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BIONICLE Heroes is non-canon.
The subject of this article is not part of the canon BIONICLE storyline. The information on this page was not approved by the BIONICLE Story Team. Further, it either contradicts canon events or was never referenced in canon media.
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This article is about the versions released on home video game consoles and PC. You may be looking for the DS, Game Boy Advance or Mobile Phone versions.

BH XBOX 360.png
Video Game
Platform Playstation 2
Xbox 360
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Mobile phone
Controls Gamepad (Playstation 2/Xbox 360 Version)
Wii Remote/Nunchuk (Wii Version)
Keyboard/Mouse (PC Version)
Touchscreen/Buttons (DS Version)
Release Date 2006

BIONICLE Heroes is a video game released by the LEGO Company, Travellers Tales and Eidos in 2006, featuring the Toa Inika, Piraka, and others. The second and final BIONICLE home console video game, it follows a non-canonical plot similar to its predecessor.

Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Wii and PC Version

The objective of the game is to defeat the Piraka and their "minions" in order to retrieve the Mask of Life. In the Playstation 2, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii versions, the player controls a Toa capable of changing into a different Toa Inika via collected Kanohi masks. The game is split into seven areas; the first six are of individual Piraka and the final one of Vezon. There are four respective levels in the first six areas.

Along with defeating enemies, the player must destroy or create certain objects to obtain points.


A mysterious Toa washes up on a beach on Voya Nui in a Toa Canister. Following a trail of footprints, the Toa finds Balta in a small shelter, and the Ta-Matoran explains that the Piraka have taken over the island and stolen the Ignika. Balta then hands the Toa a Kanohi Calix, giving him the appearance and form of Toa Inika Jaller.

Balta takes the Toa back to the Matoran enclave, where they use portals to access different areas of Voya Nui and combat the Piraka. Once all six Piraka have been defeated, the entrance to the Chamber of Life opens, and the Toa, by then in possession of all six Inika masks and powers, enters the Chamber and battles Vezon and Fenrakk, eventually defeating him and recovering the Mask of Life. With Voya Nui freed, the game ends.

Matoran Enclave

This serves as a hub for the game, and is where the player starts after loading a game or completing a level.

The Shop

At the back of the Enclave, Balta runs a shop selling three different things:

  • Hints that provide tips for playing the game.
  • Upgrades - Each Toa has three upgrade bars, which can be bought, section by section, to improve that Toa's performance. Armor upgrades make the Toa more damage-resistant, weapon upgrades improve their firepower, and ability upgrades give Toa access to additional powers which are necessary to find all the secret items in the game.
  • Extras - Most of the extras appear in the Piraka Playground once purchased, and are usually humorous animations.

Zone Select

This area contains sculptures of the six Piraka, which rise to reveal rooms with portals to the rest of Voya Nui.

Character Showcases

Once at least one level has been completed, the four arches over the entrance to the Zone Select open. Each leads to a chamber displaying creatures unlocked in-game by collecting silver canisters. The first chamber on the left displays Bohrok-Kal, the second Visorak, and the third Vahki, with each creatures name appearing when they are aimed at. The fourth chamber displays mini-bosses, which are unlocked by defeating them in game. Each mini-boss is in their own canister, and when the canister is opened set information and a short bio are displayed.

Trophy Cave

This area becomes available once at least one level has been completed. The display grids are navigated using the movement controls. There is a different grid on each wall:

  • Collectibles - This 10 x 10 grid shows collectibles found in-game, such as Kanohi, Kanoka, and Krana. Each can be selected to view details including wearers, powers, and set information. Collectibles are found in gold canisters.
  • Creatures - This 6 x 6 grid shows unlocked creatures. The top row is for Bohrok-Kal, the second for Visorak, the third for Vahki, the fourth for Rahkshi, the fifth for various enemies, and the sixth for Piraka. Selecting one displays stats, release information, and a detailed bio.
  • Achievements - This grid shows special achievements unlocked in-game. Selecting an achievement displays the criteria and the level it was earned in.

