Bohrok Invasion

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"Before the Toa arrived to defeat Makuta, we couldn't believe there could be anything worse than the Rahi. Today we were proven wrong."
Turaga Vakama, Wall of History

Bohrok Invasion
Great WarThe Rebuilding
Swarms of Kohrak and Pahrak
Witnesses Residents of Mata Nui
Time Less than one year ago
Actions Bohrok swarms attempt to clear the island of Mata Nui of all matter
Significance Major

The Bohrok Invasion was a major event that occurred following Makuta Teridax's "defeat" at the hands of the Toa Mata on the island of Mata Nui, involving the Toa, Turaga and Matoran pitted against the invading insect-like Bohrok swarms. After the swarms were subdued, the Toa Nuva were forced to deal with the newly activated Bohrok-Kal, who were sent on a mission to restart the invasion.


Awakening and Attack on Ta-Koro

Takua, watching the Bohrok awake

The invasion started after the Toa Mata defeated Teridax. In order to occupy the Toa while he restored his energies and contemplate how to further manipulate them into following his plan, Teridax activated a signal to awaken the Bohrok Swarms below Mata Nui. Meanwhile, Takua, who had just witnessed the Makuta's defeat, stumbled upon the Bohrok Nests. As the Bohrok began to awaken, he escaped narrowly using the nest's escape portal. Becoming fully activated, the Bohrok began attacking Ta-Koro. Kapura ran to Kini-Nui where the Toa Mata were discussing their victory over Makuta and warned the Toa of the Bohrok's awakening. The Toa then used their Golden Kanohi to race to Ta-Koro.

They attacked on sight of the beings which consisted of Pahrak and Kohrak. Lewa attempted to fight them but was quickly brought down by the Kohrak's icy blast. Pahrak swarms meanwhile created avalanches which scrambled Pohatu and Onua. The Toa quickly conversed as to why the Bohrok were destroying the land, not paying much attention to the Matoran or the Toa unless the latter got in the way. The six finally ran the creatures off thanks to Lewa and Gali combining their powers to make a storm.

The Toa learned from Turaga Vakama that these creatures meant to destroy all of Mata Nui, for reasons even the Turaga did not understand. There were six different swarms of Bohrok each carrying a Krana the creatures' brain, which when placed upon another being would be able to control that person's mind.

The Toa then separated, heading to their respective villages to defend them from this spreading threat.

Attack on Po-Koro

Very soon after Ta-Koro's battle, a swarm of Tahnok came toward the outskirts of Po-Koro. Because of the layout of the stone village, the only way in and out of Po-Koro was through the main gate. Knowing of no way to escape, as the Bohrok would surely be at the gate before everyone could evacuate, Turaga Onewa ordered that the main statues on the Path of Prophecies be knocked down in order to seal the main door, following a last resort. Hafu, the Po-Matoran who had built the sculptures, knew how to tear down them quickest, and was going to be sent out with a small team to help.

The Tahnok about to launch a Krana at Hafu.

Before the attempt could take place though, the Bohrok charged the entrance sooner than expected which led to an ambush. Hafu, however, had already made it outside the walls of the village, and began to crumble the figure heads. While the Matoran succeeded, this left Hafu outside the village, with no way of returning inside. A Tahnok spotted the Po-Matoran and fired a Krana towards him, which the Po-Matoran avoided and was saved from by the sudden appearance of Pohatu. Because of the Toa's quick thinking, and a little help from Huki, who was watching the fight, Pohatu and Hafu were able to escape and make it back to the village. Pohatu was able to defend Po-Koro from the first wave of Tahnok and defeated many. But after more attacks from swarms of Pahrak and Lehvak, the village fled the city as they would not be able to stop the swarm assault indefinitely. The Po-Matoran and their Turaga journeyed toward Ga-Koro for refuge.

Invention in Onu-Koro

Soon after the awakening, Nuhvok swarms started collapsing the caves of Onu-Wahi. Onua faced one and managed to gather several Nuhvok Krana, but before the battle could be concluded the Nuhvok evacuated the caves. This allowed Gahlok to begin flooding Onu-Wahi and the Great Mine. The damage spread deeply, and the Onu-Matoran living there were no match for the creatures. Because of this, Whenua ordered the abandonment of Onu-Koro before it was eventually flooded as well.

Nuparu's discovery of the shut down Gahlok

Onepu and Taipu led the retreat, directing Matoran toward a tunnel which would lead to the surface. After most of the Matoran left Onu-Koro, the Gahlok struck again flooding a huge part of the underground city. As the last Onu-Matoran, Nuparu, reached for the escape tunnel, the floods hit the three Matoran and pushed them into a separate cave. A layer of rocks blocked the exit.

