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"At one time, so many stunning revelations one on top of the other would have overwhelmed Vakama. But that was before he became a Toa in more than just a name. He had overcome his insecurities and his fears. He had confronted the darkest part of himself during the struggle with the Visorak and emerged stronger for it."
— Narrator, Time Trap

Occupation Mask Maker
Kanohi Huna
Tools Firestaff
Status Transformed into a Toa Metru
Pronunciation vah-KAH-mah[1][2][3]
Toa of Fire
Affiliation Toa Metru
Kanohi Great Huna
Tools Kanoka Launcher
Status Transformed into a Turaga
Pronunciation vah-KAH-mah[1][2][3]
Set 8601 Toa Vakama (instructions)
Toa Hordika of Fire
Affiliation Toa Hordika
Kanohi Mutated Huna
Tools Blazer Claws
Combat Staff
Status Transformed back into a Toa Metru
Pronunciation vah-KAH-mah[1][2][3]
Set 8736 Toa Hordika Vakama (instructions)
Turaga of Fire
Kanohi Noble Huna
Tools Firestaff
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation vah-KAH-mah[1][2][3]
Set 8540 Vakama (instructions)

Vakama was a Ta-Matoran Mask Maker, the Toa Metru of Fire, and briefly the Toa Hordika of Fire. He later became one of the Turaga of Mata Nui and then Metru Nui.



Lhikan giving Vakama a Toa Stone

Vakama was once an apprentice smelter of Kanohi masks trained by Nuhrii. However, Vakama soon surpassed his mentor in skill and attained his own forge; several Fire Drones assisted him there. As a result, Nuhrii became jealous of Vakama's accomplishments. At some point, Vakama installed a telescopic lens on Nuju's Kanohi mask.[4]

Shortly before the Great Cataclysm, Vakama was given a surprise assignment by Turaga Dume, who was actually Makuta Teridax in disguise. The false Dume asked him to forge the Kanohi Vahi, the Legendary Mask of Time.[5]

Vakama was still in the process of finding the correct disks for the project when Lhikan, the sole Toa of Metru Nui, entered his forge and gifted him a Toa Stone. The Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka arrived and a battle ensued, during which Nidhiki captured Vakama and held him above a pit of molten Protodermis. Although Lhikan surrendered to protect the Matoran, Nidhiki attempted to throw the Vakama into the pit regardless; Lhikan managed to save Vakama by kicking his Lavaboard beneath the Matoran, sending him flying from the battle. After Lhikan's capture, Vakama blamed himself for the incident.[5]

The mask maker later inspected the Toa Stone given to him before Dume returned to the forge unannounced. After a brief conversation, Dume departed, and Vakama took the Toa Stone to the Great Temple, where he met five other Matoran: Nokama from Ga-Metru, Matau from Le-Metru, Nuju from Ko-Metru, Onewa from Po-Metru and Whenua from Onu-Metru.[5]

Introducing themselves to each other, the Matoran placed their Toa Stones into the Toa Suva, causing it to release six individual beams of energy. The power dispersed into the Matoran, transforming them into Toa.[5]

Toa Metru

Search for the Great Disks

Vakama chose his Toa Tool from a storage compartment in the Suva, as did his companions. The Toa of Fire obtained an upgraded disk launcher, a weapon that reminded him of his Matoran life, which he had been comfortable with. This choice was ridiculed by Matau, who saw it as an oversized Matoran tool.

While the Toa admired their new forms, Vakama received a vision of Metru Nui being destroyed by the Morbuzakh, a vicious, destructive plant that had appeared recently in the city. He then saw the city restored as six Great Disks flew over him and killed the Morbuzakh. He learned the names of the Matoran who knew where the disks were located: Vhisola, Tehutti, Ahkmou, Orkahm, Ehrye, and his old mentor Nuhrii.[6]

Though some of the Toa doubted the vision, Nokama insisted the premonition could be true and that by obtaining the disks the Toa could stop the Morbuzakh, proving that they were worthy Toa. The six Toa Metru split up in search of the Matoran.[6]

Vakama trapped by the Morbuzakh

Vakama traveled to Ta-Metru, where he encountered Morbuzakh vines attempting to knock over a vat of molten Protodermis. Vakama managed to stop the vines with a pair of freeze Kanoka, noting that the Morbuzakh was weak against the cold.

Vakama learned from the vat control room attendant, Kapura, that a four-legged creature had sabotaged the controls, allowing the Morbuzakh to grab the Protodermis vats. When Vakama asked about Nuhrii, Kapura told him that the Matoran had been looking for a Kanohi he had crafted that he had previously believed to be flawed and discarded. Following Nuhrii's trail to the Protodermis Reclamation Center, Vakama located the mask Nuhrii had been looking for but saw that it was damaged beyond repair.

Kalama, a worker at the yard, showed him a tablet Nuhrii had dropped after seeing the broken mask. The tablet had an offer written upon it to reveal the secret of making a Kanohi from a Great Disk, should the bearer of the tablet came to an abandoned Mask Maker's house. Struck by another vision of Nuhrii in danger, Vakama rushed toward the house, which was located in a region known to be inhabited by Morbuzakh. There, he found Nuhrii buried underneath a pile of rubble and carefully dug him out before bringing him to the Great Temple. Vakama reunited with the other Toa Metru, all of whom were convinced that one of the Matoran had betrayed the other five and assisted in leading them into their traps. The Toa correctly deduced that the traitor was the Po-Matoran Ahkmou.

