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"I was grim and serious a lot of the time running the force - but Toa Lewa Nuva taught me that sometimes a little humor helps keep things in perspective."
Toa Mahri Kongu, Prisoners of the Pit

LoMN Matoran Kongu with Nidhiki and Krekka.PNG
Occupation Chute Station Attendant
Kanohi Ruru
Status Diminished
Pronunciation KON-goo[1]
Comic Toa Kongu Inika.PNG
Toa Inika of Air
Affiliation Toa Inika
Kanohi Great Suletu
Tools Laser Crossbow
Zamor Launcher
Status Transformed into a Toa Mahri
Pronunciation KON-goo[1]
Set number 8731
Comic9 kongu.PNG
Toa Mahri of Air
Affiliation Toa Mahri
Kanohi Great Zatth
Tools Melee weapon (formerly)
Two Cordak Blasters
Weapon acquired on Metru Nui[OGDi]
Status Alive
Location Aqua Magna
Pronunciation KON-goo[1]
Set number 8910
Comic Matoran Kongu.PNG
Occupation Captain of the Gukko Force
Right hand of Matau
Kanohi Miru
Status Rebuilt
Pronunciation KON-goo[1]
Set number 1392
Occupation Captain of the Gukko Force
Right hand of Matau
Kolhii player
Kanohi Miru
Status Transformed into a Toa Inika
Pronunciation KON-goo[1]

Kongu is the steely yet fun-loving Toa Mahri of Air and the former Toa Inika of Air. Kongu began life as a Le-Matoran from Metru Nui. On Mata Nui, Kongu became the Captain of the Gukko Force and right hand Matoran of Turaga Matau. Under Jaller's leadership, Kongu and four other Matoran journeyed to Voya Nui, where they transformed into Toa.



Metru Nui

On Metru Nui, Kongu worked as a Chute monitor on the edge of Le-Metru.

Approximately 3,500 years ago, he stumbled upon the body of a Le-Matoran murdered by Tuyet while he was rushing to the Chute Station, and reported his discovery.

1,001 years ago, Nidhiki and Krekka threatened Kongu in his chute station, ordering him to change the direction of a Chute which three of the Toa Metru were in. Kongu had no choice but to comply and revert it. A short time later, by order of Turaga Dume (secretly Makuta Teridax in disguise), Kongu was put in a Matoran Sphere. Kongu was eventually awakened by the new Turaga of Mata Nui.

Mata Nui

Kongu's appearance after being forced into a Matoran Sphere

Kongu became smaller and weaker physically as a result his imprisonment in a Matoran Sphere. He also forgot memories of life on Metru Nui and his Ruru was replaced with a Miru. Despite this, Kongu worked with the other Le-Matoran in the construction of Le-Koro, under Matau's instruction, taking the required material from melted-down pieces from Airships in which the Toa Metru arrived on Mata Nui with the Matoran.[2] During the time of the Rahi attacks from Teridax, Kongu became an expert bird wrangler and was appointed captain of the Gukko Force and the right hand Matoran of Turaga Matau. The Toa Mata eventually arrived on the island, and Kongu grew to know Lewa, the Toa of Air. Kongu later asked the Toa Mata to attend a Disk throwing tournament. Kopaka declined the invitation, but Lewa said that the Toa would be there, and chastised Kopaka for forgetting why they were on Mata Nui. Kongu, Onepu, Jaller, Macku, Hewkii, and Matoro soon encountered a Nui-Jaga on their way to the tournament. Kongu came up with and idea on how to capture it, and working together, they managed to trap the Rahi. The six then merged into a Matoran Nui and hurled the Nui-Jaga away.

Shortly after the tournament, Kongu had Takua as a second on his Kahu bird during a charge into the Nui-Rama Hive to save several Le-Matoran and Taipu, who had been taken by the Nui-Rama. Kongu flew into the hive while Takua shot Bamboo Disks at the Nui-Rama onslaught. But once in, they were trapped with the others by an infected Toa Lewa. Onua came in and fought Lewa, eventually removing his infected mask and saving the Matoran. Later, Kongu led the Gukko Force to the aid of the Chronicler's Company who were fighting at the Kini-Nui.