Nuparu naming his design, Boxor

The Onu-Matoran conversed for a moment after finding a shutdown Gahlok and began to dig their way out. Nuparu however, being an Engineer and having an inventor's mind, thought up the plans for a new robotic design. The Onu-Matoran then began to work on the machine.

Breaking through the rubble easily in the suit contraption, the three encountered two Gahlok attacking Onu-Koro once more. Before engaging in battle, Nuparu titled the machine, Boxor.

Destruction of Ko-Koro

As Kopaka headed toward Ko-Koro, Tahnok swarms started attacking Ko-Wahi, successfully melting the Three Brothers Bridge, though the village itself escaped notice due to being hidden beneath an ice field. The Toa of Ice followed and battled the Tahnok near Mount Ihu, managing to drive off the first swarm. Soon after, however, more Tahnok managed to break into Ko-Koro and destroy it.

Trap in Po-Wahi

In Po-Wahi, the Toa set up a trap for a swarm of Tahnok, to collect several Krana. Onua excavated a tunnel connecting a canyon in Po-Wahi to the sea, while Kopaka froze the entrance of the tunnel, blocking the passage of the water. When the Tahnok swarm arrived, Pohatu kicked a rock into the ice at the tunnel's entrance, breaking it and releasing the water which then flooded the canyon, stunning the Tahnok long enough for Gali to dive in and collect their Krana. The Tahnok quickly recovered and began causing the water to boil, weakening the Toa of Water. Meanwhile, several Tahnok above melted a section of the canyon wall to cause a large rock to fall on Gali. She managed to evade them, however, and burst through water surface to join Pohatu and leave the canyon, as the Tahnok were beginning to burn handholds in the canyon wall. Later, Pohatu and Gali were chased by Tahnok but managed to defeat them through use of their Elemental Powers.

Battle for Le-Koro

The Lehvak were the first to come upon the undefended Le-Koro, and overtook the village. All Le-Matoran, except for Tamaru and Kongu, and their one Turaga Matau were controlled by the Bahrag after having their masks replaced with Krana. Afterward, Nuhvok as well began to enter into the territory. Toa Lewa had arrived soon after, and, unwilling to fight his own people, allowed himself to be captured. His Kanohi was soon also replaced with a Krana.

Days later the Toa, worried for their absent comrade, sent Onua to search for the Toa of Air. He retrieved Lewa's Kanohi from a Lehvak Va camp and continued his search. Soon after, he was attacked by the manipulated Lewa.

Lewa controlled by a Krana

Onua did not engage in the battle however, and told Lewa he did not believe the Krana had complete control over his will. He noted that if it did, the Toa and Matoran would have already lost. Reaching out, Onua allowed Lewa to overcome the Krana's influence, the latter tearing the parasite-like mask off. Onua had brought along some Boxor to help take back control of Le-Koro, which defeated the small swarm of Lehvak coming toward the two Toa.

Boxor taking back Le-Koro

Takua and Nuparu, with a small squad of Boxor, journeyed toward the hideout of the only free Le-Matoran, Kongu and Tamaru. After telling them the good news about Lewa's liberation and learning about the situation at hand, the four began to make a plan to take back Le-Koro and the inhabitants.

The next morning, Kongu and Tamaru lured the rampaging Nuhvok through the forest. The objective was the get this type of Bohrok out in the open, as Nuhvok were more comfortable in tighter spaces. The two Matoran eventually lead the swarm into a clearing. There, many of the already controlled Le-Matoran and Matau assembled to help capture Kongu and Tamaru. However, the attack lead by the free Matoran was an ambush, as Boxor began appearing from the sides and coming out of the ground. The Matoran were quickly captured into small hidden grooves, each with a Matoran inside to peal the Krana off its host. The Boxor succeeded, and after a short time took back Le-Koro and freed the rest of the villagers.

Attack on Ga-Koro

The Ga-Matoran began to prepare their village for the Bohrok's eventual attack by surrounding it with sharp bamboo spikes and by blocking the stone entrance that links it to the shore of the island.

Later, Jala and Takua arrived to help protect the village and strengthen their defenses with Nuparu's new invention, the Boxor. Kotu interrupted them to alert Turaga Nokama to an event occurring outside that the Matoran thought she should see.

