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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Kewa Bird Riding

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Kewa Bird Riding
Kewa Riding.png
Matoran Game
Equipment Kewa
Volo Lutu Launcher
Location Le-Wahi (formerly)
Pronunciation Kee-wah

Kewa Bird Riding is the village game of Le-Koro. In the game, the players ride the small Kewa birds. Each player is equipped with a Volo Lutu Launcher and a supply of Madu fruit. The goal of the game is to score the most hits on another player by throwing Madu at them. Once a player is knocked from his Kewa, he is out of the game. Thrown Madu can be avoided by using the Volo Lutu Launcher to pull oneself out of the way.

Storyline Information

When traveling through Le-Koro on his quest for the Toa Stones, Takua had to face the champions in a game of Kewa Bird Riding.

Game Information

Kewa Bird Riding is one of the mini-games in the BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa video game. The right and left arrows control your sideways movement, and the A button makes your Kewa flap his wings and fly upward. The Volo Lutu launcher is controlled by the D-pad and the L button, and the B button throws a Madu fruit.




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