Vakama prophesying the destruction of Metru Nui and the search for the Great Disks

Separating into three groups, Vakama and Nuhrii journeyed with Onewa and Ahkmou to the Fire Pits. While taking a shortcut through the Reclamation Center, Vakama and Onewa were ambushed by Nidhiki and fell on a chute leading into one of the furnaces. Vakama managed to absorb the massive amount of heat from the furnace, saving both Toa from burning. Once in the Fire Pits, Nuhrii and Vakama were attacked by Morbuzakh tendrils. The two managed to find the Ta-Metru Great Disk and escape by reconstituting the tendrils with a Kanoka disk.[7][8]

When trying to retrieve the Po-Metru Great Disk from the Sculpture Fields, the four beings encountered a mad Tunneler. Vakama made the mistake of channeling fire at the Rahi, causing it to absorb the elemental energy and adapt, engulfing itself in flame. It was only after Onewa sent sand at the creature did it turn into glass, thus immobilizing itself. They found the Po-Metru Great Disk wedged into a precariously balanced sculpture and returned once more to the Great Temple.

Having acquired all six Great Disks and having elected Vakama as their leader, the twelve Toa and Matoran journeyed to Ta-Metru hoping to destroy the Morbuzakh's king root, which they suspected to be in the Great Furnace. The beings were forced to hide in an abandoned forge after nearly being discovered by a squad of Nuurakh, and they were then struck by thousands of Morbuzakh seeds from which vines burst to strangle the group. They escaped and entered the Great Furnace, where they were met with an attack from more Morbuzakh vines. Trapped, the six Matoran combined into a Matoran Nui and freed the Toa, who continued alone. Approaching the center of the furnace, they met the king root, and a furious battle ensued.[7]

Though the group initially struggled to cope with the overwhelming power of the Morbuzakh and the oppressive heat of the furnace, the battle turned when the Toa Metru feigned defeat and taunted the king root, causing it to grab them and bring them close enough to unleash the powers of the Great Disks. The Morbuzakh was destroyed by the energies unleashed upon it, and the Toa Metru were relieved to have won their first major confrontation.[7]

The Archives

On their way to the Coliseum to see Turaga Dume, the Toa were approached by the Archivist Nuparu, who informed them of a small leak in the Archives coming from the Silver Sea. Since Vakama's leadership role had been temporary, the Toa debated on who should be sent to seal the leak, eventually deciding to travel as a group.[9]

Coming to a six-way fork in the underground path, Whenua suggested to split up in order to find the crack. Vakama wandered down his own tunnel for a time before meeting with Nokama, who was actually Krahka, a shapeshifting Rahi, in disguise. Turning his back on her, Krahka knocked Vakama unconscious with her copied powers.[9]

Once he awoke, the Toa of Fire sought out the real Nokama and attacked her, believing she was a traitor. Onewa soon came to defend her and turned on Vakama, as he had also experienced the Rahi's trickery. Eventually Matau and Nuju appeared and stopped the fight. Krahka then appeared to them in Whenua's form, explaining her own nature in an attempt to trick the group into trusting her, though the Toa all refused to leave the archives without solving the mystery.[9]

The group soon came upon a large trench with an attached cable stretching across both sides. Nokama, Whenua and Matau began to easily move across the rope. As Vakama followed suit, a Rahkshi of Intangibility broke the bridge, causing it to collapse and leaving Nuju and Onewa on the other side unable to help the Toa of Fire. As Stone Rats dwelling at the bottom of the trench began to claw up the cable, Vakama detached himself and the stone rats by launching a disk at the rope, cutting it. The fallen Toa was saved by Matau, who soared in to retrieve him. Vakama was later admonished for his reckless behavior by Nokama, who explained he shouldn't have attempted to sacrifice himself.[9]

Vakama and the rest of his team were later ambushed by Rahkshi in a darker section of the Archives as Whenua revealed himself to be the Krahka. Nokama later found Vakama unconscious and awoke him. The Toa of Fire then freed Nuju from a cage of electric stasis with a Kanoka disk.[9]

After using Nuju as bait to find Krahka, the Toa discovered her lair and freed the real Whenua. Krahka battled against them, hoping to conquer the city above once the Toa were gone. Vakama ultimately found the way to defeat the Krahka: psychological warfare. Breaking down, the Krahka quickly escaped from them in the form of a Lava Eel, which Vakama allowed to pass by him unharmed as he pitied the creature's ultimate loneliness. The Toa located and repaired the leak, eventually returning to their goal of presenting the Great Disks to Turaga Dume.[9]

Great Cataclysm

Vakama with two Great Disks

Upon being presented with the Great Disks, Dume turned the gifts down and proclaimed the Toa Metru to be false Toa. Vakama was handed the disks by his disappointed teammates, and the Turaga then announced a test of the Toa Metru using the obstacles set around the stadium. After they failed the challenge, Dume denounced them as impostors to the Matoran and ordered them to be arrested by the Vahki. Onewa, Whenua, and Nuju were captured by the Coliseum security system, but Vakama managed to save himself, Nokama, and Matau by firing multiple Kanoka at a massive statue of Lhikan, causing it to collapse and provide a diversion. The three Toa were branded fugitives as they escaped through the Chute systems hoping to find Lhikan and to clear their names.[5]