Bohrok Invasion
Kongu during the Bohrok Invasion

During the time of the Bohrok, Kongu and Tamaru were the only two Matoran who managed to escape the Le-Koro Bohrok attack. All of the other Le-Matoran were slaves of the swarm. Once again, the last of Le-Koro teamed up with Takua. Consulting Nuparu, an Engineer from Onu-Koro who had brought along his new Boxor machines, they devised a plan.

Kongu after being rebuilt

Kongu and Tamaru led some of the enslaved Le-Matoran on a chase, with the Nuhvok tearing up trees. Eventually they led the Le-Matoran and Turaga Matau out into open land. And then, from the ground, Matoran attacked. Boxors emerged and Takua ripped the Krana from Matau's face. With all of the Krana gone, the village was saved.

After the Bohrok-Kal were defeated, Kongu was rebuilt into a stronger form and Turaga Matau chose Kongu to be Le-Koro's forward for the island-wide Kolhii Tournament, but he and Tamaru did not make it to the Championship.

He helped in the construction of Boats to facilitate his, and the other Matoran's return to Metru Nui.

Return to Metru Nui

Once they arrived to Metru Nui, Kongu helped with the reconstruction work. However, he was invited to be a part of a group consisting of Jaller, Hahli, Matoro, Hewkii, and Nuparu to help find the Toa Nuva, who Jaller learned had departed to Voya Nui to search for the Mask of Life but no news had returned. The six Matoran, accompanied by Takanuva, traveled through underwater Chutes until they arrived at the south of a land bridge where they walked through. As they walked, they soon encountered a tunnel of sorts, which swallowed all light. After passing through the tunnel of darkness, the group soon found themselves before a stone arch. There, Hewkii discovered a Kanohi Suletu, of which he pried out of the ground. After wandering, Takanuva discovered that there were Matoran beyond the arch, and alerted the Matoran. The Matoran quickly entered the arch, although soon found that Takanuva could not enter and neither could they exit. After a long farewell, the Matoran continued onwards whilst Takanuva returned to Metru Nui.

The Matoran soon found themselves facing an enormous cliff, which they scaled. To their dismay, however, they found themselves facing Manas on the top of the cliff. A shy Matoran whom the group had been following stopped, and beckoned the group forwards. Leaving the Manas behind, the group soon found themselves in the realm of Karzahni. The Matoran decided to retreat, but the Manas barred the way, trapping them in Karzahni. Soon, they were before the ruler of the realm, Karzahni himself, who announced their capture and ordered them to take off their masks. He then made them wear new masks, but Kongu rejected his offered mask and wore the Suletu that they had found earlier.

Trapped in Karzahni, the ruler soon assigned them jobs which they were to attend to. After hours of work, Nuparu wandered off and found a tablet showing the history of Karzahni. The Matoran, except Hahli, who was telling Karzahni about the "outside world", soon discovered a battered Matoran who made six canisters. They were discovered by Karzahni, but managed to escape in the canisters after a brief confrontation.

While sailing in the canisters towards Voya Nui, the Red Star above sent six bolts of lightning onto each canister, transforming Kongu and the other Matoran into Toa.


Toa Inika

Kongu as a Toa Inika

There, Matoro found out that their face would glow if they took off their masks. However, Jaller understood Kongu's mask worked like before. Kongu first "heard" Jaller thinking about a Muaka attack and from there on he found he could not turn it off. Later, he was upset finding out Nuparu had gotten the Mask of Flight. However, he then decided to teach Nuparu how to fly. Then the Toa Inika fought Vezok and Kongu described his mind as a pesthole. When the Inika met up with the Voya Nui Resistance Team, Kongu was partnered with Velika, Garan and Nuparu to check out the Piraka Stronghold. After defeating the Nektann on guard they found the Toa Nuva's masks. Later they were ambushed by the Piraka and Brutaka but their comrades arrived. Kongu was imprisoned by Avak in a sucking air prison. However, Kongu sent tendrils of thought in his mind and, when the prison disappeared Kongu made the air pressure increase around Avak until he fell. However, he was later defeated by Hakann and Thok using Brutaka's power. In the second fight against the two Piraka, Nuparu carried Kongu in flight but they both fell because of Thok's spellbinder vision. Later the Toa Inika descended the stairway leading to the Mask of Life.

