Battle at the Light Barrier

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"No, Makuta. You once told the Toa Mata that you could not be destroyed, because you were nothing. You were wrong – it is because you are nothing that I can destroy you. You have no heart, you have no spirit, you have no reason to exist – even your hate is a pale reflection of what once burned in you. You survive out of habit, monster, and habits ... and minds ... can be broken."
Toa Mahri Matoro, The Kingdom

Battle at the Light Barrier
Conflict An Alternate Teridax attempts revenge on the Kingdom of the Great Spirit
Combatants Toa
Alternate Teridax
Location A light barrier beneath Po-Wahi
Result Alternate Teridax, Tanma and Matoro killed
Matoro's honor restored

The Battle at the Light Barrier was a battle in The Kingdom Alternate Universe in which Matoro, Tanma, and Takanuva investigated the light barriers, and encountered Teridax, who had survived for 10,000 years in the destroyed Matoran Universe.



  • Protect the Kingdom of the Great Spirit.


  • Exact his revenge on the inhabitants of the Kingdom.


After a sighting of a Panrahk, Turaga Takanuva had Toa Tanma and Toa Takanuva, who had been transported there while trying to reach Karda Nui, investigate. After Toa Takanuva received a Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster, he insisted on visiting Matoro, despite Tanma's protests. He was shocked and distraught to see that Matoro was effectively dead inside. He convinced the Toa of Ice to join them, again against Tanma's wishes, and the trio journeyed to the closest light barrier. After they saw that nothing seemed wrong, Tanma decided to leave, while Matoro suggested that the Rahkshi just made it through the light barrier without being destroyed. While Tanma dismissed this, Matoro stayed behind. Neither Toa of Light noticed until they heard a fight behind them. They returned to find Matoro fighting a small troop of Rahkshi. The Rahkshi were dealt with quickly, and then the Toa heard Makuta Teridax through the Barrier.

Teridax explained how he killed his fellow Makuta to survive, and used their strength and knowledge to coat the Rahkshi with shadow armor to get through the light barrier. He then emerged and let them see him as a twenty-foot colossus, being a monster both inside and out. The Toa let loose their powers on him, but to no avail.

Takanuva blasted Teridax's Kraahkan off his face using his Power Lance, and Tanma used his light power to melt it into slag before he could retrieve it. Teridax retaliated by killing him using his fragmentation power, giving him a death that was "simply too horrible to watch."

Teridax then noticed Takanuva, and audibly noted that he came from a place where Matoro died saving the life of Mata Nui, and his plan continues. Matoro was shocked by this, but Takanuva told him that in his universe, they hailed him as the greatest hero to bear the title of a Toa.

Teridax then decided to absorb Matoro for the possible information he might gain from Matoro's link to the Ignika. Takanuva attempted to intervene, but Matoro refused, saying he was destined to have died 10,000 years ago, and was willingly absorbed by Teridax. Takanuva then let loose his Light and Shadow powers, furiously declaring Teridax to be a murderer.

However, Teridax did not respond, instead falling to his knees as Matoro used Teridax's body to declare to Takanuva that the Makuta no longer had any will to live. Matoro then destroyed Teridax's mind at the cost of his own. Takanuva checked to see if the Makuta was dead by sending a burst of light throughout the entire cavern to incinerate any possible Antidermis.


Takanuva returned to the surface, and told his Turaga counterpart of what had happened, and to be wary of any remaining Rahkshi. He stayed long enough to see a statue erected of Matoro to be remembered as a hero. He then had the Brutaka of that universe to try to send him to Karda Nui, though he was accidentally sent to the Toa Empire Alternate Universe.



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