Rebellion Against the Toa Empire

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"Tuyet's had her way for too long. It's time to take her down."
Toa Mata Pohatu, Dark Mirror

Rebellion Against the Toa Empire
Conflict The Rebellion of the Toa Empire Alternate Universe attempts to overthrow Tuyet, while Takanuva hunts for the Kanohi Olmak
Combatants Rebellion against Tuyet
Tuyet's Empire
Location Alternate Coliseum
Result Death of Tuyet, victory for the rebellion, Takanuva escapes to Karda Nui

The Rebellion Against the Toa Empire was the final battle in the Toa Empire Alternate Universe against Toa Mangai Tuyet's dictatorial regime and was Takanuva's chance to escape to Karda Nui.



  • Defeat Tuyet and end the Toa Empire's rule.


Toa Empire

  • Withstand and defeat the rebellion, kill Takanuva, and restore order.


The battle began when Takanuva blinded the Coliseum guards with Shadow while Lesovikk moved his force forward. Pohatu and the Makuta began the attack as well, overrunning the first wave of guards. However, reinforcements arrived, killing Takua and Kojol and forcing Teridax to retreat. Everywhere, Toa guards and the rebellion fought in hand to hand combat, from Gali and Primal to Lewa and Teridax.

After Lesovikk killed Kopaka, Takanuva and Darkness entered the Coliseum to find the Hall of Masks. However, Tuyet appeared, the Olmak in her hand, and drowned Darkness. Takanuva then attacked her in the name of the people whose lives Tuyet had ruined, but was blown through half a dozen walls by Tuyet's tidal waves. Tuyet had defeated Takanuva with the power of the Nui Stone, but as she was about to finish him off, she saw hordes of armed Matoran, Vortixx, and other beings advancing on her kingdom. She donned the Olmak, hoping to find a new universe to rule or take aid from, and activated the portal. Takanuva then leaped upon her, entering the vortex and grabbing the mask. When Tuyet attempted to follow him, she was overcome with so much rage that she failed to notice the closing portal. It closed around her, slicing her in half and killing her.


Takanuva, after a long journey, finally made it to Karda Nui, bearing valuable information that could save the Toa Nuva.



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