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10201 Takutanuva
Large Set
Set number 10201
Subtheme Makuta & Rahkshi
Release date Late-2003
Pieces 399[citation needed]
Ages 9+

Set 10201 Takutanuva is a large boxed set released in late 2003, portraying Takutanuva, the fused form of Makuta Teridax and Toa Takanuva.

Set Information

The Takutanuva set contains 399 pieces, and was first released in the fourth quarter of 2003. It is identical to 3287, except that it includes a special edition Kanohi Kraahkan.



This set comes with a special edition Kraahkan in addition to a regular metallic black Kraahkan, a gray Hau, and four Avohkii: two silver, one gold, and one transparent infused with golden glitter.


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