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"Turaga Nokama lives in the floating village of Ga-Koro. It's built out of strong, elastic seaweed, drifting in the water below the impressive white cliffs. Located in Gali's bay in the northeast region of the island, Ga-Koro is surrounded by swirling whirlpools and strong currents, which pull the unwary to the bottom of the ocean. The village floats above an underwater world of which little is known."

Status Destroyed
Inhabitants Ga-Matoran
Toa Gali
Turaga Nokama (all formerly)
Population None
Position Ga-Wahi
Pronunciation GAH-KOAR-oh

Ga-Koro was the village of Water on the island of Mata Nui and the home to the Ga-Matoran after their arrival on Mata Nui. It was deserted when the Matoran left for Metru Nui and was later destroyed by the Bohrok's reawakening.


When the Toa Metru landed on Mata Nui for the second time after rescuing the Matoran of Metru Nui out of the ravaged city, Turaga Nokama chose the landing spot as the location of the new Ga-Metru. The construction was done with the metal from Airships[1] and Matoran Spheres, as well as the native flora.[MNOG] The construction of Ga-Koro was briefly halted by an attack of a Tarakava Nui, but the Rahi was repelled, and the village completed.

After the promised year of peace, Teridax attacked Mata Nui using infected Rahi, and the Ga-Matoran and Nokama fought to defend the village for almost a thousand years. Five hundred years after the village was constructed, a giant squid destroyed part of the village, but the concerted efforts of several Ga-Matoran, especially Amaya, drove it away, and the village was repaired later.

Shortly after the arrival of the Toa Mata, Ga-Koro was attacked by an infected Tarakava, which devastated much of the village. Turaga Nokama and most of the Ga-Matoran barricaded themselves in a large hut, but were trapped undersea when the Tarakava sank the hut by destroying the pump supporting it, leaving only a pipe to communicate with the surface. Only one Ga-Matoran, Maku, escaped the attack (having been away at the time), and quickly sought help from a wandering Matoran named Takua. Travelling to the now-devastated Ga-Koro, he found the pipe and learned of their trouble through Nokama. After taking a lightstone out of Nokama's hut, he dove into the East Garden, and used the lightstone to find the gear that the Tarakava had knocked off of the pump. He quickly fixed and reactivated, bringing the hut back to the surface and freeing the Ga-Matoran.

But just as Nokama and the Ga-Matoran emerged from the hut, the Tarakava returned and struck with one of its powerful forearms.However, the blow never reached the group, for it was blocked by the newly-returned Toa Gali. Drawing the Tarakava's attention away, Gali used her Hooks and agility to protect herself from the attack, then tackled the Tarakava, causing both of them to fall into the water. The Matoran watched, hoping Gali would survive the underwater tussle with the massive lizard. Finally, the Tarakava's head breached the water, but then collapsed, as Gali stood victorious above it, holding the Rahi's infected mask.

Shortly after the Toa traveled to Kini-Nui, Ga-Koro came under siege again by huge numbers of Rahi. The village had been fortified in advance, and its military managed to hold off the attacks.

Near the end of the Bohrok Invasion, Pahrak began to threaten Ga-Koro, and Turaga Vakama sent the Ta-Koro Guard to Ga-Koro to help protect it. In addition, Takua the Chronicler brought Nuparu and a group of Boxors and Onu-Matoran to help. During a meeting between Turaga Nokama, Jala, and Takua, Kotu came in, and brought them out to greet Turaga Onewa and Po-Matoran refugees from the Attack on Po-Koro. While Nokama and Onewa talked, Hahli alerted them to a Pahrak attack on the Koro gate.

In response, Turaga Nokama sent Hahli, Kotu, and Maku to destroy the main causeway using fishing staffs. However, the Pahrak used their Stone powers to shatter the stone gate before the Ga-Matoran could finish. As the gate was blasted into rubble, a large rock flew toward Maku, whom was unable to escape. Huki urgently ran over and used Maku's fishing staff to deflect the stone, which then fell on another section of the causeway, effectively cutting off the Pahrak's path.