When they arrived upon a mysterious zone, Kongu faced Makuta Teridax. As a casual thought crossed his mind, his Zamor Launcher fired on its own, killing the Makuta. Consequently their enemies turned into the Toa Nuva, causing the Toa to be shocked and were afraid of their abilities. Some debated whether or not they should proceed, but the Toa Inika went on and as the Toa Nuva disappeared as soon as they left the scene. Kongu realized they had been illusions, as he had not received any thoughts from them.

Kongu using his Air powers

After passing through the Chamber of Death and defeating Umbra, the Toa arrived at the Lava Chamber Gate. Nuparu conjured an earthquake to shake the Piraka off their posts, but Kongu used a cyclone to blow Zaktan off. However, the bridge collapsed on the Toa. When they recovered, they went into the Chamber of Life and found Vezon and Fenrakk waiting for them. After many tries to defeat the two, Kongu created a vacuum around them. When that too proved unsuccessful, Jaller made the two slip into the lava. However, Vezon resurfaced along with the newly transformed Kardas Dragon. Jaller and Kongu were knocked out of the fight, but just when their comrades were about to be defeated, Jaller told Kongu to probe the Ignika's thoughts and push them in Vezon's. Kongu discovered the mask wanted Matoro as a new guardian. Pushing these thoughts into Vezon's mind, the insane Skakdi went on a rant and was distracted enough for Jaller to make his move. The Toa of Fire froze Vezon and Kardas using a Zamor Sphere Axonn had given him. As Matoro took the mask from Vezon, Kardas blasted him and the mask flew up and out of the chamber. The newly awakened Piraka pursued the Toa and the mask. The mask then dove into the sea and Hahli dove in after it. However, the mask was too deep and Hahli, who nearly drowned, was rescued by a Matoran who mentioned a city beneath the waves before dying. After speaking to the Toa Nuva, the Toa Inika then descended into the Cord and battled against the Zyglak, where they were later transformed by the Ignika into Toa Mahri.

Toa Mahri

Kongu as a Toa Mahri

Soon after the transformation, Kongu was the first to discover his new mask power. When the 300 foot mutant Venom Eel attacked them, he attempted to read its mind. Instead, hundreds of smaller versions of the creature surrounded him, and he bolted away in surprise. A battle quickly broke out, and the other Toa discovered, to their distress, that their masks had changed powers. The Venom Eel quickly gained the upper hand, until Hewkii, with his new Mask of Gravity, pinned the Eel to the sea floor and knocked it unconscious.

After that confrontation, the team spotted Mahri Nui in the distance and headed off for it. As soon as they got there, they were hit with a hail of Solidified Air Bubbles, until Jaller convinced them to stop. While Matoro was left behind to talk with Defilak, the leader of Mahri Nui's council, Kongu and the rest went to help free the Fields of Air of Keras crabs.

As soon as they got there, they were intercepted by the Barraki and their armies of sea creatures. The Barraki then took the five Toa with them to a series of sea caves, and then departed. Although Pridak insisted they were "guests", the creatures of the deep guarding their caves made it clear they were not supposed to leave. While the other Toa hastily made their escapes, Jaller headed over to help Kongu. He suggested he use his mask, but Kongu would not do it. After the last time, he was afraid what might come next. Finally getting fed up, he unleashed an underwater cyclone and scattered the rays guarding him. Before they knew it, they were attacked by two of the Barraki, Carapar and Kalmah, who had come to check on them. Kongu was hit with a Sea Squid, and was quickly pushed out of the fight. He would have died if not for the Hahnah Crab that was following Jaller. It leaped onto his back and killed the squid, giving Kongu enough strength back to use his mask. He summoned a monstrous Ancient Sea Behemoth from an age when it was dwarfed by its fellow beasts. The Barraki quickly retreated, and the beast became locked in combat with the revived giant Venom Eel. The two Toa quickly departed to avoid the conflict.

On the way back to Mahri Nui, Kongu and Jaller ran into Hewkii, Nuparu, and Hahli. They had just been in Hydraxon's armory, and found a load of multi-barreled weapons called Cordak Blasters. Each Toa Mahri took one, but Kongu immediately took two, to be better prepared for the forthcoming battles.

