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"It is a Kraata... a part of the very substance of Makuta. You will find them inside the Rahkshi. But they have plagued Mata Nui since long before you arrived. They slither in the shadows, spreading Makuta's darkness wherever they go..."
Turaga Whenua, Rise of the Rahkshi!

Brotherhood of Makuta
Powers Various individual powers
Infecting masks
Controlling Rahkshi
Status Wild
Location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation KRAH-tah
Set number 8580

Kraata are organic slug-like creatures made of solidified antidermis.[1][2]


A Kraata as seen in Mask of Light

Kraata have been in existence since the Makuta came into being. The creation of these Kraata was arranged by the Great Beings who had designed the Rahkshi for a preordained role.[3] Makuta were able to choose which type of Kraata they created, although the means by which they created them was lengthy and yielded weak Kraata at first. Despite their weakness, the Kraata were used to create and power Rahkshi, which were used in the Brotherhood of Makuta armies. Following the Makuta's evolution from bio-mechanical beings to energy housed within armor, the Makuta found that they could create superior Kraata and in much less time, though creation of the slugs would still weaken them for a short period of time.

When Makuta Teridax was harassing the Matoran of Metru Nui during their stay on Mata Nui, he utilized a number of Kraata to plague the island and infect Matoran Kanohi. He also created six Rahkshi, and their necessary pilot Kraata, as a precaution in case his other methods failed. The Turaga captured many Kraata that they had found throughout the years on the island, and kept them in stasis in a cave in Po-Wahi. These Kraata were freed from imprisonment by Guurahk's Disintegration power, but were then sealed inside the cave by Tahu and Kopaka's combined powers.[4]

A Kraata infecting a Kanohi

After taking control of the Matoran Universe, Makuta Teridax used a few Makuta to mass-produce Kraata [5] for his armies. He later used a horde of Rahkshi of Heat Vision and many other kinds of Rahkshi to assault the planet of Bara Magna. Tahu, devolved back into a Toa Mata, used the power of the Golden Armor to incinerate the Kraata within the Rahkshi.[6] After the Matoran Universe was rendered inoperable, the surviving Kraata within Rahkshi later evacuated to Spherus Magna, where they went wild.

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, the Kraata yielded by the Makuta have some differing powers and do not have the ability to infect Kanohi, as the Makuta are affiliated with Light as opposed to Shadow. They also do not reach their seventh stage.[7] Kraata of Darkness do not exist, although there are Kraata of Telekinesis.[8] In place of Fear and Anger, there are instead Courage and Peace.[9]

Great Spirit Makuta Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe in which the Makuta was created as a forty-million foot robot, he was not able to manipulate his internal workings to create Kraata, so he had servants to create them for him.[10]

Abilities and Traits

The Kraata resemble slugs[11] and can infect Kanohi through contact, though a seventh stage Kraata, called Shadow Kraata can do so at a distance. Kraata are made of solid Antidermis,[2] created by Makuta from their essence, and are completely organic.[12] Additionally, Kraata can be re-absorbed back into the essence of the Makuta.[13]

There are forty-two different variations of Kraata, each possessing a specific power and coinciding color, though they rarely utilize their power for fear of being noticed.[citation needed] For each power there is a corresponding type of Rahkshi which are created when the Kraata are exposed to Energized Protodermis. The transformation into Rahkshi takes several months.[14][15][16] As it is the destiny of all Kraata to eventually transform into armor, any specimen can be used to make a Rahkshi.[17] Another Kraata of the same power is then able to pilot the Rahkshi armor. Their power is chosen by the Makuta upon the creation of the Kraata.[18]

Kraata naturally develop in six stages with time and experience,[19] each stage progressively more intelligent and powerful than the previous. The features of the Kraata's head change with each stage, although the Shadow Kraata can resemble any of the first six stages, instead being identified by their purple coloring. When created, Kraata will be at the first stage.[20][21][note 1]

Comparison of Kraata stages


Image Stage Traits
1 Driven completely by instinct. With no real mind of its own, it slithers through deep, dark locations, eternally compelled to seek out Kanohi to infect.
2 Has little intelligence, but is aware enough to know to avoid Light and recognize danger.
3 Is capable of defending itself with its powers if necessary. It is also intelligent enough to typically avoid capture.
4 Can evade traps and withstand sunlight for a short while. They have also grown in intellect to the point where they can recognize Matoran and formulate a trap to infect their Kanohi via ambush.
5 Has developed its powers and knows how and when to use them best. These Kraata know the Makuta's will and actively seek out Matoran masks to infect.
6 Is fully aware of its mission and in control of its powers. Kraata at this stage are in constant communication with a Makuta to carry out their will.

Shadow Kraata

A Shadow Kraata in set form

The seventh stage of a Kraata's development is called the Shadow Kraata. Kraata can only evolve to this stage if they have a particular genetic mutation.[23][24] As such, Shadow Kraata are very rare. When Kraata evolve to this seventh stage, they turn purple and acquire the physical features of any one of the previous six stages.[25] Although their color changes, they retain their original power and can still only operate Rahkshi of the same type. This extends to their transformation into Rahkshi armor.[26] They are the most intelligent of the Kraata stages, having intelligence on par with that of a Matoran or Toa; they are even capable of speaking the Matoran language.[27][28]

Shadow Kraata have a greater level of power than its previous stages,[citation needed] and gain the ability to infect masks from a distance of up to 100 yards (about 91.44 meters or 66.67 bio),[25][29] though this power is nullified if they are inside a Rahkshi or otherwise restrained.[30][31]

Set Information

A Kraata Za fitted in the spine of a Turahk set.

Kraata were first released in set form in the later half of 2003. Each Rahkshi set contained one Kraata in the color of the Kraata whose power matched the Rahkshi in question.

Also released in 2003 was the "Kraata" set, a small canister, meant to represent a stasis container, including three Kraata bearing any of forty-two color combinations and any of the six stages of Kraata. Also contained were two randomly selected stickers from a set of twelve designs including Takanuva, Teridax, the symbol of the Three Virtues, a Kraata, any of the six Rahkshi sets, the graphic of the word "Rahkshi" used in promotional material for those sets, and the promotional image of the Avohkii and Kraahkan around a glowing Mata Nui that was likewise used copiously in 2003 advertisements.

Released somewhat later in the same year were six limited edition versions of the same six Rahkshi sets, this time each containing one purple Shadow Kraata in any of the six shapes rather than the Kraata of the color combinations previously featured in the Rahkshi sets.

Pairs of shoes with a Guurahk design released by Nike in 2003 were packaged with a non-canon transparent neon orange stage one Kraata.

Several Kraata Za and Shadow Kraata were included in 6620 Ultimate Accessory Set, a tub of BIONICLE parts released in 2006.


Kraata infecting the ground
  • Matoran would classify Kraata as Rahi,[32][33] even though they are not.[34]
  • As Kraata are composed of Antidermis and not Protodermis, they cannot be revived on the Red Star.[35][36][37]
  • At one point, Greg Farshtey surmised that the Makuta may have given themselves the ability to produce Kraata and did not initially have this power.[38] However, he later stated that the Great Beings designed Rahkshi, which seems to contradict the initial claim.[3]
  • The Shadow Kraata were originally going to be gold-colored.[39]
  • Kraata may also be able to infect krana.[40]


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