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"Our village is in desperate need of your help! The nearby Vuata Maca Tree that is the source of food and energy to our people has been poisoned. In order to restore this tree to health, you must find two Vuata Maca Tree crystals and bring them to me."
— An Onu-Matoran, Quest for the Toa

Vuata Maca Crystal
Users Matoran
Function Heal Vuata Maca Trees
Status Destroyed[citation needed]
Location Mata Nui
Pronunciation voo-AH-tah MAH-cah[1]

Vuata Maca Crystals are a rare type of crystal that energize Vuata Maca trees.


Vuata Maca Crystals provide energy to the Vuata Maca tree[1] and maintain its life.[2] Two crystals are required to restore a poisoned Vuata Maca Tree to full health.[3]

When the Vuata Maca trees were poisoned during the Great War, the essential Vuata Maca Crystals were stolen. Takua collected twelve of these crystals, two for each Koro's Vuata Maca tree, during his quest to find the Toa Stones on Mata Nui. As a reward for healing the Vuata Maca, each Koro's tree keeper gave Takua an Amana Volo Sphere, increasing his strength.[3]


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