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"This is a record of the Brotherhood of Makuta. One of the most powerful and benevolent organizations in the universe. Entries on all their members, the locations of their fortresses, everything, all scratched on this stone."
Vezok, Legacy of Evil

Makoki Stone
Makoki Stones Assembled.png
Manufacturer Toa
Users Toa Hagah/Rahaga
Toa Hordika
Toa Mata (all formerly)
Function Record information
Act as a key
Status Intact
Location Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation mah-KOH-kee

The Makoki Stone is a tablet detailing information about the Brotherhood of Makuta which was broken into six pieces and later functioned as keys.


The Toa Hordika using the Stones to obtain the Avohkii

The Makoki Stone was carved by Toa who did not trust the Brotherhood. The Toa recorded detailed information on the Brotherhood of Makuta, and set the stone to be guarded in a Toa Fortress. As a rookie Toa, Lhikan came to join the team that guarded the fortress.

7,000 years ago, the Dark Hunters planned to sneak into the fortress and steal the stone. Hakann gleaned this information from a Dark Hunter assigned to the task. While the fortress was besieged by Frostelus, Hakann and Vezok stole the stone. Vezok discovered the inscription, but kept this secret to himself. Ancient found the two Skakdi and took the stone when he recruited them into the Dark Hunters. As the Frostelus prevailed, Lhikan was ordered by his team leader to take the stone and flee the fortress, but he could not locate it.

During the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Hakann offered the Makoki Stone to Lhikan as a ransom for Dark Hunters taken captive by the Toa. Lhikan agreed to honor the lives of his fellow Toa. Six months after the prisoners' liberation, the Shadowed One stole the stone back. He then broke it into six pieces and auctioned them off, one piece at a time. The Brotherhood of Makuta was the highest bidder for all six.[2]

The Makoki Stones assembled in the Kaita hemispheres

1,300 years ago, the Toa Hagah stole the pieces of the Makoki Stone from a Brotherhood fortress on the same raid during which they stole the Kanohi Avohkii.[3] When they arrived on Metru Nui, the Rahaga hid one Makoki Stone in each metru. During the Great Rescue, the Rahaga sent the Toa Hordika to collect the pieces of the Makoki Stone. Once they had done so, they used the stones to unlock the hiding place of the Avohkii.[TSftMoL]

After the Great Rescue, the Toa Hordika, now Turaga, brought the stones to Mata Nui.[citation needed] When the Toa Mata brought the Makoki Stones to the Suva Kaita, the stones formed into a glowing sphere and unlocked the road to Mangaia. Once they had arrived in Mangaia, the Toa Mata recollected the Stones. They then placed three each in two niches to form demi-spheres, which opened chambers in which the Toa formed Toa Kaita.[]

When the Matoran migrated back to Metru Nui, and later to Spherus Magna, they brought the Makoki Stone with them.[1]

Makoki Stone Pieces

Below are the individual Makoki Stone pieces, and the respective Toa that collected them during their adventures.

Stone TSFTMOL Makoki 1.png TSFTMOL Makoki 2.png TSFTMOL Makoki 3.png TSFTMOL Makoki 4.png TSFTMOL Makoki 5.png TSFTMOL Makoki 6.png
Toa Hordika Nokama Vakama Whenua Nuju Onewa Matau
Toa Mata Lewa Pohatu Onua Tahu Kopaka Gali


The Makoki Stones being assembled
  • In the Matoran language, "Makoki" means "Key".[4]
  • In several visual representations, the names of the Toa Mata are written on the six pieces. For example, the inside of the cover of the EP in the Power Pack featured the names written in Matoran on the Stones.


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