When they arrived at Mahri Nui, they expected to find Matoro waiting for them. Instead, they were hit with hundreds of Solidified Air Bubbles. When Kongu used his power to shove Defilak into the ocean, Hahli circled him at super speed, ripping his personal air bubble away from him, as a demonstration that if she wanted to kill him, she could. After he was thrown back into the city, he stopped the attack. They then agreed to ally with each other, and met up with Matoro. He introduced Maxilos and his pet, Spinax. What the Toa Mahri did not know was that Makuta was in Maxilos's body, and he had only told Matoro about it. The Mahri agreed to split up and search for the Ignika. Kongu went with Jaller, Hewkii with Nuparu, Matoro with Maxilos and Spinax, and Hahli volunteered to go on her own. Before they left, Defilak told them he was honored to have them protecting Mahri Nui, and said they could call themselves "Toa Mahri". The team promised to try and prove worthy of the trust placed in them.

Afterwards, the Mahri split up again, at the suggestion of Maxilos, in search of the mask. Jaller decided to take Kongu with him, Hewkii with Nuparu, and Matoro went with Maxilos. Hahli volunteered to go by herself, because she could travel faster on her own. Matoro warned the other Toa that the Stone Cord must be destroyed to continue on their mission. Kongu and the other Mahri evacuated the Matoran of Mahri Nui up the cord to meet up with Axonn and the Matoran of Voya Nui, where the Matoran found shelter in the underground caverns of Voya Nui where they would be safe when Voya Nui descended back to it's original location in it's dome. Axonn then provided the Mahri with a Toa Terrain Crawler to assist them. At that point the Mahri headed down the cord in the Toa Terrain Crawler and a major conflict between them Hydraxon's replica, Gadunka, Maxilos, and the Barraki occurred. During this conflict, Jaller was able to obtain the Mask of Life and passed it on to Matoro. The Mahri then used their Cordak Blasters to destroy the stone cord, and Voya Nui started to descend back down to its dome. Voya Nui smashed Mahri Nui into rubble as it sank. During this time, the Barraki were still in pursuit of the Toa Mahri, who were racing down trying to make it to the hole connecting the dome below to the water they were in. Mata Nui died just as they started to descend.

Matoro decided to follow Voya Nui, believing that something could still be done. Jaller told Matoro to go on ahead without the rest of the team, who would prevent the Barraki from catching him as he went on to try and save Mata Nui. Believing that the five remaining Mahri were going to lose against the Barraki, Jaller decided to perform a Nova Blast, which would kill the Barraki as well as all five of the Toa. Before Jaller could release the devastating blast of energy, Matoro teleported the other five Toa Mahri to Metru Nui and gave them the ability to breathe air. Jaller quickly contained his power, as a blast then could devastate the city. Vakama then approached the Toa Mahri and explained to them what happened to Matoro. Kongu was grief-stricken over Matoro's death, but kept to himself. After the memorial service, Kongu took the new Chronicler Kopeke aside and warned him not to include anything negative about Matoro in his chronicle.

The Toa then became occupied with defending the island-city of Metru Nui, and defeated the Kardas Dragon for a second time. Kongu and the other Toa Mahri, sans Jaller, also left Metru Nui in search of Takanuva, but returned when they failed to find him. Upon their return, the Toa Hagah arrived in Metru Nui and informed the Toa Mahri that they were there to destroy the Coliseum. Uninformed regarding the Hagah's search for Makuta Teridax, Kongu and the other Mahri engaged them in battle, which came to a halt when it inadvertently set a giant Rahi on the loose in the city. Kongu combined his powers with those of Iruini, Norik, and Jaller to stop the monster, and he and Iruini then watched over Zaktan, former leader of the Piraka, who had been assigned to guide the Hagah on their quest to find Teridax.

After the Hagah ventured underneath the Coliseum, a female Order of Mata Nui member informed them that they had to take the Heart of the Visorak to Artidax. She then disappeared, breaking into crystal fragments and blowing away on the breeze. Knowing that the Heart was active and that they would be coming to Metru Nui, Jaller decided to take Hahli and Nuparu with him to Artidax while Hewkii and Kongu stayed behind to guard the city. After the three left, the Order member reappeared behind the two Toa and knocked them out with her shield.

