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8949 Kirop
Small Set
Set number 8949
Subtheme Shadow Matoran
Release date Early 2008
Pieces 14
MSRP $5.99 (US)
3.99 (UK)
Ages 7+

Set 8949 Kirop is a small box set released in 2008 portaying Shadow Matoran Kirop.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Leader of the evil Matoran!
Once he was the leader of the Matoran in Karda Nui -- now he rules the evil Matoran who threaten their lives! Large claw blades and wings are his most formidable weapons.

*Combine with 8693 Chirox to spread darkness and fear!
*Kirop has red eyes, wings and large claw blades!
*Stands 5½" (14cm) tall!

Set Information

The set contains 14 pieces and can be combined with several of the larger 2008 figures, though images specifically depict 8693 Chirox and 8694 Krika.



Kirop wears a blended black-and-silver Noble Kanohi Shelek.[1]



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