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"Chronicler Takua... inscribe these names upon the Wall of History, as is your duty. And try to spell them correctly."
Turaga Vakama, Wall of History

Wall of History
Wall Of History.PNG
Status First: Destroyed
Second: Dismantled
Position Ta-Koro
Ta-Metru (both formerly)

The Wall of History was a wall of chronicles which stood in Ta-Koro and was later rebuilt in Metru Nui.


Mata Nui

Jaller and Takua standing in front of an exterior section of the Wall

The Wall of History was built in Ta-Koro shortly after the Bohrok-Kal's unsuccessful attempt to re-awaken the Bahrag. It contained details on every major event in the history of Mata Nui. It was updated by Takua, the Chronicler, using a special tool, the Chronicler's Staff to etch on the Wall as a carving tool. When Ta-Koro was destroyed by the Rahkshi, the Wall of History was destroyed with it.

Metru Nui

Since the appointment of Hahli as the new Chronicler upon Takua's transformation into a Toa, she had been listening to Vakama's tales of Metru Nui so that she could record them on the new Wall of History that has been erected in Metru Nui, which was open to the Matoran public. The new Wall of History was managed and updated by the new Chronicler, Kopeke, after Hahli became a Toa.

It was later damaged when as a result of the Battle of Bara Magna, when the fragment of Aqua Magna hit Metru Nui.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Kopeke had a Wall of History built in every district of the Kingdom. In the carvings, it referred to Matoro as the "Disgraced One" due his failure in reviving Mata Nui.


A section of the Wall detailing The Rebuilding
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