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"Everyone's in such a hurry. Everyone except me... and all of you. We're in no rush to get where we're going, right?"
— Kalama to discarded Kanohi, Mystery of Metru Nui

Occupation Overseer of the Protodermis Reclamation Center
Kanohi Matatu
Tools Kanoka Launcher
Status Diminished
Occupation Member of the Ta-Koro Guard[1]
Kanohi Matatu[1]
Status Rebuilt
Occupation Member of the Ta-Koro Guard
Kanohi Matatu
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna

Kalama is a Ta-Matoran native to Metru Nui.


Metru Nui

On Metru Nui, Kalama worked in the Protodermis Reclamation Center in Ta-Metru. Many Matoran believed that he had been working there for too long and questioned his mental health, as he spoke to the flawed Kanohi and tools that he presided over as though they were living beings. He met Toa Vakama when the Toa was looking for Nuhrii, and informed him that Nuhrii had been there, looking for a flawed mask he had made beforehand.[2][3]

Later, like the rest of the Matoran, Kalama was placed in a Matoran Sphere by the Vahki under the orders of Makuta Teridax, disguised as Turaga Dume. The Matoran were later rescued by the Toa Metru and brought to Mata Nui where all the Matoran were awakened.[4][5]

Mata Nui

Kalama was physically shrunken and weakened due to his imprisonment in a Matoran Sphere and he also lost his memories of Metru Nui. Under Turaga Vakama's direction, he helped in construction of Ta-Koro with parts from Airships used in the Great Rescue.[6]

In Ta-Koro, Kalama joined the Ta-Koro Guard. He was well-versed in the Virtue of Duty.[7] Kalama attempted to protect the Ta-Suva against Tahnok-Kal, but was paralyzed by its electric attack, and it managed to steal Tahu's Nuva Symbol.[8] After the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal, Kalama was rebuilt into a more able form.[9]

He was later evacuated with the other Matoran just before the Rahkshi destroyed Ta-Koro.[10][11]

Return to Metru Nui

Kalama later helped in the construction of Boats to facilitate his, and the other Matoran's return to Metru Nui,[2] where they engaged in an effort to restore the ruined city. He temporarily stopped his work of reconstruction on order of Jaller, to force the Turaga to reveal where the Toa Nuva had gone, but he eventually got back to work.[12]

Later, the Great Spirit Robot was damaged heavily as a consequence of the Battle of Bara Magna, leading to Teridax's death, and the migration of all surviving Matoran of Metru Nui, including Kalama, to Spherus Magna, the planet where Mata Nui had been created.[13][14]


"Duty is one of the three virtues described to us by the Great Spirit. All Matoran have a Duty to perform, and the Guard most of all! From Duty comes the Principle."
— Kalama to Hahli, The Final Chronicle


  • Kalama is a Hawaiian name meaning "flaming torch."


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