The three Toa stowed away on an Airship, where they encountered the Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka, though they managed to escape.[10] While traveling through Metru Nui, Vakama was struck with a vision in which a spectral Lhikan and Dume warned him of coming turmoil. Awakening from his dream, Vakama joined in a battle against a rampaging Tahtorak they had released earlier. The Toa managed to defeat it by causing it to fall through the ground several floors below.[11]

Seeing Lhikan's Spirit Star traveling toward Po-Metru, the three decided to head there in hopes of finding the Toa of Fire, boarding a Vahki Transport for fast travel. Vakama saw another vision in which all the Matoran of Metru Nui were trapped in Matoran Spheres, and he found identical ones in the transport, but they were empty. While experimenting with the Great Disks, Vakama later succeeded in combining three of them, finding comfort in the task of his old life.[6]

In Po-Metru, the Toa were again confronted by the Dark Hunters, but their battle was interrupted by a herd of stampeding Kikanalo, which caused the Hunters to flee. Nokama was able to convince the chief of the herd to help them using her Mask of Translation, which she had recently learned how to activate. Riding on the Rahi, they traveled through the Canyon of Unending Whispers and discovered a prison guarded by a large group of Vahki. With the newly-discovered powers of Matau's Mask of Illusion, the Toa were able to destroy the Vahki, outwit the Dark Hunters, and enter the prison. There, the three were reunited with Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua, and they met a Turaga who revealed himself to be Lhikan. Lhikan asked about the heart of Metru Nui, which the Toa had been entrusted with, though Vakama had erroneously believed the heart to be Lhikan himself; Lhikan revealed the true heart of the city was the Matoran, who were being rounded up in the Coliseum and placed into the stasis-inducing Matoran Spheres.[5]

Underground in Onu-Metru, the Toa and Turaga discovered the true Turaga Dume in a Matoran Sphere and realized the Turaga currently ruling the city was an impostor. The group commandeered a Vahki transport to escape, encountering and defeating a swarm of Lohrak during their travels.[5]

At the Coliseum, Teridax revealed himself to the Toa, enacting his master plan and inciting the Great Cataclysm. Vakama and his team, acting on another one of his visions, rescued six Matoran in pods, and the Toa then decided to journey past the Great Barrier to find a refuge for the rest of the Matoran. However, Teridax pursued them after absorbing his Rahi Nivawk, the Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka, and the power supply of Metru Nui, increasing his size and his power. During the journey, Vakama took the final Great Disks and continued crafting the Kanohi Vahi.[5]

Vakama attempting to use the Vahi on Teridax

As the Toa reached the Great Barrier, Teridax confronted them, and Vakama was forced to fight the Makuta for control of the Vahi. Vakama attempted to use the Legendary Kanohi against Teridax, but his inability to control it properly caused time to slow down around both of them. Turaga Lhikan sacrificed himself, jumping in front of a Shadow Hand created by Teridax and taking the impact instead of Vakama; the resulting blast knocked the mask off of Vakama and into the Silver Sea. Lhikan expressed his pride in Vakama before dying and in doing so finally gave Vakama the confidence necessary to activate his Mask of Concealment. Running around with his Kanohi activated, Vakama was able to trick Teridax into grabbing the Great Barrier with a Shadow Hand and retracting it, debilitating the Makuta when he impacted the rock. Vakama then joined with the other five Toa to imprison Teridax in a Toa Seal. After finally seeing their own Spirit Stars above them in the sky, the Toa left Metru Nui through the Great Barrier, seeking a new home for the Matoran.[5]

On the way, they discovered the Onu-Matoran and former Archivist Mavrah, who had hidden himself beyond the Great Barrier with a large group of ancient ocean Rahi and several Kralhi. Mavrah prevented them from passing and captured them, believing the Toa were sent to arrest him for stealing the Rahi years ago. After failing to reason with the Onu-Matoran, Vakama and the rest of the Toa Metru managed to escape while Mavrah perished in the ensuing struggle.[12]

The Toa eventually found an island above Metru Nui, which they later named Mata Nui after the Great Spirit. While on Mata Nui, Vakama received another vision foreshadowing the eventual loss of his powers. Acting on this vision, he convinced the rest of the Toa to put a small amount of their Toa Power into new Toa Stones to ensure that the Matoran would not go unprotected if they failed their mission.[13]

Maze of Shadows

While investigating the Po-Wahi region of Mata Nui, Onewa came upon a tunnel into the ground. Believing it would lead back to Metru Nui, the six Toa chose to travel through it. Vakama led his group past various Rahi that were hostile or sick and located both a pool Energized Protodermis and a Bohrok Nest. At the sight of these nests, Vakama experienced another vision in which the Bohrok attacked Mata Nui. Later they battled the Rahi Nui, which easily outmatched them and fatally wounded Nokama. However, it was ultimately defeated by Vakama and Nuju, who unleashed their elemental powers on the creature for it to absorb. The energy was too much for it, and the Rahi Nui grew in size until its molecules dispersed.[13]

