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8583 Hahli
Small Set
Set number 8583
Subtheme Matoran
Release date Summer 2003
Pieces 25
MSRP $3.99 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 8583 Hahli was a small set released in summer 2003. It portrays the Ga-Matoran Hahli after being rebuilt following the Bohrok-Kal attacks.

Product Description

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Koli champion!
Hahli of Ga-Koro never knew she had the potential to be a great athlete -- but now she has become a koli ball champion for her village. Despite this, she is still very shy and quiet. Set includes a koli ball and koli stick.

Set Information

The Hahli set was released in summer 2003 as one of the six Matoran sets. The set consists of twenty-five pieces.

Hahli was also bundled with 8584 Hewkii and a Kanohi Avohkii as set 65296.

By combining pieces from Hahli with 8581 Kopeke, 8582 Matoro, 8584 Hewkii, 8585 Hafu, and 8586 Macku, one can build a four-armed being and quadrupedal beast, though official instructions were never released.

Combination Models

Hahli is involved in the following combo model:

Kolhii Matoran Combiner


A gear in Hahli's back can be turned to make her torso spin to the left or right. This is used to swing her Kolhii Stick.


Hahli wears a transparent blue Kaukau.


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