Some time afterwards, Kongu awoke with Hewkii in a room inside the Coliseum, stripped of his weapons but still possessing his mask. After going outside, they encountered Johmak again, the female member of the Order who had knocked them out earlier. She then showed them what had happened during their time incapacitated - Metru Nui was being transformed into a war camp for a final confrontation against the Makuta; massive walls now bordered the city, and Matoran were scrambling to get weapons into place. Both he and Hewkii strongly objected to this, but Johmak warned them not to get in the Order's way. After she disappeared out the window in a hail of crystal shards, the two Toa vowed to do something about their city's predicament.

Kongu took part in defending the city during the Siege of Metru Nui, and later, witnessed Teridax's announcement of his rule over the universe during the celebration of Mata Nui's awakening.

Teridax's Reign

The Toa Mahri were sent to infiltrate a Skakdi base on Zakaz to discover whether other warlords, like Nektann, were going to ally themselves with Teridax. After Kongu silenced the guards using his power over air, they eventually found an underground river leading deep inside the foundation. Spying on a legion of Skakdi, whom openly showed rebellion against Teridax, the Toa observed as the assembly successfully fused a Vortixx, a Zyglak, a worker from Stelt, and the five missing Piraka in a tank of Energized Protodermis. The Golden-Skinned Being emerged, and demanded a meal. The Skakdi eagerly mobbed around it, while the Mahri prepared to act. However, the fusion made the Skakdi's dreams real, and the Toa Mahri were soon entranced by its power. Kongu and the other Mahri dropped their weapons and headed towards the Skakdi to offer their servitude.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax was defeated, Kongu and the other Toa Mahri left the Matoran Universe with the Skakdi and the Skakdi Fusion and arrived on Spherus Magna. The Skakdi traveled to the coast of Aqua Magna, where the fusion created a vast fortress, and took up residence in this fortress.

Shortly afterwards, Annona attacked the fortress and consumed the dream energy of every Skakdi in the fortress, driving them mad. The Skakdi Fusion's power automatically granted the maddened Skakdi's dreams, causing the fortress to dissolve and aberrations to appear in the region. During the confusion, the Skakdi Fusion's hold on the Toa Mahri was broken, and Kongu was released from his trance.[3]

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe where Mata Nui had completed his mission, the Toa Mahri, along with other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, traveled south to Tesara. The Kongu of that reality helped repair a metallic shelter alongside Gresh.

Abilities and Traits

While a Matoran, Kongu was known to be very serious during times of danger, being the military leader of the Gukko Force. Over time, however, Lewa was known to influence Kongu, teaching him to be more laid back and gain enjoyment out of his missions. Once becoming a Toa, Kongu began following that advice, and is now generally fun-loving and full of wit, having a joke or comment ready at the right time. Kongu gets along well with his fellow Toa, especially with Nuparu. The Toa of Air at first complained that Nuparu, being a Toa of Earth, shouldn’t have received the Kadin, Mask of Flight. But he later cheerfully offered to help his friend learn to fly, saying that Nuparu might break the Mask of Flight as an excuse to help him.

As a Toa Inika of Air, Kongu's Air power was intertwined with Lightning. Like the other Toa Inika, his unnatural origin allowed immunity to the Piraka's Antidermis virus, and his face gave off a blinding glow when his Kanohi Suletu was removed.

As a Toa Mahri, he lost his Lightning powers and could only breathe water. He also lost his ability to wear regular Kanohi, as his new modified Kanohi was necessary for breathing water.[4][5] When Matoro teleported his team back to Metru Nui, he gave Kongu and the other Toa Mahri the ability to breathe air again, which also allowed them to wear regular Kanohi again.[6]

Mask and Tools

As a Matoran, Kongu wore a powerless turquoise Noble Ruru in Metru Nui and a powerless Miru of the same color in Mata Nui.

Kongu's mask as a Toa Inika was the Kanohi Suletu, the Mask of Telepathy, which allowed him to read the minds of other beings, or to project his own thoughts. This mask, like the other Kanohi the Toa wore, became organic when he transformed into a Toa Inika. As such, he quickly learned how to activate it, but was also unable to switch off its effects.