Seeking help for Nokama, the Toa Metru were ambushed by the plant being Karzahni. Learning of his past with Makuta, the Toa agreed to help him acquire Energized Protodermis in exchange for healing Nokama. With Karzahni having given Nokama a temporary cure, the six Toa located a vial to contain the Energized Protodermis. As they took the vial, a "Kratana" attached itself to Onewa, who was given a horrible vision of the Visorak. Vakama removed the creature for Onewa’s sake, and the Toa of Stone then apologized to the Toa of Fire for not believing his visions and pitied the strain he received from them. Continuing on, they made their way into a large chamber where they met the Energized Protodermis Entity. After demonstrating its destructive powers on Rahi and refusing to let them take a portion of the Protodermis, the entity attacked the angered Toa. They learned how to defeat the entity by causing the chamber to fall down upon it before filling the vial.[13]

The Toa then returned to Karzahni, and the plant gave Nokama a full cure before using the Energized Protodermis on itself. It was not destined to use it, however, and was destroyed by the substance much to the team’s unease.[13]

Toa Hordika

Vakama as a Toa Hordika

The return to Metru Nui was horrifying for Vakama and his team of Toa. The city had been hit by the Great Cataclysm, and many Rahi had escaped the Archives and now ran free around the city. After sailing across the Silver Sea in a storm that destroyed their second boat, Vakama had fully taken up the leadership role of the Toa Metru and haughtily lead his team towards the Coliseum to save the Matoran despite the other Toa's concerns. Once there they were ambushed by Visorak, and having been cocooned by the spiders, the Toa were transformed into the bestial Toa Hordika by the Visorak's venom. Rescued by the Rahaga, who had been mutated similarly, the half-Toa half-Rahi began to lapse into fits of uncontrollable rage and violence. The Rahaga informed them about their new forms and told the Toa they could be cured by Keetongu, a legendary Rahi, but that the transformation would be permanent if not cured soon. The Toa chose to rescue the Matoran first and to worry about themselves later. Vakama left the discussion in a fit of rage, feeling he had failed his team, only to return after some urging to lead the Toa once more. They continued to hunt for Airship parts with the Rahaga to create a means by which they could transport the slumbering Matoran to Mata Nui.

On a scouting mission, Vakama, Norik, and Onewa observed a group of Visorak taking down a herd of peaceful Kikanalo. Enraged by the ways of the Visorak, Vakama charged a Rhotuka and sent it down at the Roporak. The Roporak freed themselves quickly and Vakama dove down to fight them. Upon defeating these Roporak with the assistance of Onewa, Norik reminded the Toa Hordika of Keetongu. Vakama was reminded of Turaga Dume, whom they had been forced to abandon earlier. Summoning the Toa Hordika to Po-Metru, they sought out Dume's location, and after narrowly escaping a Visorak trap, found him and discovered that his pod had malfunctioned and he had escaped. Dume went into hiding as the Toa Hordika returned to the surface.

After returning to the surface, Vakama located Gaaki and Norik alone and surrounded by three Visorak. Upon Vakama's defeating of the spiders, the Rahaga told him about the Makoki Stones and sent him to find the first one so that the Avohkii could be found. Avoiding Visorak on the way, Vakama found his stone. Just then, a Lava Eel melted the beam he was standing on, and the Toa fell. Onewa saved Vakama just in time with a Rhotuka. Vakama explained the quest to his teammate and Onewa set off. When all the stones were obtained, the Toa met at the Great Temple and unlocked the Avohkii with the stones.

On their quest to construct the Airships, Vakama found demoralizing information on a Toa Disk with Nuhrii's mask on it; Vakama's own disk, the Toa noticed, had something else written on it which was scratched out and replaced with his mask. Breaking into Toa Lhikan's chambers, Vakama found his journal which revealed that the Toa had initially intended to give the Toa Stones to the Matoran who knew the locations of the Great Disks. At the last moment, however, Lhikan had decided against it, and the names of Vakama and his teammates had appeared in his mind. The Toa Hordika learned this change of names was influenced by Teridax. The discovery drove Vakama to blame himself and his team for the destruction of Metru Nui.

The Toa Hordika would later partake in an assault against the Visorak horde over a fortress. The Toa successfully defeated the Visorak and obtained the stronghold despite losing Krahka and a Tahtorak, both of whom had sacrificed themselves into the Zone of Darkness alongside the Zivon. During the battle, Vakama would become so disheartened over their situation that he would hesitate to assist his team.

Some time later, Vakama and Onewa sent Nokama and Matau on a scouting mission before hunting down and freeing Whenua, Nuju, Bomonga and Kualus, who were trapped under rubble in the Archives. Upon freeing them, they and the other Rahaga went to rendezvous with Nokama and Matau, who had gone on a scouting mission. On the way, Vakama got into an argument with Whenua and nearly strangled him in anger; he was stopped by Nuju.

Vakama meeting with Roodaka

Vakama's bitterness at his tension with his teammates, his guilt at his sense of failure, and his utter hopelessness on his quest to save the Matoran eventually grew too painful to bear. He took to going on walks alone to think about the situation, and on one of these walks he was captured by Visorak and taken to Roodaka. Roodaka offered Vakama the chance of becoming the commander of the Visorak and, in his despair, he took the opportunity and joined Roodaka and Sidorak, seeing this as just what he needed in order to save the Matoran.

