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"Old enemies arrive on Bara Magna to do Makuta's bidding in this all-new "Tower Defender" style game."

Agori Defender
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Mouse

Agori Defender is an online "Tower Defense" style game released on in 2010. The goal is to place defenders on tracks in positions to stop waves of enemies before they reach the Agori village.



The game is divided into six levels, each of which starts with a brief section providing information on the number of waves of enemies and what type the enemies are. Surrounding the gameplay screen is a border visually stating how many pieces of the Golden Armor the player has earned. Once the player begins a level, the player reaches a track with pathways leading to the Agori village. If the cursor is shifted over an area aside from the pathway, a symbol comes up which gives the player the choice of Defenders to select. Defenders can be placed anywhere except roads, and can be moved to other locations, as well as upgraded to increase their range, fire power, and rate of fire. The arranging of the roads changes throughout each level.

The player starts with fifty Protodermis, which is the currency in the game. Defeating enemies increases the quantity of the player's Protodermis, and increasing the game speed increases the amount of Protodermis earned. Protodermis can be used to buy upgrades for the defenders, or to use the special powers of the Golden Armor. Initially, there is a limit of fifty Protodermis, which can be increased once the limit is reached for a fee of twenty-five Protodermis. Future increases cost half of the total Protodermis the player has.

At the beginning of each level, the player starts out with 1,500 Agori. If an enemy reaches the Agori village, the player loses 100 Agori. If all the Agori are lost, the player loses the game. If the player defeats all the waves of enemies, the game shows the score from the level, the Defenders he placed, and the Agori still safe in the village, as well as the combined score for the entire game. The level tracks and waves of enemies progressively increase in difficulty during the game.

After the player clears the first level, a scene is played showing Tahu fighting with the Golden Armor, before Fero shoots him with his Thornax Launcher. Two Rahkshi of Heat Vision then steal all the pieces of the armor but the Hau. After the player clears the sixth level, a video in which Tahu defeats a "Piraka" and the Agori come out of hiding is played.


  • Range-Default Cost: 10
  • Firepower-Default Cost: 20
  • Fire Rate-Default Cost: 30


  • Rahkshi - Basic enemies, slow and easy to defeat
  • Piraka - Slightly harder to defeat, have increased attack resistance
  • Skrall - More difficult to defeat than Piraka, fast and have increased attack resistance
  • Fero - Has medium attack resistance, slow
  • Tuma - Has incredibly high attack resistance, very slow


As defenders destroy enemies, they can level up. When this occurs, the defender and his upgrades become more expensive. The highest level is 5.

  • Tahu, Default Cost: 5, has Armor Destruction power
  • Strakk, Default Cost: 10, has Slow Enemies power
  • Gresh, Default Cost: 20, has Confusion power
  • Malum, Default Cost: 40, has Damage power
  • Takanuva, Default Cost: 60, has Light power

Golden Armor/Special Powers

The Golden Armor Hau
  • Fireball, Cost: 10, has Damage power
  • Vortex, Cost 20, has Slow power
  • Tornado, Cost 40, has Damage power
  • Lightning, Cost 50, has Damage power
  • Wind of Change, Cost 75, has Slow All power
  • Rain of Fire, Cost 120, has Damage All power


  • Mouse - move, drag and choose
  • P - pause


During gameplay, seven awards can be earned:

  • Award 1, Target score of 15000
  • Award 2, Saving all the Agori
  • Award 3, Complete the game
  • Award 4, Complete the game and bonus mode
  • Award 5, Max out the Protodermis bar
  • Award 6, Build more than 24 defenders
  • Award 7, Only use 10 defenders


  • In the game, the Piraka were shown as Skrall, and the Skrall were shown as Piraka.
  • In the end of the game, Tarduk uses his shoulder blades to fly, which is non-canon.

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