Pahrak using Krana Vu to reach Ga-Koro

In a few moments, a group of boats came into view holding Turaga Onewa and the population of Po-Koro on it. The elders greeted each other and Onewa explained how the Po-Matoran's home had been overrun by the Tahnok and escaped to seek haven with the Ga-Matoran, though surprised that the village too, was soon going to be attacked by Pahrak. Although they were weary, both Turaga agreed that the Po-Matoran could still assist with defending the village. Nokama then sent Maku, Hahli and Kotu to dismantle the causeway leading from Ga-Koro to the beach. While they were doing so, the Pahrak managed to blast through the gate sending rocky debris flying everywhere, one of them almost hitting Macku. Huki managed to block it with a fishing staff, simultaneously destroying the bridge as the stone collided with it, cutting off the Bohrok from reaching the village.

Ga-Koro Guard attempting to stop the Pahrak invasion

That night, Huki was sitting on the edge of Ga-Koro's lily pads where Maku joined him and thanked him for saving her earlier. As they wondered where their enemies might have gone, they were joined by Takua, Jala, and Hahli who pointed out a strange sound. As they listened, the giant Kaukau carving exploded before them, Pahrak emerging from the opening. The sun rose as the Bohrok invaded the village, wreaking destruction wherever they went, despite the efforts of the Ga-Koro Guard. As Nuparu's forces prepared to attack, the Bohrok overturned the lily pad underneath the Boxor, sending them into the water, but their pilots were rescued before they could drown. Nokama watched as Pahrak Va arrived and placed Krana Vu in the Bohrok's head plates and they flew across the water, landed in the town and threatened the villagers. While the Matoran steeled themselves for the battle, Jala and Takua, trapped on another lily pad, frantically sought out ways to reach their friends. Takua was able to fling himself, with Jala's help, over to the trapped Matoran, boldly exclaiming for the Bohrok to go through him before harming the other villagers. Suddenly, a blinding glow was emitted from the Ga-Suva and they watched in wonder as Gali's Nuva Symbol appeared above the shrine. Nokama told them that the Toa had defeated the Bahrag Queens, and a brilliant white light struck the Bohrok, cutting off their connection to them, effectively ending the Bohrok menace all around the island.

Battle in the Bohrok Nest

The Toa Mata, before they journey into the Nest

After preparing the trap for the Tahnok in Po-Wahi, Kopaka headed to Ta-Koro to check on Tahu. On the way, he glimpsed a Tahnok Va and trailed it to the opening of a Bohrok Nest. Kopaka then found Tahu and subsequently the other four Toa. Having obtained all the types of Krana, the Toa proceeded into the nest, avoiding and occasionally fighting the emerging Bohrok swarms. Eventually, they came upon an opening, which Tahu explored. Behind him, a stone wall fell, trapping him in a Tahnok nest and the others in the tunnel, where lava started flowing toward them. While Kopaka stopped the lava temporarily, Pohatu and Onua were unable to damage the stone seal, causing Lewa to realize the wall was an illusion before the team walked through it. Below, Tahu escaped the nest by heating the air until the pressure exploded the chamber, uniting him with the others. At that point, the floor fell out beneath them, bringing them to a cave with niches for the Krana which they inserted. Following along six passages which opened up, the Toa discovered the Exo-Toa and donned the armor.

The Toa Mata using the Exo-Toa against the Bahrag

Proceeding along the passages, Tahu and Lewa encountered Cahdok and Gahdok, the two Bahrag. Using their armor's Electro-Rockets, the Toa pushed them to the middle of the room, but to their despair this only increased the twin queen's power. Cahdok and Gahdok then began quelling the Toa, smothering Gali under waves of heat, trapping Pohatu and Onua in an illusion, freezing Lewa and burying Kopaka. At Gali's encouragement, Pohatu managed to break out of the illusion to help Tahu who also struggled. Tahu then ordered the others to shed the Exo-Toa which was blocking their Elemental Powers. They then trapped the Bahrag in a Toa Seal by simultaneously using their elemental energies.

As the nest collapsed, the Toa fell into tubes filled with Energized Protodermis, which transformed them into the Toa Nuva. Using their new Kanohi Nuva, they escaped the Bohrok Nest. At the same time, the Nuva Symbols, containing their Elemental Powers, appeared around Mata Nui and were placed in the villages' Suva.

Bohrok-Kal Strike

The Bahrag's defeat allowed the Matoran to remove the Krana from the Bohrok and re-program them. Bohrok and Bohrok Va were then put to work repairing the damaged villages.