That night, Vakama went to the Great Temple, where the other Toa Hordika and the Rahaga were. Vakama spoke to Norik from the shadows when the Rahaga was alone, revealing his change in perspective. He then captured the other five Rahaga and trapped Norik under rubble. The Toa of Fire took the Rahaga to Sidorak as proof of his worth and was appointed the commander of the Visorak.

The other five Toa Hordika, along with the Rahaga and the recently-discovered Rahi Keetongu, launched an all-out assault on the Coliseum. Vakama ordered the Visorak to attack when his former friends refused to submit. In the midst of the battle, Matau was able to climb the where tower Vakama was stationed and confronted him in a fight. The Toa of Air lost the duel, but was able to bring Vakama back to his senses and apologized for his own failings and previous insults against the Toa of Fire. Understanding what he had done was wrong, Vakama returned to his fellow Toa Hordika, who were united once more. Sidorak, meanwhile, was slain by Keetongu, leaving only Roodaka to be dealt with. All six Toa Hordika save Vakama fired their Elemental spinners at her. As Vakama was preparing to fire his own, Rahaga Norik shouted at him to stop, but it was too late. As Vakama's Fire Rhotuka hit Roodaka, the combination of the six elements impacted on her heartstone, which was carved from the same Protodermis that imprisoned Teridax. With the elemental seal of his prison unlocked, Teridax broke free and carried Roodaka away with him. Vakama, as the leader of the Visorak, disbanded the horde, and Keetongu cured the Hordika, transforming them back into Toa Metru. Using Airships, the Toa carried the sleeping Matoran away from Metru Nui and to their new home, the island of Mata Nui.

Retrieving the Vahi

As his team ventured across the Silver Sea, Vakama, knowing that the Vahi was still submerged in the ocean, explained to the other Toa Metru that he was going to retrieve it. The Toa, finally having formed a bond of friendship with each other, were uncomfortable with leaving Vakama, but allowed him to venture alone to find mask, planning to meet them on Mata Nui.

Locating the Vahi underwater at the Great Barrier, Vakama found the mask was cracked and leaking energy. Its power caused everything within its vicinity to age rapidly, and Vakama was forced to repair and seal it at a distance before retrieving the Kanohi. As the Toa began his swim home, he was caught in an erupting waterspout that pushed him onto a cliff of Metru Nui. There the Dark Hunter Voporak arrived and stole the mask as Vakama slipped into unconsciousness and fell back into the sea.

Vakama had awoken as a Matoran in Metru Nui, not knowing he was under the mental effects of Makuta Teridax. In the near duplicate world, Vakama's investigations revealed that Nuju, Nokama, Onewa, and Whenua were still Matoran. Matau was dead, killed by the still roaming Morbuzakh, and Nuhrii, Vhisola, Orkahm, Ahkmou, Tehutti, and Ehrye were all Toa. In the illusion, Turaga Lhikan had not been captured by the Dark Hunters, and ruled jointly with Turaga Dume.

Assuming that this timeline had been created by the Vahi, Vakama journeyed to Ga-Metru and recruited Nokama to find more information about the mask. Entering the Great Temple together, Vakama gained more information about Voporak's constant mission. Seeking another way out of the world he lived in, Vakama lead Nokama towards a Po-Metru cave that Onewa had told him about. Inside was one of Teridax's many lairs, where the Ta-Matoran found a Kratana dwelling inside. Vakama attached the creature to his mask, giving him a vision of the future Toa Krakua. The Toa of Sonics stressed to Vakama the need to fail his mission if that meant evil could be stopped. He also revealed a new team of Toa would come into being. The vision ended as Turaga Lhikan arrived and pulled the Kratana off of Vakama. In response, realizing it was all a dream, the Toa of Fire grabbed a nearby disk and threw it at Nokama, passing right through her and thus shattering the vision. Vakama found a Boggarak in Nokama’s place, and Lhikan was uncovered as Teridax.

Teridax revealed to Vakama that he still desired the Vahi, and then learned from the Toa that it was no longer in his possession, having been stolen by Voporak. This made Teridax angry, but he offered Vakama a truce while they sought to retrieve the Vahi from the Dark Hunter.

The two emerged from the lair and found Voporak guarding the cave’s main entrance, but did not see the Vahi. Deducing that the Shadowed One now had possession of the mask, Teridax distracted Voporak by summoning an army of Rahkshi, who were all slaughtered by the being's time-accelerated shield. Vakama was horrified and disgusted at Teridax's willingness to sacrifice the Rahkshi so readily.

Their search led them to the Great Temple, where Vakama and Teridax discussed why the Makuta chose his team as Toa. Vakama journeyed inside alone while Makuta stood guard. There, Sentrakh, who had journeyed to Metru Nui alongside the Shadowed One, engaged in combat with Vakama, the former barely emerging as the victor. As Vakama made his way out of the Great Temple, Makuta used the Toa as a bargaining chip with the Shadowed One, who had come to take revenge on Vakama for killing two Dark Hunters, Nidihiki and Krekka. In response, Vakama exclaimed to the leader of the Dark Hunters that the Makuta had been the one to kill them, not the Toa, showing Teridax’s current appearance of the two Dark Hunter forms as proof. Enraged, the Shadowed One fought against Teridax and proclaimed war. Vakama eventually took and escaped with the Vahi by utilizing his disk launcher's jetpack function. The Shadowed One destroyed the launcher with his eyebeams, sending Vakama spiraling out of control.

