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BIONICLE: The Game is non-canon.
The subject of this article is not part of the canon BIONICLE storyline. The information on this page was not approved by the BIONICLE Story Team. Further, it either contradicts canon events or was never referenced in canon media.

"Imagine, just for a moment, actually becoming the Toa!"
LEGO Magazine

Video Game
Developer Argonaut Games
Argonaut Sheffield
Möbius Entertainment (GBA)
Platform PlayStation 2
Apple Macintosh
Game Boy Advance
Controls Various
Release Date 2003

BIONICLE, known to the fanbase by its working title BIONICLE: The Game, was the first BIONICLE game to be released on a home console. It was intended for the game to follow the 2001-2003 storylines, but time constraints forced the game's release before it was complete, resulting in many errors in the plot.



The console edition of BIONICLE: The Game sports three-dimensional graphics, although they are sub-par the current standard for its genre, and high-quality audio. The player is able to continue the game indefinitely, as there is no life counter, and therefore no reset when one loses. Player controls can be customized to suit the needs of the player, quite extensively so in the PC format. Gameplay on TV consoles was very stable. However, because the PC version was designed around the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, systems with newer processors have faster timing which results in erratic timing of the gameplay video and audio. The only exception to this problem is the cutscene animations. A player is able to store up to three quests, or three different games, at any time.


BIONICLE: The Game follows each Toa as they struggle to bring peace to their dark-plagued island.


The Toa Mata, as seen in the opening cutscene

The Toa are in the jungle watching a play the Matoran and Turaga have put on, celebrating the Toa's victory over Teridax, when Takua runs in, terrified of "something" that is pursuing him. The Toa ready their weapons as a swarm of Nui-Kopen fly in, attacking the Matoran, and Tahu leaps up onto the stage to fight the Rahi. A group of Bohrok roll into the clearing, leading Onua to speculate that Teridax may have survived. Lewa saves two Ga-Matoran from the Nui-Kopen, driving them off. Tahu deflects a dark energy blast back at the Bohrok, and they retreat. The Toa meet, and Gali suggests they should head back to their Wahi to fight the threat.

Tahu's Quest: Ta-Wahi

Back in Ta-Wahi, Tahu meets Turaga Vakama, who explains that the Ta-Matoran have fled from the Bohrok. Tahu pledges to find them, and makes his way across the lava flows, fighting a Nui-Jaga before arriving at Ta-Kini. There, Takua explains that a Rahi is needed to open a nearby door, but all the friendly Rahi in the area have fled from the Bohrok. Tahu makes his way through the lava tunnels in search of Matoran to help "build" a replacement, and is trapped in a large chamber with several Nui-Jaga. He defeats them, and returns to the Kini with the rescued Matoran, who construct a Rahi wolf to open the door. On the other side, Tahu is confronted by a swarm of Kohrak, and he defeats them after a long battle. Retrieving the swarm leader's krana, Tahu realizes the source of the Bohrok's power. As he heads back to Ta-Koro, he is approached by Takua, who tells him he saw a Kanohi mask, floating in the lava, but Tahu tells him to ignore it.

Kopaka's Quest: Ko-Wahi

Kopaka pursuing a Gahlok

In Ko-Wahi, Kopaka is approached by Tahu, who informs him of the Bohrok's apparent weakness. Kopaka reveals that he is pursuing a Bohrok, which he thinks is headed for the Kini. Kopaka snowboards down the mountain on his shield, arriving at Ko-Kini as night falls. However, the Bohrok is nowhere to be seen, and Turaga Nuju reveals that it burrowed through the cliff, headed for Ko-Koro. Kopaka pursues the Bohrok, a Gahlok, through the underground tunnels, shooting it down before it reaches the Koro. Arriving there, he discovers that the swarm leader has fled down the mountain, and heads after it, only to almost be crushed by a huge boulder that the swarm leader, a Tahnok, rolls after him. Escaping the boulder, Kopaka comes to an outpost farther down the mountain where he meets a Matoran. The Matoran says he tried to warn Kopaka about the boulder, but was too late, and the swarm leader has fled into a cave. Kopaka pursues the Bohrok once again, this time catching up with and defeating it. Kopaka retrieves the leader's krana and heads back to join the others.

