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"Now, centuries later, I lead hundreds of Dark Hunters scattered throughout the known universe. From my fortress, I assign them their missions, house the treasure they collect, and enforce our laws. Disobedience is met with extermination. Treachery is met with far worse... for traitors are not granted the mercy of death."
— The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters

Shadowed One
The Shadowed One.png
Dark Hunter
Powers Disintegration eyebeams
Madness Rhotuka
Tools Staff of Protodermis
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Set number K8761

The Shadowed One is the charismatic leader and co-founder of the powerful mercenary faction known as the Dark Hunters. On his home island, he was a member of Ancient's species.


Early life

The Shadowed One

Much of the Shadowed One's early life is shrouded in mystery. He and his fellow Dark Hunter co-founder, Ancient, originated from the same island: a bleak, icy realm. A great deal of his early life was spent performing tasks that neither the Brotherhood of Makuta nor Matoran would take upon themselves to do. At the end of a civil war in their homeland, the Shadowed One met with Ancient, and together they came up with the idea of creating a band of mercenaries for hire: the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters

Journeying together, the Shadowed One and Ancient discovered the island of Odina, where they seeded the base of their new organization. He began a tome chronicling the histories and profiles of many of the beings he recruited into the Dark Hunters.

During an experiment to produce more effective Dark Hunters, the Shadowed One created the being Sentrakh, who has served as his bodyguard ever since. Some time after this, he had several operatives sneak into Metru Nui and steal the Staff of Artakha, which he later gave to the Vortixx as payment for some weapons.

Desiring a live trophy to display in his chamber as a show of power, the Shadowed One organized an operation to acquire a Toa of Psionics, his captive of choice. Triglax, along with Lurker and Gatherer, succeeded in luring Psionics Toa Varian and Fire Toa Norik into a trap, and the two were brought back to Odina. The Shadowed One allowed Varian to spare either Norik or Triglax, who had disguised himself as a Toa in order to gain their trust. Varian chose Norik, and the Shadowed One had him taken off the island. He then maliciously revealed the deception to her, and placed her in a Stasis Tube as his trophy.

The Shadowed One was present when the Piraka were inducted into his organization, annihilating another member for letting slip the location of the Makoki Stone. He personally welcomed Hakann and Vezok, testing their lack of morals. The Shadowed One was later informed of their planned rebellion, but allowed the plot to go through. After they had penetrated his fortress, he used his power over the architecture to lead the rebels into a winding maze, eventually depositing them in his chamber. Intending to punish them for their betrayal, the Shadowed One lashed out at Zaktan with his eyebeams. However, instead of killing him, the beams split Zaktan into billions of Protodites, something even the Shadowed One was not expecting. He let the rebels live, issuing only a warning to them.

The Shadowed One later sent Avak, Vezok, and Reidak to Metru Nui to release the Kanohi Dragon in an attempt to force the city to accept the Hunters as its protectors. However, Turaga Dume refused to let them use the city as a base, instead calling a team of Toa as reinforcements. Having lost this chance to take the city, the Shadowed One soon became obsessed with conquering it, launching several attempts to secure a base there. After a failed kidnapping attempt of Dume, the leader of the Hunters launched a full scale invasion, inciting the Toa-Dark Hunter War.

The war raged for several weeks, with no clear victor on either side. Having already sent out most of his available operatives, the Shadowed One knew that he needed to end the war soon. He got his chance when an embittered Toa of Air, Nidhiki, offered to betray his fellow Toa in exchange for rule of the city. Though the Shadowed One never intended to let him have this, he let the deal proceed. Neither side got to keep their agreement in the end, as the Toa's leader discovered the treachery, and agreed to let the Dark Hunters leave the city safely, in exchange for the Makoki Stone. The Hunters left, and the war ended. However, the Shadowed One was not content to leave the Makoki Stone in the hands of the Toa and had it stolen back six months later, breaking it into six pieces and auctioning them off.

He was soon confronted by Nidhiki, whom the Shadowed One knew had a problem with a fellow member named Krekka. Knowing that the Toa of Air was a potential problem given his history as a traitor, the Shadowed One partnered them up, knowing Krekka's blind loyalty and stupidity would keep Nidhiki in check. At some point, he assigned them and Lariska to steal a prototype Zamor Launcher, which they successfully managed to do. Soon after that, he was approached by Roodaka, who wanted training without actually joining the organization. Initially refusing, the Shadowed One soon saw an opportunity when she informed him that Nidhiki was attempting to leave, and granted her training on the condition that she mutate Nidhiki, forcing him to remain in the organization.