The Toa Metru of Fire was saved by the Karzahni plant, which had re-grown from parts of its former self used to keep the Lhikan II afloat. It hinted to Vakama of the existence of the Order of Mata Nui and that Vakama and the teammates were in fact intended to be Toa; Makuta had been tricked into picking them. Before more could be revealed, Karzahni was struck and killed by Teridax, who had beaten Voporak and the Shadowed One and was once more in pursuit of Vakama and the Vahi.

Vakama led Teridax into the Protodermis Reclamation Center, where he threatened to destroy the Vahi and unravel the fabric of time itself rather than have it be controlled by Makuta. He and Teridax then made a deal where it was agreed that Teridax would leave the Matoran in peace for one year on the island of Mata Nui and Vakama would not destroy the Vahi. Teridax teleported Vakama to the Great Barrier in slight amusement, and the Toa of Fire journeyed upward toward Mata Nui, reuniting with the other Toa Metru. After his return to the island of Mata Nui, Vakama and the other five Toa relinquished their Toa Power to revive the Matoran from their slumber.

Vakama sacrificing his Toa Power


Mata Nui

Vakama as a Turaga

Now a Turaga, Vakama was faced with the task of leading and protecting his Matoran from the wild Rahi and Teridax, who made life difficult for the Matoran on their island paradise. In the absence of Toa, Vakama used his diminished elemental powers to aid in the defense of his village and agreed to the formation of the Ta-Koro Guard. He also chose Jaller as his right hand Matoran and Kapura as his left. Vakama would often reference the legends he saw in the Fires of the Mangai, and he would come to be nicknamed "the Legend-Keeper."

Vakama banished Takua from Ta-Koro due to his lack of a work ethic. Not long before the arrival of the Toa Mata, Vakama was captured by Fire Mahi. He also lost his Firestaff, which ended up in the tunnels of Onu-Wahi. Shortly after he and his tool were recovered by Takua, who later summoned the Toa Mata to Mata Nui by placing six Toa Stones the Toa Metru had once created in the Kini-Nui.

When Toa Tahu first arrived in Ta-Wahi and was trapped by Jaller, Vakama intervened, stopping Tahu from taking his revenge on the captain of the guard. After aiding Tahu in his search for Kanohi, Vakama asked Takua to gather the Chronicler's Company to protect the six Toa from being trapped underneath the Kini-Nui while they confronted Teridax. Afterward, Vakama spoke with Takua after the Matoran’s long journey and calmed him after witnessing the awakening of the first Bohrok. Vakama then welcomed Takua back to his home in Ta-Koro.

The Turaga relating the stories of Metru Nui to the Toa Nuva

After the Pahrak and Kohrak attacked Ta-Koro, Vakama told the Toa Mata of the Bohrok, causing the Toa to wonder how many secrets the Turaga were hiding. After the transformation of the Toa Nuva, Vakama witnessed the attack of the Bohrok-Kal, in which the Toa Nuva lost their elemental powers. During the Bohrok-Kal’s attack, Vakama was trapped with Toa Nuva in the Place of Shadow. Facing the Rahi Nui for the second time, he confronted the beast by turning invisible and taunting it. As the beast remembered and hated Vakama's voice, it charged him, jamming its horns into the wall and allowing the Toa and Turaga to escape.

Vakama was present when the Mask of Light was rediscovered. Following the translation of the inscriptions on the mask, he gave Jaller, who appeared to be the Herald of the Seventh Toa, the quest to find the Toa and sent Takua to chronicle Jaller's adventures. Following the departure of the two Matoran, Ta-Koro was invaded by three Rahkshi, which Vakama attempted to fend off until Tahu relieved him, allowing him to assist in the evacuation of the village prior to its destruction. Vakama encouraged Takanuva to complete his destiny following Jaller's death and after Takanuva defeated Teridax, and the Turaga was present when Metru Nui’s passage was reopened. Vakama then decided to share his tales of his time as a Toa with the Toa Nuva and Matoran.

In the period following the fall of Ta-Koro, Vakama resided in Po-Koro.[14] After boats were constructed, Vakama and the entire population of Mata Nui sailed across the Silver Sea and set foot on Metru Nui once again.

Return to Metru Nui

As soon as the Matoran returned, the Turaga and the Toa Nuva were summoned to a meeting by Dume, where he explained that Mata Nui was dying. He immediately told the Toa to go to an island called Voya Nui, where the only hope was the Mask of Life.[15] After the Toa departed in Toa Canisters, Jaller assumed something was wrong and became determined to learn of the problem. Dume and Vakama refused to tell him, leading to the halt of all reconstruction work for Metru Nui much to the elder's surprise. A few days later, the Toa had failed to return, and Vakama feared the worst.[16]

Vakama in Death of a Hero

When the Toa Mahri were teleported back to Metru Nui, Vakama was there to greet them and tell them of Matoro's fate, which he had seen through his visions.[17]

After the Order of Mata Nui occupied Metru Nui to convert it into a war fortress for their final confrontation against the Brotherhood, Vakama and the other Turaga were not compliant with their plans and were therefore confined in the Coliseum.[18] Despite his confinement, Vakama was able to gather the events of the Destiny War.[19]