During his time on Voya Nui, Kongu carried a Laser Crossbow and a Zamor Launcher loaded with Zamor Spheres filled with Energized Protodermis, used only to cure the enslaved Matoran villagers of the island. His Laser Crossbow was capable of firing bolts of energy that could split whatever it hits into atoms without the slightest noise or explosion.

As a Toa Mahri, Kongu wears the Kanohi Zatth, the Mask of Summoning, which allows him to summon random Rahi or Creatures to his aid. However, he cannot control them or send them away. While underwater, Kongu is unable to use regular Kanohi, but he can switch masks with the other Toa Mahri if need be.[5][6] His Zamor Launcher was lost when he was transformed. He carries two Cordak Blasters, because he chose to leave behind his Toa Tool. However, Kongu did not bring the blasters on the Toa Mahri's spy mission to Zakaz as the weapons are bulky and loud.[OGDi: Feb 7 2010, 01:28 PM] In their place Kongu brought another weapon that he acquired on Metru Nui.[OGDi: Jun 13 2010, 02:45 PM]

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Set Information

Kongu was first released in September 2001 as one of the six promotional "Tohunga" sets that accompanied McDonalds Happy Meals. The eight-piece Kongu wielded a Bamboo Disk featuring an image of Lewa's Kanohi Miru, which could be thrown by pulling back and releasing his right arm while it held the disk.

In the summer of 2006, Kongu was released as a Toa Inika canister set containing forty-six pieces, including four blue Zamor spheres (in the story these would have been silver due to their contents of Energized Protodermis).

In a Nestle promotion in 2006, Kongu was released as a small promotional set under the name 6993 Green Toa - Kongu. It consisted of 3 pieces which, unlike most other promotional items, were compatible with LEGO pieces.

Kongu was once again released in August 2007 as a sixty-four piece Toa Mahri canister set. He featured sixteen Cordak mini-rockets, four of which could be stored on the backs of his upper arms while the other twelve were ready in the barrels of his two Cordak blasters.

Minifigure versions of Toa Inika and Toa Mahri Kongu were released in 2006 and 2007, respectively. The Toa Inika Kongu minifigure was featured in the 8892 Piraka Outposts and 8894 Piraka Stronghold playsets. The Toa Mahri Kongu minifigure, however, was featured only in the 8927 Toa Terrain Crawler playset and wore a recolored Kanohi Volitak rather than the Zatth, the latter of which was never released in minifigure form.

Toa Mahri Kongu was also part of the McDonald's BIONICLE "Happy Meal" promotion in 2007. The toy's two Cordak Blasters instead fired cardboard disks decorated with the image of Cordak mini-rockets when a button on either blaster was pressed.


"Kongu, fastest Leaf-Runner! Everquick pilot! Weaver, mapmaker! Le-Koro Matoran!"
— Kongu, Mata Nui Online Game

"But destiny, for whatever reason, gave me this mask. There has to be a reason for that."
"Destiny has a sense of humor?"
"I think I am supposed to have it. I'm not going to give it up yet. Besides, flying's kind of fun."
"Wonderful. They can deep-carve that on our memorial stones — 'But at least Nuparu had fun.'"
— Nuparu and Kongu, Power Play

"Remember that time I was hanging upside down in a swamp hole, just above some hungry Mud Crawlers? You know, the ones with the acidic tongues and the breath that smells like Tarakava that's been out in the sun too long?"
"Sure, what about it?"
"Those were the good old days, huh?"
— Nuparu and Kongu, Power Play

"Five of us, 5000 of them. I like your idea of fair odds, Hahli."
— Kongu to Hahli, BIONICLE.com

"Just once — Just once! — I'd like to take a trip-walk without someone trying to kill me!"
Toa Inika Kongu, Prisoners of the Pit

"We need a plan."
"Would screaming and running count? 'Cause that seems like a really good plan right now."
— Matoro and Kongu, Dark Destiny

"I've never had an island fall-drop on my head before. This should be interesting."
"New day, new experience."
— Kongu and Nuparu, Downfall



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