Just before dawn, the Pahrak struck again, using their power to blow apart Naho Falls. The resulting rubble created a bridge to the village, and the Pahrak attacked. As morning came, the efforts of the Ga-Koro Guard were not sufficient to stop the Pahrak, so Nuparu and his Boxors moved in. However, as the Boxors crossed the causeway, the Pahrak flipped over the causeway, dumping the Boxor vehicles into the water, but in the process, cut them off from the rest of the village. Meanwhile, Maku and Kotu dive into the water, and rescued the Onu-Matoran from the water.

Three Pahrak Va then walked over to a trio of Pahrak on a lily pad, and loaded Krana Vu into their headplates, granting them the ability to fly short distances. The Pahrak then flew over to the lily pad where most of the Matoran were. On another lily pad, away from the action, Jala and Takua spotted them, and searched for a way to cross. Using a bamboo pole, Jala launched Takua across the water over to the others.

Meanwhile, deep in the Bohrok Nest, the Toa Mata defeated the Bahrag, and were transformed into Toa Nuva, causing Nuva Symbols to appear above the Suva of each of the Toa, generating beams of energy that immobilized the Bohrok. The village was then rebuilt and expanded with the aid of the Krana-less Bohrok.

A short time afterward, Tahnok-Kal[C10] and Lehvak-Kal[2] attacked the village and stole Gali's Nuva Symbol which was kept there in the Ga-Suva. Eventually the Toa Nuva stopped the Bohrok-Kal and returned the Nuva Symbol to Ga-Koro.

After the Matoran were rebuilt at Kini-Nui, Ga-Koro was closed off from the mainland for a month while the Turaga met at Kini-Nui. Soon afterward, the village hosted the Ga-Koro/Onu-Koro Kolhii match, with Ga-Koro winning.

The village was abandoned with the rediscovery of Metru Nui, then later destroyed when the Bohrok were reawakened and the location wiped from existence by Mata Nui's awakening.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, a village near the Bota Magna region of Spherus Magna, which housed several Ga-Matoran, was known by the name of Ga-Koro.


A map of Ga-Koro after the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal

Ga-Koro was situated just off the shore of Naho Bay in northeastern Mata Nui, surrounded by whirlpools and strong currents that made sea travel treacherous. The village was mainly built on top of huge floating pads growing from the seabed; Harakeke plants and Bamboo could grow from these pads, and some Ga-Matoran kept floating Harakeke gardens outside their huts. The huts themselves were made from thick Seaweed,[3] and the various pads were connected by walkways made from a similar material, with one connecting to a gate on the beach. At least one hut in the village required a pump to keep it floating; if the pump stopped working, then the hut sank. Another hut had only a large, round hole in its floor, allowing one access to the fertile East Garden.

The village suffered major damage during the Bohrok invasion, and had to be rebuilt after the Swarms' defeat. This process also led to Ga-Koro being reconfigured and greatly expanded. On one end of the village, the flax-makers' homes and East Garden were located; on the reverse end were the shipyards. Both locations were connected to the Town Square by suspended bridges. The Town Square contained a meeting area for the Matoran and a garden. One lily pad walkway led to Turaga Nokama's hut, while another led in the opposite direction to the pad housing Ga-Koro's Kolhii arena and the walkway to the shore. A second stone gate was constructed at the entrance to replace the one destroyed by the Bohrok.


Ga-Koro as seen in a Mata Nui Explorer game in 2002


The Ga-Matoran inhabited Ga-Koro. Here, they constructed different wares such as Rope and Air Bladders using different materials. Ga-Matoran performed a wide variety of tasks, including flax-making, trading, and sailing. Their ability to hold their breathes for long periods of time made Ga-Koro better suited for the Matoran of Water than the other types.

Notable Former Inhabitants


Concept artwork of Ga-Koro
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