Ngalawa Boat Racing

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Ngalawa Boat Racing
Matoran Game
Equipment Boat
Location Ga-Wahi (formerly)
Pronunciation NIH-gah-LAH-wah

Ngalawa Boat Racing was a sport popular among the Ga-Matoran prior to the coming of the Toa Mata. Contestants were organized into four teams: red, blue, green and yellow - and each team was assigned to a boat. The team rowed their boat down a hazardous stretch of river, and the first team to reach the end of the river won; winners would be awarded a Copper Mask of Victory. Macku was a champion at the sport.


  • Ngalawa Boat Racing was a minigame in BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa. Although it was able to be accessed through normal gameplay, it could also be unlocked by starting a new game with the name "9MA268".


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