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"Turaga Onewa's village of Po-Koro is located in the desert of the far north. Strange cliff formations dominate the land. The village consists of organic-looking shelters built from rock and sand. They blend in with the desert and work as a perfect protection against dangers and sandstorms."

Status Destroyed
Inhabitants Po-Matoran
Toa Pohatu
Turaga Onewa (all formerly)
Population None
Position Po-Wahi
Pronunciation POH-KOAR-oh

Po-Koro was the village of Stone on the island of Mata Nui. The northernmost village, it was sat in the heart of a large desert, and was home to Mata Nui's best carvers.


The location of Po-Koro was chosen by Toa Onewa during the first journey of the Toa Metru to Mata Nui. After the Toa Metru successfully conducted the Great Rescue, Po-Koro was constructed by the Po-Matoran under the supervision of Turaga Onewa, taking materials from Airships used in the Great Rescue.[1][MNOG, Ch. 4]

Po-Koro was visited by Pohatu when he awoke and talked to Onewa about the Three Virtues. The village became his home, and he defended it from various Rahi threats.

While Mata Nui was still plagued by Teridax's infected Rahi, an epidemic broke out in the village. A Trader named Ahkmou began selling a new and better type of Kolhii Ball, called the Comet. Soon afterward, many Po-Matoran, including Hewkii, became sick. Unbeknownst to them, Ahkmou was secretly working for Teridax by selling infected Comets to make the Matoran sick. However, the Av-Matoran Takua, who was visiting Po-Koro, stumbled upon the Po-Wahi Quarry where Ahkmou hid the Comets. Using the key he found in the Bazaar, Takua unlocked an entrance to the storehouse of the infected Kolhii Balls. With the help of Pohatu, Takua was able to destroy the nest of a Nui-Jaga. Pohatu grabbed Takua and used his Kakama to get out before the cave collapsed on them. The remaining Comet balls were later dropped into the sea, and the Po-Matoran made a quick recovery.

When the Bohrok first awoke, a swarm of Pahrak attacked the village. Pohatu soon arrived, however, and began fending off the swarm, managing to remove several of the creatures' Krana. However, before that swarm had been vanquished, a horde of Lehvak also arrived, and the Toa of Stone was forced to combat them as well. Eventually, these swarms fell back, and Pohatu left the village, but at some later point Tahnok attacked Po-Koro. In an attempt to defend the village, Hafu knocked over his own statues on the Path of Prophecies as a barrier. However, in doing so Hafu trapped himself outside. Pohatu came to the scene, grabbed Hafu, and used his Komau to make Hewkii kick a rock down toward them. This created a catapult effect when it collided with the boulder they were standing on, launching them back into the village. Nevertheless, Po-Koro was besieged by more Tahnok, forcing the Po-Matoran to evacuate to Ga-Koro. After the defeat of the Bohrok, the Matoran returned and the swarms helped to rebuild Po-Koro. Soon after, Pahrak-Kal[2] and Gahlok-Kal[BKOA, Ep. 2] stole Pohatu's Nuva Symbol from Po-Koro. Vakama later resided in Po-Koro for a short time after the destruction of Ta-Koro by the Rahkshi until the Matoran returned to Metru Nui.

Later, when the Bohrok swarms were reawakened, the village was destroyed and the location wiped from existence by Mata Nui's awakening.


Po-Koro was located in the sands and rock formations of the Motara Desert, which had paths leading to the village, Onu-Koro and the Po-Wahi Quarry. The road to Po-Koro's main entrance was known as the Path of Prophecies, and was flanked on either side by six large statues of maskless Matoran heads. Behind its high walls, the people of Po-Koro resided in multiple domed huts hewn from stone, and frequently traded and bartered for goods at the local bazaar. Toward the back of the village was a Kolhii Field, which was seldom unused by the athletic Po-Matoran. After the defeat of the Bohrok, this Kolhii Field was heavily revamped to accommodate the rule changes made to the game.


The Po-Koro Bazaar was a gathering place for the Matoran to barter and sell goods and Rahi, such as Husi and Mahi. It was also the place where Ahkmou sold infected Comets. After the Bohrok Invasion, the Bazaar was phased out by independent traders working from their homes.



Po-Matoran were the primary residents of Po-Koro. Here, Po-Matoran performed day-to-day activities such as trading and playing Kolhii. Being the strongest of the Matoran, athleticism played a large part in the culture of Po-Koro.

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