Conflict Between Takanuva and Teridax

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"Perhaps for your next great failure... a simple game of kolhii? Win and you may try to open the gate. When you lose, I'll have that mask."
Makuta Teridax to Toa Takanuva, Mask of Light

Conflict Between Takanuva and Teridax
Conflict Makuta Teridax seeks to defeat Toa Takanuva and acquire the Kanohi Avohkii
Combatants Takanuva
Location Mangaia
Result Takanuva victorious
Jaller revived
Matoran able to return to Metru Nui

The Conflict Between Takanuva and Teridax occurred when Toa Takanuva entered the lair of Makuta Teridax.



  • Defeat Teridax


  • Defeat Takanuva (nominally)
  • Seize the Kanohi Avohkii (nominally)
  • Trick the Matoran into returning to Metru Nui


After traveling to Mangaia using the Ussanui, Toa Takanuva, recently transformed into a Toa, declared to Teridax who he was and challenged him to a fight. When he heard no response, he accused Teridax of hiding. As he finished saying that, Teridax came out of the shadow, and began using his powers to instill fear into Takanuva, as he had done to him when he was a Matoran. Teridax then challenged Takanuva to a crude game of kolhii, in which each of the combatants would use their weapons to charge a ball of Energized Protodermis with either Shadow or Light, and then hit the projectile at the other. As the game began, Takanuva found himself losing against Teridax, and barely surviving.

The conflict as seen in BIONICLE: The Game

Hahli, meanwhile, ascended to the surface after Takanuva told her to summon the Turaga, Matoran, and Toa Nuva. She told the gathered villagers of Takanuva's plea to have the others go down to Mangaia as well. This raised much argument, especially among Vakama and Onewa. As Takanuva fought for his life down below, Hahli gave a motivational speech, during which she mentioned Jaller's sacrifice for the island. Having convinced them, Hahli and the others went down into Teridax's lair, and witnessed Takanuva's battle. As the two looked around at the new arrivals, Teridax taunted Takanuva and destroyed the way by which they came, trapping them. Takanuva, enraged by this act, took a ball of Energized Protodermis, imbued with light, and flung it at Teridax, using his special move he had attempted during a kolhii tounament earlier.

Caught off guard, Teridax was blasted back. As Takanuva went to investigate, Teridax rose again. As he prepared to attack, Takanuva jumped on him, and tried to unmask Teridax. This caused the two beings to fall into the pool of Energized Protodermis. As the Matoran gathered around the pool, a glow began to encompass the room. Within moments, a new being rose from the liquid, a fusion of Takanuva and Teridax, Takutanuva. As this being spoke, he lifted a massive gateway. Struggling, he succeeded in lifting it, and the island's inhabitants crossed through. As Hahli moved through, Takutanuva stopped her, and took the mask she was carrying. Focusing his power, he used his energy to bring the mask's owner, Jaller, back to life. As Jaller and Hahli continued moving, a struggle took place within Takutanuva. While Teridax tried to take control, the weakened body of Takutanuva could not take the pressure of the massive door above him. The two split apart and the door fell on them, crushing Teridax's armor, and Takanuva's Avohkii was thrown from the gate.


After the dust cleared, Vakama picked up Takanuva's mask, and began a ceremony at a carving on the floor of the symbol of the Three Virtues. As the Toa clasped hands, Hahli stood on the Unity symbol, while Jaller stood on the Duty symbol. As Vakama placed the mask on the Destiny symbol, there was a whirlwind of dust. On that spot, Takanuva was regenerated, and spoke to his friend, Jaller, as the ceremony ended. After finishing, he used his powers over light to illuminate the area, revealing another island. As the Turaga saw their homeland for the first time in 1,000 years, they told the others that for Mata Nui to be awakened, they must return to the Matoran's home island. The island's villagers then proceeded in building boats to facilitate their return.


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