Piraka Playground

This is an area where the defeated Piraka end up. Mini movies activated in the Playground can be purchased at Balta's shop. Also, at the far side of the playground, the three bonus levels can be found which tests how many enemies, either Bohrok, Visorak, or Vahki, the player can defeat in two minutes.


Each Toa starts with their respective Toa Mata's weapon. This can later be upgraded to their respective Toa Metru's weapon, and finally their own, Toa Inika weapon. The weapon categories are as follows:


  • Hewkii - Hewkii can assemble normal constractions. After being upgraded, Hewkii can collapse certain walls with his Fragmentation ability.
  • Nuparu - Nuparu has the ability to climb up certain walls and cliff faces. He can also be upgraded to dig up treasures using his Excavate ability.
  • Hahli - Hahli can cross rivers and streams. Once she has been upgraded, she can use her Drench ability to open secret rooms. She is faster in water than on land.
  • Matoro - Matoro can use his weapons to zoom in and snipe white targets that can only be destroyed from a distance, or hit enemies in zoom mode for twice the damage. After being upgraded, Matoro can create ice bridges with his Freeze ability in certain places to create pathways.
  • Jaller - Jaller can walk over lava. Once upgraded, he can use his Torch ability to burn down vines that block the player's path.
  • Kongu - Kongu can leap certain gaps that are marked by green landing pads. Once upgraded, he can use his Gust ability to open secret areas.
  • Piraka - All of the Piraka can assemble the Piraka constractions within their respective zones.
  • Vezon - Vezon can assemble black constractions as well as all Piraka constractions.


  • Vezok's Coastline - The first zone of the game, in this zone Vezok is unlocked. The levels are Piraka Bluff, Smuggler's Cove, Shattered Wreck, and Vezok's Deluge.
  • Avak's Stronghold - In this zone, Avak can be unlocked. The levels are Decrepit Dungeons, Cleansing Plant, Menacing Keep, and Avak's Dynamo.
  • Thok's Mountain - Thok is unlocked in this zone. The levels are Flooded Lowlands, Mountain Path, Blizzard Peaks, and Thok's Grotto.
  • Reidak's Desert - Reidak is unlocked in this zone. The levels are Desert Outpost, Bleak Refinery, Ancient Citadel, and Reidak's Bastion.
  • Hakann's Volcano - The player can unlock Hakann in this zone. The levels are Scorched Earth, Volcanic Trail, Fiery Mine, and Hakann's Pit.
  • Zaktan's Jungle - This zone unlocks Zaktan. The levels are Logging Post, Ancient Forest, Forgotten Shrine, and Zaktan's Chamber.
  • Vezon's Awakening - The final zone of the game, this is actually a level instead of a full four level zone. In this area, Vezon is unlocked and the final movie plays after completing it if 100% has been achieved for the game.


A Vorzakh in BIONICLE Heroes
Name Enemy
BH Gahlok Loading Screen.PNG Bohrok - The weakest enemies, Bohrok fly or roll around and shoot at the Toa. Shots vary in strength, speed and visual depending on type.
BH Vohtarak Loading Screen.PNG Visorak - These are the standard enemies, Visorak come down from webs and launch Rhotuka at the Toa, or various attacks depending on the breed.
BH Rorzakh Loading Screen.PNG Vahki - The strongest enemies, Vahki can shoot at or smash the Toa. The tougher three types must be defeated twice, with the second time at only half strength (or a standard enemy's strength).


These are the final enemies of each level in each zone.

Vezok's Coastline
Level Enemy
Piraka Bluff Guurahk BHGuurahk.png
Shattered Wreck Roodaka BHRoodaka.png
Vezok's Deluge Vezok Vezok BH.png
Avak's Stronghold
Level Enemy
Decrepit Dungeons Panrahk BHPanrahk.png
Menacing Keep Krekka BHKrekka.png
Avak's Dynamo Avak BH Piraka Avak.png
Thok's Mountain
Level Enemy
Flooded Lowlands Kurahk BHKurahk.png
Blizzard Peaks Nidhiki BHNidhiki.png
Thok's Grotto Thok Thok BH.png
Reidak's Desert
Level Enemy
Desert Outpost Vorahk BHVorahk.png
Ancient Citadel Axonn BHAxonn.png
Reidak's Bastion Reidak Reidak BH.png
Hakann's Volcano
Level Enemy
Scorched Earth Turahk BHTurahk.png
Fiery Mine Brutaka BHBrutaka.png
Hakann's Pit Hakann Hakann BH.png
Zaktan's Jungle
Level Enemy
Logging Post Lerahk BHLerahk.png
Forgotten Shrine Sidorak BHSidorak.png
Zaktan's Chamber Zaktan Zaktan BH.png
Vezon's Awakening
Level Enemy
Vezon's Awakening Vezon VezFen BH.png