The group unite the six krana they have collected, the power of which transforms them into the Toa Nuva.

Gali's Quest: Ga-Wahi

Gali Nuva explores Ga-Wahi.

Gali Nuva returns to Ga-Wahi, which has come under siege from the Bohrok-Kal, and meets Turaga Nokama, who initially does not recognize her. Nokama explains that the Ga-Matoran are in hiding, and sends Gali to seek them out. Gali explores Ga-Wahi, both above and below the surface, rescuing several Matoran before arriving at the dockside, where the Matoran work a large crane for her, allowing her to pass through into the Kini. After rescuing the remaining Matoran, she heads to where Turaga Nokama is waiting, and the Matoran summon a whale Rahi to help locate the Bohrok-Kal's secret hideout. Once inside, Gali confronts the Kal, and manages to defeat all of them in a battle. As she retrieves the krana-kal they left behind, Takua shows up, explaining that he saw a group of "strange, dark creatures" heading towards Onu-Koro. Realizing Onua is in danger, Gali rushes off to warn him.

Pohatu's Quest: Po-Wahi

Pohatu Nuva is in Po-Wahi when he comes across Gali, who explains about the threat to Onua. Pohatu tells her to find Lewa and warn him about this new threat while he locates Onua. However, Pohatu sees a Po-Matoran in danger, and rushes off to save him, only for the ground to collapse, plunging him and the Po-Matoran into the mines of Onu-Wahi. The pair leap aboard a mine cart that is powered by elemental energy, using it to unlock the door that would allow them to exit the caves. Successful, they find Onua is waiting at the door, but the two Toa Nuva are attacked by Lerahk. Onua sends Pohatu to go and warn Tahu whilst he tackles Lerahk. Onua is knocked down by Lerahk, and lands on a weak section of floor, causing him to fall into the chamber below.

Onua's Quest: Onu-Wahi

Lerahk inside his protective canister

Onua makes his way through the mines of Onu-Wahi, fighting numerous infected Rahi and avoiding the constant tremors that shake the area. His effort is made even more tiring with the presence of weight locks that block several passageways. He eventually finds Lerahk in a large chamber. However, the Rahkshi is inside a protective barrier, leaving it free to attack Onua at will. Onua destroys the barrier by blocking the exhaust shafts with large stones, which are then propelled by the exhaust and strike the cylindrical capacitor hanging above the Rahkshi. After six strikes, the cylinder falls and crushes Lerahk.

Lewa Nuva's Quest: Le-Wahi

Lewa Nuva in Le-Wahi

Meanwhile, in Le-Wahi, Gali finds Lewa, who reveals that the Rahkshi have been spotted near Le-Koro, but there's no way of getting to them as all the Le-Matoran have been captured, deactivating his Suva. Gali sends him to find the missing Matoran, and he does so, exploring the huge expanses of jungle in search of them. With his Suva active, he teleports deeper into the jungle, making his way across an obstacle course of dying vines, trees and platforms. Riding up on the sails of a windmill, he descends into the swamp using a balloon lift, where he sights Panrahk. Climbing back up into the treetops, he follows a Gukko bird to where Panrahk is waiting, and the two duel on rafts in the middle of the swamp. Lewa destroys Panrahk's raft, killing the Rahkshi. Lewa celebrates his victory as he spots a yellow krana.

Tahu Nuva's Quest: Return to Ta-Wahi

Tahu pursues Kurahk and the Mask of Light.

Pohatu arrives in Ta-Wahi to see Takua explaining to Tahu that the mask he saw earlier was the Mask of Light, and the Turaga sent him to search for the seventh Toa. However, one of the creatures stole the Mask before heading to Ta-Koro to destroy it. Tahu leaps onto the lava board formed by his Magma Swords and chases the Rahkshi down the lava river. After a long pursuit, Tahu hits Kurahk and it slams into a cliff face, destroying itself and releasing the mask. It bounces over to the bank into Ta-Koro, where Pohatu and Takua are waiting. Curious, Takua inspects the mask, which starts glowing and rises from the ground. It places itself over Takua's mask, and Takua transforms into Takanuva. Takanuva then teleports away.