Meanwhile, the imprisoned Bahrag sent a telepathic signal, awaking six elite Bohrok from their hibernation. Acting as a failsafe, the Bohrok-Kal were summoned with the specific mission of locating and freeing the queens of the swarms. Knowing the Toa Nuva's elemental powers were linked to the Nuva Symbols and could be used as a key to the Toa Seal, the Bohrok-Kal, agreed to infiltrate the villages with the help of the Bohrok Va (which, unlike the Bohrok, didn't depend on Krana to function and therefore hadn't been affected by the Bahrag's defeat) and steal the six Nuva Symbols.

Each Koro was struck individually by the overpowering Bohrok-Kal dealing with little resistances by the defenseless Matoran. The Toa each met with numerous problems following their sudden lack of elemental powers.

After attempting to stop Tahnok-Kal from stealing his symbol and failing due to the lack of his powers, Tahu, along with Jala and Takua, began pursuing the thief. On the way, they met Lewa, who had been defeated by Nuhvok-Kal, and Pohatu, to whom Gahlok-Kal had magnetized a herd of Mahi. Eventually, the six Toa Nuva assembled and realized the thieves were more than one. They located them in Po-Wahi and set out to confront them. When they encountered them, the Bohrok-Kal demanded for the location of the Bahrag, revealing their mission to release them. A conflict quickly ensued, and the Toa were harshly defeated by their lack of Elemental Powers before the Bohrok-Kal fled at their collapse. The Toa agreed to split into two teams, searching for the Bahrag, halting the Bohrok-Kal's advancements and looking for the new Kanohi Nuva hidden around the island.

Subsequent conflicts took place between the two teams. Shortly after the first battle, Gali, Onua and Pohatu were defeated by Tahnok-Kal while heading for the destroyed Bohrok Nest.

While searching for two Kanohi Nuva in Le-Wahi, Tahu and Lewa encountered Nuhvok-Kal, who was also searching for the masks in order to hide them from the Toa. Tahu lured the Bohrok-Kal into a clearing where it was attacked from all sides by Le-Matoran in an attempt to confuse and overwhelm it. The strategy was successful, but the Bohrok Kal escaped.

Some time later, Lewa attempted to ambush Kohrak-Kal from above and steal its Krana-Kal, but was instead blocked by a wall of sound and then by deafening sound waves. He was found some time after by Kopaka and Gali, who decided to form the Toa Nuva Kaita Wairuha Nuva to attack Lehvak-Kal. The attempt was also unsuccessful, however, as Wairuha was defeated by the Kaita formed by Lehvak-Kal, Kohrak-Kal and Gahlok-Kal.

Meanwhile, Tahu attempted to attack the Bohrok-Kal twice. The first attack was against Pahrak-Kal. With the Ta-Koro Guard's help, Tahu managed to rob it of its Krana-Kal, only for it to be replaced by a Gahlok Va. The second time Tahu led a swarm of Krana-less Tahnok against Nuhvok-Kal, only for it to send the swarm in orbit and bury Tahu into the ground.

Finally, Onua and Pohatu managed to defeat Tahnok-Kal by tricking it into a trap, allowing them to steal its Krana-Kal. Speaking with the sapient object, they learned the Bohrok-Kal had discovered the Bahrag's location and were journeying there now, even as all the Bohrok on Mata Nui returned to their nests in preparation for being re-awakened.

The Toa overpower the Bohrok-Kal with their elemental powers

The Toa confronted the Kal to a cave where they watched the creatures destroy the Exo-Toa. The Bohrok-Kal then began to place the Nuva Symbols in the Nuva Cube, which would release the Bahrag from their protodermis prison. Tahu attempted to use the Vahi against their foes, but their Krana turned silver in response, activating an impenetrable shield around them. Seeing that the plan did not work, Gali conceived a new idea, which consisted of the Toa Nuva reaching out to their Nuva Symbols, channeling their Elemental Powers through the Bohrok-Kal. The attempt worked, and the Bohrok-Kal absorbed the energies, quickly overloading their own powers and causing them to destroy themselves.


With the help of the re-programmed Bohrok, almost every Koro was repaired in a very short time, and by the end of the Bohrok-Kal attack were formed and reconstructed larger with greater defenses.

All of the Krana were subsequently dumped into Krana Pits, each marked with a tablet featuring a Krana symbol and the word "Beware". The Turaga also personally removed the Krana-Kal, locking them away as well.

When Hewkii saved Macku during the attack on Ga-Koro, he had used a fishing staff to knock away a flying stone. This was seen by other Matoran and an idea came up to use them in Kolhii. The new playing style stuck, and Kolhii Sticks were used in the game from then on.


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