle for Le-Koro
Animation Krana-possessed Matau and Le-Matoran.png
Conflict Bohrok and Matoran battle for control of Le-Koro
Combatants Takua, Kongu, Tamaru, Nuparu, Onepu, Taipu, and Boxors
Nuhvok, Krana controlled Le-Matoran, and Krana controlled Matau
Location Le-Wahi
Result Nuhvok defeated, Krana removed

The Battle for Le-Koro was a battle for control of the village of Le-Koro that occurred during the Bohrok invasion of the island of Mata Nui.




  • Cleanse Mata Nui of all matter


Lewa comes face to face with Le-Koro

After the Bohrok were first awakened, a squad of Bohrok attacked Le-Koro, replacing the Kanohi of most of the inhabitants with Krana. Only Tamaru and Kongu managed to escape, and went into hiding in the jungle. Nuhvok began to destroy Le-Wahi, knocking down trees and other plants, as well as anything else they came across, with the help of the Le-Matoran and Turaga Matau. When Lewa arrived at the village, he was greeted by the Matoran wearing Krana. Not wanting to hurt his own people, Lewa surrendered willingly. Onua later was sent to find Lewa, as he had not been seen for a few days. He confronted Lewa, who unwillingly attacked him. Instead of fighting, he convinced the Toa of Air to take off the Krana, as it only controlled his body and not his entire will. The two Toa then returned to their search for Krana but sent Takua with several Onu-Matoran to help the Le-Matoran with the newly-created Boxor. Takua and Nuparu met with Kongu and Tamaru and, acquainting each other with the situation, the four together created a plan in the night.

A group of Nuhvok in Le-Wahi

The next morning, Kongu and Tamaru attracted the attention of some nearby Nuhvok by hopping through the trees and taunting them in an effort to draw them out of the jungle into an clearing. After a while, the two Matoran made it out of the jungle into the clearing known as the baldland, where the Nuhvok, along with the Krana possessed villagers and Turaga Matau caught up with them. As the Bohrok prepared to launch their Krana, holes appeared underneath Matau and the Le-Matoran that Takua and the Onu-Matoran had dug earlier. While the Takua and the others freed the victims from the Krana's grasp, the Boxor vehicles emerged from the earth and engaged the Nuhvok. The Matoran finally removed the Krana from the Turaga's and Matoran's faces, and pushed the Nuhvok out of Le-Wahi.


The village celebrated by hosting a feast and festival to commemorate their triumph over the Nuhvok. Turaga Matau ended the day with a few words to remember the Toa on their quest as they headed off to face the Bahrag and defeat the Swarms.


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