To complete the game and achieve 100%, the player must fully upgrade all Toa, collect all silver and golden canisters, buy all tips and Piraka Playground items, and achieve assorted goals.

The Gold Canister wall

Golden Canister Items

1. Gold Kanohi Vahi
2. Orange Kanohi Vahi
3. Infected Kanohi Hau
4. Poisoned Hau Nuva
5. Copper Huna
6. Kanohi Kraahkan
7. Kanohi Avohkii
8. Iruini's Kualsi
9. Norik's Pehkui
10. Dume's Kiril
11. Kanohi Aki
12. Lhikan's Hau
13. Ta-Metru Kanoka
14. Ga-Metru Kanoka
15. Ko-Metru Kanoka
16. Le-Metru Kanoka
17. Po-Metru Kanoka
18. Onu-Metru Kanoka
19. Disk of Time
20. Shadow Kraata Level 1
21. Shadow Kraata Level 2
22. Shadow Kraata Level 3
23. Shadow Kraata Level 4
24. Shadow Kraata Level 5
25. Shadow Kraata Level 6

26. Kanohi Rua
27. Onua's Golden Pakari
28. Pohatu's Golden Kakama
29. Tahu's Golden Hau
30. Lewa's Golden Miru
31. Gali's Golden Kaukau
32. Kopaka's Golden Akaku
33. Vakama's Toa Disk
34. Nokama's Toa Disk
35. Nuju's Toa Disk
36. Matau's Toa Disk
37. Onewa's Toa Disk
38. Whenua's Toa Disk
39. Tahu's Kanohi Hau
40. Pohatu's Kanohi Kakama
41. Onua's Kanohi Pakari
42. Kopaka's Kanohi Akaku
43. Gali's Kanohi Kaukau
44. Lewa's Kanohi Miru
45. Protodermis Kanohi Hau Nuva
46. Protodermis Kanohi Kaukau Nuva
47. Protodermis Kanohi Miru Nuva
48. Protodermis Kanohi Pakari Nuva
49. Protodermis Kanohi Kakama Nuva
50. Protodermis Kanohi Akaku Nuva

51. Protodermis Kanohi Hau
52. Protodermis Kanohi Kaukau
53. Protodermis Kanohi Pakari
54. Protodermis Kanohi Kakama
55. Protodermis Kanohi Miru
56. Protodermis Kanohi Akaku
57. Copper Komau
58. Mask of Elemental Energy
59. Vakama's Noble Huna
60. Nokama's Noble Rau
61. Matau's Noble Mahiki
62. Nuju's Noble Matatu
63. Onewa's Noble Komau
64. Whenua's Noble Ruru
65. Jaller's Hau
66. Kongu's Miru
67. Matoro's Akaku
68. Hahli's Kaukau
69. Nuparu's Pakari
70. Hewkii's Kakama
71. Takua's Pakari
72. Hafu's Ruru
73. Macku's Huna
74. Onepu's Pakari
75. Matau's Kanohi Mahiki

