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"The Vahki gathered at the newly made gap in the rail and looked down. There were no signs of Toa or any wreckage of their vehicle. All that could be seen were the waves, beating against the bridge supports as if they hoped to bring them down."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

Silver Sea
Status Nonexistent
Position In all of the Matoran Universe (formerly)

The Silver Sea is an ocean of impure Liquid Protodermis which encompasses most of the Matoran Universe.


Liquid Protodermis was drawn from the sea, purified, and sent to parts of the city of Metru Nui (mainly Ga-Metru) where it was made into metal and used to create masks, disks, and other objects.

3,000 years ago, during the Toa-Dark Hunter War, the Dark Hunters' ally, Tyrant, was soundly defeated by a contingent of Toa. He disappeared beneath the waves of the Silver Sea and was not seen again.

1,001 years ago, during Toa Metru Vakama's fight against Makuta Teridax, the Kanohi Vahi was knocked into the Silver Sea. Due to its extended exposure to the sea, the Vahi rusted orange and began leaking Time energy. After finding a safe island paradise for the Matoran, the Toa Metru sailed to Metru Nui on the Lhikan II before being mutated into Toa Hordika.

Around the time of the Great Rescue, the Shadowed One threw a Kanohi Kakama which had belonged to a deceased Toa Mangai, into the Silver Sea. Also at this time, Vakama retrieved the Kanohi Vahi and repaired it. However, he was ambushed by Voporak, who took the mask and left him to drown in the sea. Makuta Teridax rescued him and placed him in an illusion.

The Kanohi Kraahkan was tossed into the Silver Sea by Reidak and later retrieved by Makuta Icarax.

While flying from Artidax to Daxia, Makuta Miserix became frustrated with Vezon and threw the madbeing off his back and into the Silver Sea. He was soon retrieved.

The Silver Sea surrounding the city of Metru Nui was occupied by a Brotherhood of Makuta fleet, in hopes of besieging the city. The fleet was later destroyed by a storm that ravaged the army after the Great Spirit Robot was awoken.

After Teridax's death and mass evacuation of the Matoran Universe, the Silver Sea ceased to exist, pouring onto the sand of Spherus Magna.


The Silver Sea has a silver-like appearance, from which its name is derived. During the Great Cataclysm, water from Aqua Magna diluted it slightly.[citation needed] The sea around Metru Nui is part of the city's defense mechanism against naval attacks, which creates huge hexagonal pillars of protodermis to capsize enemy ships.[1][2][3]


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