Vakama then left his chamber in the Coliseum, proceeding to the chamber which stored the Kanohi Vahi and other valuable artifacts. As he headed down a flight of stairs, Vakama heard a loud crash from the chamber and found six collapsed Ta-Matoran, all heavily-armed, and the door to the chamber broken. The Turaga was helpless as the Dark Hunter Voporak departed through a hole in the Coliseum with the Mask of Time, killing a four-armed warrior along the way.[19]

Later, Vakama manned barricades during the Siege of Metru Nui. When Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu returned from Artidax, Vakama explained the recent events concerning the Kanohi Vahi. Jaller said they required an edge against the Rahkshi invaders, to which Vakama replied that the Toa reinforcements would arrive too late to save the city. Vakama formulated a plan to have Krakua use his sonic powers to awaken the Bohrok beneath the Archives and battle the Rahkshi, which managed to succeed.[20]

The Brotherhood forces were eventually defeated and Vakama and the other Turaga declared a city-wide celebration held in the Coliseum.[20]

Teridax's Reign

During the celebration, Makuta Teridax revealed that he took over the Matoran Universe, and sent Rahkshi into Metru Nui to enforce his will. Vakama assisted in barricading the Matoran of Metru Nui into the Archives to hide from the Rahkshi. He and the rest of the Turaga then found Krahka, who led the Toa Nuva through underground tunnels to the shoreline.[21] However, after Krahka departed to join the rebellion, Vakama and the other Turaga of Metru Nui were captured by Teridax's Rahkshi and were imprisoned in the Coliseum, with Ahkmou taking their place as the new "Turaga."[22]

After the Great Spirit Robot was damaged beyond repair and Teridax was killed as a result of a battle, Vakama migrated to the newly reformed Spherus Magna.[23][24]

Abilities and Traits

Vakama greatly enjoyed his profession of mask making and excelled at it.

When Vakama became a Toa Metru, he was not always certain he was ready for the role of a hero. At times he missed his old life in the foundries, crafting masks for others to wear. His insecurities led to others mocking him, further increasing his sense of self-doubt. After defeating Makuta Teridax and developing as a Toa, Vakama overcame his own doubts and fears, gaining an arrogance that resulted in their capture by the Visorak. While a Toa Hordika, Vakama struggled with the animalistic impulses that plagued him. His bestial nature along with a sense of failure in his responsibility towards the Matoran and guilt of the fate of his friends caused him to defect and join the Visorak army, though a fight with Matau rekindled his bonds of friendship. When he went back to being a Toa Metru, Vakama finally managed to balance his ego and used his solidified personality in a confrontation with Teridax.

After becoming a Turaga, his past experiences gave him the wisdom needed to lead his village on Mata Nui, and he was known for his kind, encouraging words.

Vakama is plagued by visions of the future, an ability he kept hidden from others as he viewed them as unnatural. However, the visions were instrumental in the Toa Metru's quest to save the city. During his time as a Toa Hordika, he lacked the focus to experience visions,[25] and he regained this ability once cured. As a Turaga, Vakama continued to have visions, although these were reduced[citation needed]. He described these visions to the Matoran as being prophecies arising from the Fires of Mangaia, and in turn he was nicknamed "the Legend-Keeper."[26]

As a Toa of Fire, Vakama could create, control, and absorb heat and flame. When he became a Toa Hordika, these abilities were reduced to being channeled through a Rhotuka Launcher, though he regained them after being cured. After becoming a Turaga, these abilities were greatly reduced, and he is limited to using Noble Kanohi.

Mask and Tools

While a Matoran, Vakama often used a Firestaff in the creation of Kanohi. He continued to use this Firestaff even as a Toa.

As a Toa, Vakama chose to use a large Kanoka Disk Launcher, which he used to fire Kanoka, including his Elemental Toa Disk. He could also wield the Disk Launcher as a jetpack. He was harassed for his unconventional weapon choice by Matau. He also carried a backpack to store his Kanoka disks.[27][28] His Kanoka Launcher was eventually damaged beyond repair by the Shadowed One. He bore the Kanohi Huna, the Great Mask of Concealment, which allowed him to become invisible; however, when he activated the mask he still cast a shadow.

When he became a Toa Hordika, Vakama's Disk Launcher was replaced with two Blazer Claws. He also developed a Rhotuka Launcher on his back which could shoot Fire Rhotuka, though he lost his mask power. When he was returned to a Toa Metru, he regained his Disk Launcher and Kanohi Huna. Vakama also acquired a Combat Staff during the Great Rescue.

Turaga Vakama wields his old Firestaff as his Badge of Office and wears a Noble Huna. He also received other Noble Kanohi when they were found by the Toa Mata, but rarely used them. These additional masks were lost when Ta-Koro sank.

Set Information

Vakama Hordika in minifig form

Turaga Vakama was first released in 2001 as one of the six Turaga sets, 8540 Vakama. He also had two promotional releases: 1417 Vakama in 2001 with Kabaya sweets in Japan and another in 2003 with Woolworth's in the United Kingdom. Moving the lever on his back caused him to raise or lower his Firestaff, which would lower itself automatically due to a rubber band. The set contained twenty-seven pieces. The set could be combined with the other five Turaga to create the Turaga Nui. The Kabaya version of Vakama was advertised as combining with 1418 Matau, 1419 Nokama, and 1420 Nuju to create one of three possible combiners.