War with the Brotherhood

Several thousand years later, the Shadowed One hired out Nidhiki, Krekka, and Eliminator on Makuta Teridax's request. However, Nidhiki and Krekka never returned from their mission, prompting the Shadowed One to leave with his most trusted operative, Sentrakh, in a search for them, believing a Toa had killed them. Leaving Lariska in charge, he, Sentrakh, and Voporak departed for Metru Nui. At one of the Sea Gates, the Shadowed One found the Toa Mangai of Earth's Kanohi Kakama and remarked on the futility of the Toa's life.

Voporak soon found the Vahi, and returned to the Shadowed One to hand it over. While searching Metru Nui, the Shadowed One and Sentrakh saw Toa Vakama conversing with a Visorak. Confused by the strange behavior, the Shadowed One realized that Teridax had constructed an illusion, and trapped the Toa inside. The Shadowed One was soon confronted by Teridax, who began bargaining for the Vahi, but Vakama helped the Shadowed One realize that Teridax was responsible for the death of his two Hunters. In the ensuing battle, the Shadowed One managed to pierce Teridax's armor with his eyebeams, and disintegrated his wings. However, Vakama swooped in on his Disk Launcher's jetpack function and stole the Vahi, which the Shadowed One responded to by damaging the jetpack beyond repair with his eye beams. Teridax, after knocking Voporak out, threw the leader of the Dark Hunters onto Voporak's prone figure, causing the Shadowed One to age three thousand years in mere seconds. Their fight over, Teridax left to retrieve the Vahi from Vakama. The Shadowed One declared vengeance, and a millennium-long war began between the Hunters and the Brotherhood.

Promotional artwork of The Shadowed One

One thousand years after that, the Piraka defected from his organization, prompting the Shadowed One to send operatives to find them. He also learned of Toa Takanuva's defeat of Makuta Teridax, and developed a respect for the Toa of Light as he defeated Teridax when the Shadowed One himself could not. After receiving a message from Hakann, the Shadowed One entered Vezon into his tome of Dark Hunters, but later ripped out the entry and burned it when Vezon did not return to him with the Kanohi Ignika. The Shadowed One also sent operatives to the Piraka's homeland of Zakaz, though they were eventually killed.

The Shadowed One greeted the Toa Nuva as they came to his fortress seeking the Staff of Artakha. He informed the Toa that he had sold the Staff long ago to the Vortixx, and told them where it was located in exchange for them doing him a favor, which was to eliminate Roodaka, as he had found out that she had been dealing with both sides of the Brotherhood and Dark Hunter war. However, Pohatu used his power to cause the fortress to crumble after they left for Xia, causing some damage to several members, as well as angering the Shadowed One. The Dark Hunter leader quickly gathered his forces, and set them at work building a new one. Soon after that, he was approached anonymously by a mysterious organization, who requested a member willing to join a suicide mission against the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Shadowed One lent them one of his best operatives: Lariska.

The Shadowed One remained on Odina, overseeing the repairs to the fortress, debating on how best to continue the war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. Later, Ancient approached him, and requested that he assist the Order of Mata Nui. The Shadowed One agreed, and organized a fleet of ships. He and his army made their way to Xia, ready to destroy the island to ensure that the Vortixx did not provide any more weapons for the Brotherhood. Upon arriving, he was confronted by Iruini, who used his Kualsi to teleport onto the Shadowed One's vessel, only to find himself surrounded by Dark Hunters.

Just after Iruini arrived, Toa Helryx, the leader of the Order, appeared on the Shadowed One's ship as well, and overheard him telling Iruini that, though he was told to occupy Xia, he intended to destroy it. Helryx then created a tidal wave large enough to destroy the entire fleet, and, after a brief discussion, convinced the Shadowed One to follow her orders as she gave them.

The Shadowed One gathered his Hunters to Xia as their new base of operations. While waiting on the island, the Shadowed One grew bored, and decided to explore the factories of Xia. He found a Vortixx trying to excavate a hole, and offered his help. When the Vortixx refused desperately, The Shadowed One gagged him and began continuing the work. He eventually unearthed a small metal box with a Brotherhood of Makuta insignia on it. He opened the crate, and discovered that it contained several viruses which Makuta Kojol had brought to Xia many years ago. The Shadowed One then killed the Vortixx. Ancient soon approached the Shadowed One, inquiring of his work. The Shadowed One informed the Dark Hunter of what he had found and planned on doing, then killed his old ally to keep the secret.