76. Nokama's Kanohi Rau
77. Nuju's Kanohi Matatu
78. Vakama's Kanohi Huna
79. Whenua's Kanohi Ruru
80. Onewa's Kanohi Komau
81. Silver Ja-Kal
82. Silver Xa-Kal
83. Silver Za-Kal
84. Silver Vu-Kal
85. Silver Bo-Kal
86. Silver Su-Kal
87. Silver Ca-Kal
88. Silver Yo-Kal
89. Tahu Nuva's Kanohi Hau Nuva
90. Onua Nuva's Kanohi Pakari Nuva
91. Gali Nuva's Kanohi Kaukau Nuva
92. Pohatu Nuva's Kanohi Kakama Nuva
93. Lewa Nuva's Kanohi Miru Nuva
94. Kopaka Nuva's Kanohi Akaku Nuva
95. Solid Gold Hau
96. Rhotuka
97. Makuta Stone
98. Mata Nui Stone
99. BIONICLE Heroes Design a Mask Competition Winner
100. Kanohi Ignika

Other Achievements

Image Description
Hakanns Volcano Level Complete.jpeg Scorched Earth completed
Hakanns Volcano Level Complete.jpeg Volcanic Trail Completed
Hakanns Volcano Level Complete.jpeg Fiery Mine Completed
Hakanns Volcano Level Complete.jpeg Hakann's Pit Completed
Vezoks Coastline Level Complete.jpeg Piraka Bluff Completed
Vezoks Coastline Level Complete.jpeg Smuggler's Cove Completed
Vezoks Coastline Level Complete.jpeg Shattered Wreck Completed
Vezoks Coastline Level Complete.jpeg Vezok's Deluge Completed
Avaks Stronghold Level Complete.jpeg Decrepit Dungeon Completed
Avaks Stronghold Level Complete.jpeg Cleansing Plant Completed
Avaks Stronghold Level Complete.jpeg Menacing Keep Completed
Avaks Stronghold Level Complete.jpeg Avak's Dynamo Completed
Thoks Mountain Level Complete.jpeg Flooded Lowlands Completed
Thoks Mountain Level Complete.jpeg Mountain Path Completed
Thoks Mountain Level Complete.jpeg Blizzard Peaks Completed
Thoks Mountain Level Complete.jpeg Thok's Grotto Completed
Zaktans Jungle Level Complete.jpeg Logging Post Completed
Zaktans Jungle Level Complete.jpeg Ancient Forest Completed
Zaktans Jungle Level Complete.jpeg Forgotten Shrine Completed
Zaktans Jungle Level Complete.jpeg Zaktan's Chamber Completed
Reidaks Desert Level Complete.jpeg Desert Outpost Completed
Reidaks Desert Level Complete.jpeg Bleak Refinery Completed
Reidaks Desert Level Complete.jpeg Ancient Citadel Completed
Reidaks Desert Level Complete.jpeg Reidak's Bastion Completed
Vezons Awakening.jpg Vezon's Awakening Completed
100 Bohrok Defeated.jpeg Defeat 100 Bohrok
500 Bohrok Defeated.jpeg Defeat 500 Bohrok
1000 Bohrok Defeated.jpeg Defeat 1,000 Bohrok
100 Visorak Defeated.jpeg Defeat 100 Visorak
500 Visorak Defeated.jpeg Defeat 500 Visorak
1000 Visorak Defeated.jpeg Defeat 1,000 Visorak
50 Vahki Defeated.jpg Defeat 50 Vahki
250 Vahki Defeated.jpg Defeat 250 Vahki
500 Vahki Defeated.jpg Defeat 500 Vahki
Jaller100Victories.jpg 100 Victories with Jaller
Jaller250Victories.jpg 250 Victories with Jaller
Kongu100Victories.jpg 100 Victories with Kongu
Kongu250Victories.jpg 250 Victories with Kongu
Hewkii100Victories.jpg 100 Victories with Hewkii
Hewkii250Victories.jpg 250 Victories with Hewkii
Nuparu100Victories.jpg 100 Victories with Nuparu
Nuparu250Victories.jpg 150 Victories with Nuparu
Hahli100Victories.jpg 100 Victories with Hahli
Hahli250Victories.jpg 250 Victories with Hahli
Matoro100Victories.jpg 100 Victories with Matoro
Matoro250Victories.jpg 150 Victories with Matoro
2500000 Lego Pieces.jpg Collect 2,500,000 LEGO Pieces
5000000 Lego Pieces.jpg Collect 5,000,000 LEGO Pieces
100 Percent Completion.jpg 100% Game Completion

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