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Characters in the BIONICLE storyline use an array of Vehicles to transport themselves and Objects to and from various Locations.

Bara Magna

The Agori and other inhabitants of Spherus Magna possessed fairly complicated vehicles, some a result of the technology afforded to them by the Great Beings. Many were adapted for combat related tasks for the Core War, although the Shattering destroyed a large number of their vehicles. The surviving residents, most of them on the planet that became Bara Magna, managed to salvage some vehicles, and the machines were later put into use in Arena Matches. The disaster stripped them of their ability to create new things, but they kept their vehicles running by patching together things from other vehicles.

Even though engineered transport is possible, the inhabitants prefer to use animal transports, due to the fact that vehicles need maintenance from the toll that the desert sands take on them, and they cannot always stop to repair them, especially during the night.

Matoran Universe

As with many aspects of the Matoran Universe, most early transportation was made by the Great Beings. They also created the Matoran and other species with knowledge enough to understand this machinery and develop their own. Some species have a natural inclining into this work, like the Matoran and the Vortixx.

The majority of vehicles in the Matoran Universe use mechanical legs or alternative means of propulsion, instead of wheels. Wheels and gears were seen to be use on the Southern Continent, and have also been used on other vehicles like the Destral Cycle.

Due to the need to travel between islands, the Matoran Universe residents also developed a variety of different boats and seacraft, ranging from single, manned vehicles to barges for item transport.

Metru Nui

  • Airship - Flying transports used for shipping
  • Archives Transport Cart - Small transports used in the Archives
  • Chutes - Fast transports found throughout Metru Nui and on the seafloor between the city and other locations
  • Cargo Hauler - Miniaturized airships, used to transport cargo.
  • Cargo Loader - Small transports used to move cargo
  • Moto-Sled - A test vehicle that could hover above the ground and move at great speeds, invented by Nuparu as a replacement for the Ussal crab. Matau crashed a Moto-Sled after it began falling apart on the Test Track just before he was handed a Toa Stone by Lhikan.
  • Vahki Transport - Large vehicles used by the Vahki to transport large Rahi and other things

Karda Nui


Aqua Magna

When the Turaga and Matoran of Metru Nui migrated to the surface of Aqua Magna, they brought with them few vehicles from the Matoran Universe. The Matoran used their knowledge of machinery in order to engineer new vehicles that could better help them thrive in their new environment. The Matoran also made use of the planet's native inhabitant creatures and Rahi that followed the Matoran's migration.

When the Piraka arrived on Voya Nui, they brought with them and developed there some forms of transportation, such as lavaboards and specially-outfitted Lava Crawlers. In Mahri Nui, the Matoran had more access to the necessary resources and were able construct far more transports such as submarines, and were also able to tame some underwater Rahi, like the Stinger Whale.

Mata Nui

Voya Nui and Mahri Nui

  • Lavacraft - Crafts used by the Matoran to travel on lava rivers and protected by the lava-resistant scales of the Lava Hawk
  • Mini-Sub - A vehicle stored within the Toa Terrain Crawler
  • Sea Sled - A sled used by Toa Lesovikk
  • Defilak's Submarine - An underwater craft used by the Matoran of Mahri Nui for exploration

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