"Takua Nuva's" Quest: Mangaia

Takanuva teleports into the Makuta's Lair, where he confronts Makuta. The Makuta summons infected Rahi to battle Takanuva for him. After his minions are wiped out, Makuta inadvertently brings down the chamber around them, plunging the pair down a deep shaft. Makuta levitates stone fragments and a platform, which he uses to shield himself behind a dark energy barrier so he can freely attack Takanuva. Takanuva charges the panels Makuta is using to focus his dark energies with light energy. The barrier collapses and Takanuva is able to attack, severely injuring the Makuta. The pair land in the foundations of Mangaia, at the threshold of a large wooden door. Takanuva declares that Makuta's reign is over, and removes the Mask of Light to take a closer look a Makuta's shadows. Makuta resists, but the mask, which grows to fit over Makuta's Kraahkan, is forced on, fusing the pair together into a giant. The huge being smashes open the door at the end of the chamber, and proceeds to awaken the Great Spirit.


The formation of Takutanuva


Toa Characteristics

  • Tahu- First playable character. No special abilities.
  • Kopaka- Kanohi Akaku allows for first-person viewpoint during this level. Cannot recharge elemental energy.
  • Gali Nuva- Can swim and dive. First to have access to a "Nuva" (Nova) Blast.
  • Pohatu Nuva- Cannot shield or recharge elemental energy. Cannot perform a Nova Blast.
  • Onua Nuva- No special abilities. Can use a Nova Blast.
  • Lewa Nuva- Elemental power allows player limited flight.
  • Tahu Nuva- No special abilities.
  • Takanuva- Has access to limited flight. Can reflect Makuta's attacks.

Console In-game Collectibles

Console Unlockables


  • Intro Play- Unlocked by default when player starts a new game.
  • Nuva Transformation- Unlocked by completing Kopaka's Quest.
  • Makuta Vanquished- Unlocked by defeating Makuta.

Bonus Content

  • BIONICLE: Mask of Light movie trailer- Unlocked by collecting 90 lightstones in Tahu's Quest.
  • Concept Art Library- Unlocked by collecting 180 lightstones in Kopaka's Quest. Contains sketches of props and locations from the game's development.
  • Rahkshi Toy Preview- Unlocked by collecting 80 lightstones in Gali Nuva's Quest.
  • Toa Evolution Movie- Unlocked by collecting 150 lightstones in Pohatu Nuva's Quest. Contains an animated trailer for the game.
  • Concept Art Library- Unlocked by collecting 150 lightstones in Lewa Nuva's Quest. Contains additional sketches from the game's development.
  • Story of the New Tool- Unlocked by collecting 130 lightstones in Tahu Nuva's Quest. Contains information on Takua's Chronicler's staff.

Mata Nui Visitor's Guide

Contains information on the various creatures, locations, and inhabitants of the island of Mata Nui. As each character, location, object, and enemy is encountered, a picture or three-dimensional model will become available with a description for the player to view.

Game Boy Advance

The GBA version of the game follows a simplistic gameplay, typical of the handheld platform, but sports three-dimensional graphics. It lacks a storyline, although, like its console counterparts, the player is required to have the Toa collect lightstones, Matoran, and fight Rahi to complete the level. Unlike its console counterparts, however, the game has a password feature and the player has a finite number of lives, the loss of which resets the game.




The GBA version has a hidden cheat menu. It can be accessed from the main menu by entering the following code: L L R L Select Start A

  • Infinite Lives: The life counter does not decrease when the player character dies.
  • Easy Enemies: Non-boss enemies deal very little damage and die in one hit.
  • Mini Me: All playable characters are shrunk to 50% scale.


  • The "Ga-Wahi Exploration" and "Le-Wahi Treetops" music tracks were later reused in the Voya Nui Online Game.
  • Originally, the game was planned to feature levels for all six Toa and all six Toa Nuva. However, due to time constraints, the game was reduced to the levels it has now.[citation needed]
  • Although the game itself is considered a non-canonical version of the storyline, certain aspects of the game were later confirmed to be canon, including the Nuva Blast (renamed the Nova Blast or Nova Burst),[citation needed][1][2] the Mask of Elemental Energy,[3] and the fox and whale Rahi.[4]

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