Toa Vakama was later released in 2004 as the forty-eight piece canister set 8601 Toa Vakama. He was the only Toa Metru set to contain a disk launcher, which was a distinct mold featuring a flame motif. This disk launcher served as his Toa Tool and could be attached to his back either for storage or to act as a jetpack. Being the only Toa to actively use his Toa Disk in the story, his set was also the only Toa Metru set to include it, depicted as a transparent red Kanoka featuring his name in Matoran lettering and an image of his mask. One could swing Vakama's arms in opposite directions by spinning an axle on his back. Combining parts from this set with pieces from 8604 Toa Onewa and 8605 Toa Matau could create a Kralhi, a defunct Vahki predecessor, and combining its parts with those of all five other Toa Metru sets allowed one to build the Rahi Krahka in the form she took when she turned into a fusion of all six Toa Metru.

A special edition version of 8601 Toa Vakama was planned to be distributed during San Diego Comic-Con, featuring a special Comic-Con disk. However, due to a production error, the Comic-Con promotion did not occur, but versions of the Toa Vakama set advertising the exclusive disk were still produced.

P1739 Vakama Pen was a customizable, Toa Vakama-themed pen released in 2004 as a promotional item. A battery-operated Vakama-themed Colgate toothbrush was also released in 2004, which came with the Great Kanohi Huna and a toothbrush cover which could hold the mask piece, colored to match Toa Vakama's eyestalk.

Vakama was released most recently in 2005 as 8736 Toa Hordika Vakama, also a forty-eight piece canister set. Like the other five Toa Hordika sets, it included a Rhotuka launcher and two silver Rhotuka spinners. Parts from this set could be combined with parts from 8738 Toa Hordika Whenua and 8740 Toa Hordika Matau to create a Protocairn, or with only 8738 Toa Hordika Whenua alone to make a Cable Crawler.

Vakama appeared as a Toa Hordika minifigure in four playsets in 2005: 8757 Visorak Battle Ram, 8758 Tower of Toa, 8759 Battle of Metru Nui and 8769 Visorak's Gate. He carried a Combat Staff instead of his Blazer Claws.

In 2006, a cake decorating kit was released based on the 2005 toy line. It included a cake topper of Toa Hordika Vakama, alongside Matau. This figure was a recolored red version of the Matau cake topper, with the exception of his Blazer Claws. This figure was incompatible with LEGO parts. The arms are connected via ball and socket joints, so they can be moved.[29]

A 6 foot tall statue of Toa Metru Vakama was shown at the Toys "R" Us at Times Square in early 2004 as part of a display that also included a Kanoka disk below him with his image on it. This statue was made of fiberglass rather than LEGO System Bricks, as most large models are.[30] A different, but similar, statue is located outside the BIONICLE Power Builder ride at LEGOLAND Deutschland.[31]


"You have spent too much time at the forge, fire-spitter. Your head needs cooling down."
— Toa Onewa, Mystery of Metru Nui

"I desire just one noble destiny, more than any power you can offer me."
— Toa Vakama to Teridax, Legends of Metru Nui

"All I saw was destruction with no purpose."
"So? I'm a Toa. All we do is destroy, didn't you know that? Our friendships, our homes, our city… all just rubble. We save no one, Rahaga, not even ourselves."
— Rahaga Norik and Toa Hordika Vakama, Challenge of the Hordika

"If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone who does nothing but share stories all day long."
— Toa Hordika Vakama, Fractures

"I lead only those that choose to follow, that's the difference between being a leader and a tyrant like you."
— Toa Hordika Vakama to Roodaka, Web of Shadows

"And something else ... our destinies are not written in stone, set in place. They are something we have to find for ourselves."
— Vakama, Web of Shadows

"Toa aren't killers. If we were, we would have started with you."
— Toa Vakama to Teridax, Time Trap

"Makuta looked into Vakama's eyes. They were the eyes of a being who had been driven beyond madness, only to return. They had looked upon a darkness as deep as any Makuta had known, and yet somehow turned back to the light. They were not the eyes of a being who was bluffing."
— Narrator, Time Trap

"I am Vakama. I am the Turaga of this village. I am the Legend-Keeper, the Takara-Leader, he of the Great Firestaff who farms the Mangai's burning core."
— Turaga Vakama to Takua, Mata Nui Online Game


  • Vakama installed the telescopic eyepiece of Nuju's Matatu when the two were Matoran.[32]
  • As a Matoran, Vakama never used or forged a Kanohi from a Teleportation Kanoka.[33]
  • Like all of the other Toa Hordika sets, the hands and weapons are assembled differently between the promotional material and the instructions themselves. The instructions show the weapons being held in the top axle holes of the hands, yet the container image, that carries over to the instruction cover, shows the weapons in one of the side axle holes. The latter configuration carried over into the Web of Shadows film and all of the comic books.
  • Christopher Gaze voiced Turaga Vakama in Mask of Light, Legends of Metru Nui, and Web of Shadows.
  • Alessandro Juliani voiced Toa Vakama and Toa Hordika Vakama in Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows.


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