BIONICLE Ignition 15: Mata Nui Rising

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"One year ago a team of Toa washed ashore on a tropical island, they were six heroes with one destiny, to awaken the great spirit from his slumber. Today that destiny has been achieved.
For the first time in a millennium -- Mata Nui rises!
— Narrator

BIONICLE Ignition 15: Mata Nui Rising
Outside/alternate title Comic 10[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Leigh Gallagher

"Mata Nui Rising" is issue #15 of the BIONICLE Ignition series of comic books and the fourth and final issue in its "Battle for Power" story arc. The issue was released alongside the November/December 2008 issue of LEGO Magazine. When the issue was released on, it was listed as Comic 10.[1]

Plot Summary

The Shadow Matoran Kirop, struggling in the hands of Takanuva, is struck by the sonic attack of a klakk and has his inner Light returned to him. Takanuva, Kirop, and Tanma discuss their effort to restore the rest of the Shadow Matoran and evacuate the Av-Matoran from Karda Nui before Mata Nui's awakening renders Karda Nui uninhabitable.

Meanwhile, Kopaka manages to acquire the Jetrax T6, after Antroz left it to try and crash it into the Rockoh T3 and Axalara T9, by creating an ice wall between each of the three vehicles, while Antroz alerts the other Makuta that Teridax's Plan is about to be completed.

In the Codrex, Gali discovers that the six massive Lightstones are needed to awaken Mata Nui, but as it would take too much time, she asks the Toa Ignika to use his powers to quicken the process. After some discussion, Toa Ignika agrees, and sacrifices its body to awaken Mata Nui, beginning the Energy Storms. The Makuta are killed by the storms, but the Toa managed to flee using their vehicles. At that moment, Mata Nui rises from the sea.

In Metru Nui, during the celebration of Mata Nui's awakening, the stars rearrange into the Kanohi Kraahkan, and Teridax reveals the conclusion of his plan: he has taken over Mata Nui's body and banished the Great Spirit into the Ignika, ejecting them into space.

The Kanohi silently soars through space, heading into the unknown, and Mata Nui makes a promise: "I will return."



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