Upon returning to the main factory, the Shadowed One was confronted by Kalmah, Ehlek and Mantax. The Barraki suggested an alliance between the two factions, for which the Shadowed One demanded something in return. The Barraki informed him that they knew of the virus he had discovered, and that they had the knowledge of how to use it. The Shadowed One, sensing a beneficial alliance, agreed to meet with their leader, Pridak, in Karzahni. They formed an alliance, and made a plan to remove Teridax from power. However, a loose virus struck Xia, shattering and killing many Vortixx, and the Shadowed One disappeared.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax was killed in the Battle of Bara Magna and the Matoran Universe was damaged beyond repair, the Shadowed One survived the incident and immigrated to Spherus Magna.[OGDi: Apr 4 2010, 12:11 PM][OGDi: Apr 7 2010, 01:19 PM] After that, he began forming a new army around the remnants of the Dark Hunters and villainy from the new planet, including Bone Hunters, the Skrall, and others, waiting until the right moment to strike. He also retained the viruses that he had intended to use against Teridax, with an eye at using them as a secret weapon.[1]

Alternate Universes

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, the Toa Empire invaded Odina, but the Shadowed One managed to escape with help from Toa Naho. He then went into hiding. His staff, however, is held in the Archives as a trophy.

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

The Shadowed One was one of the survivors of Mata Nui's death in this alternate universe. After they all moved to the island of Mata Nui, the Shadowed One became a part of the ruling council of the newly founded Kingdom of the Great Spirit.

Abilities and Traits

The Shadowed One is a very charismatic leader, but also arrogant and sadistic. He is also a very proud being, and refuses to let his honor be slandered by his enemies. He enjoys pairing foes or very different Dark Hunters together, both for character building and his personal fun. Often he will resort to lies and foul play to ensure various agents remain in his organization. He has also, over the course of his tenure as leader of the Dark Hunters, dealt effectively with numerous threats to his rule.

In addition to formidable strength and talent as an assassin, the Shadowed One has a variety of powers which include disintegration eye beams. His Rhotuka induce a temporary madness within targets.

As a result of being thrown onto Voporak, the Shadowed One has unnaturally aged several thousand years, though his skills have not diminished.


The Shadowed One possesses a powerful tool known as the Staff of Protodermis that creates solid, crystalline Protodermis. The staff also has a built in Rhotuka Launcher.

Set Information

The Shadowed One as a set

The Shadowed One can be built with parts from the Roodaka and Keetongu sets of 2005, using instructions in the back of Roodaka's instruction booklet. His Rhotuka launcher is found on his staff and is to be used with the silver Rhotuka spinner from the Roodaka set. An offer in the March–April 2006 issue of LEGO Magazine sold the Roodaka and Keetongu sets together as "K8761 The Shadowed One" for a bargain price.


"I dislike a traitor, but I despise an incompetent one. So a word to the wise: If you ever harbor any ideas of betrayal... don't let me catch you."
— The Shadowed One, Legacy of Evil

"Understand this, scribbler — I am second to no one! Least of all that scheming, arrogant, walking scrap of shadow...."
— The Shadowed One to the Recorder, Time Trap

"Respect is born from fear... obedience as well. And so fear must be restored in the hearts of those who would stand against us."
— The Shadowed One, Time Trap

"Do you know what this is? A Kanohi mask — one of the most valuable possessions of a Toa. It no doubt belonged to some brave hero who ventured here from Metru Nui, looking to close this gate, thinking he was doing what was best for his city. He succeeded, but only after a great battle, and finally succumbed to his injuries. Only his mask was left behind. Did he find a hero's grave in these waters, do you think? Or just a final resting place in the mud for a fool?"
— The Shadowed One to Sentrakh, Time Trap

"My name is The Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters. Standing beside me is my loyal lieutenant, Ancient. Standing in front of me is a very foolish Toa if he thinks he can get between me and my goal."
— The Shadowed One to Toa Hagah Iruini, Dwellers In Darkness

"I? I am the humble administrator of Xia, a mere servant of the people. Nothing more."
"You are a lying, treacherous sack of Doom Viper breath. But you are also very thorough. Oh yes, we've heard all about you and your organization since our release from captivity. If that virus is on Xia, you have it.
— The Shadowed One and Kalmah, Destiny War


  • Greg Farshtey had chosen a real name for the Shadowed One, but had no plans to reveal it, for he did not want to experience a similar amount of fan backlash to that he received when he revealed Teridax's name. In-story, only Ancient knew the Shadowed One's true name.


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