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"Enter the world of BIONICLE, where the heroic Toa battle the mighty Makuta to decide the fate of Mata Nui."
— Back Cover

The Official Guide to BIONICLE
Series Guides
Author Greg Farshtey
Publisher Scholastic
Puffin Books
ISBN 0-439-50115-6
ISBN 0-141-31735-3

The Official Guide to BIONICLE is a guide book, released in August 2003.


The guide is the definitive reference book for all early BIONICLE material and showcases every primary character in their CGI-rendered form from the Toa Mata to the Rahkshi and hints of things to come.

Featured inside are full-page profiles of many characters, including not only their history, details and origins, but also a pronunciation guide. Also included is a short dictionary of Treespeak and a guide to the Matoran Alphabet.

In addition to profiles, most sections are prefaced with a brief segue explaining how the next section fits into the story. For example, the Bohrok section is prefaced by an explanation of how, after the Rahi were defeated, the Bohrok were unleashed by Teridax. In this way, the book advances the story while showcasing the details of each character.

At the bottom of certain pages in the book, there were seven notes in Matoran lettering giving clues to where the Toa of Light would reveal himself. This was part of a contest promoting the movie, BIONICLE: Mask of Light.



"To the LEGO Company, for creating an amazing universe and letting me play in it"
— Greg Farshtey


  • The first four BIONICLE Chronicles books and The Official Guide to BIONICLE were the only BIONICLE books officially translated into Hungarian.
  • The Mask of Light novelization and The Official Guide to BIONICLE were the only BIONICLE books officially translated into Danish, despite LEGO being a Danish company.
  • In the book, Pahrak Va's entry erroneously shows the image of Lehvak Va.
  • There are at least two different English editions of the book - The book was originally published by Scholastic in the USA as ISBN 0-439-50115-6, and was republished by Puffin Books in the UK as ISBN 0-141-31735-3. The two versions feature different pronounciations for Onewa, Kongu, Panrahk, Bohrok, and the six Bohrok breeds. With the exception of Onewa and Bohrok, who received new pronounciations once more, the pronounciations of the former version are also found in BIONICLE: Encyclopedia and BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated. Some other pronounciations were also altered in BIONICLE: Encyclopedia.
  • The pronounciation for Vorahk was changed from "VOH-rahk" to "VOH-rock" in BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated. This was likely due to Vorahk being absent in the original BIONICLE: Encyclopedia.