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"For more than 100 centuries, I have looked into the face of evil again and again. It sickens me."
— Axonn, Vengeance of Axonn

Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi Great Rode
Powers Stasis fields
Energy blasts
Mental shielding
Tools Giant Axe
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation AXE-on[1]
Set number 8733 Axonn (instructions)

Axonn is a powerful, armored member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Early life

Early chronicles revealed Axonn as being a member of the Hand of Artakha, well-before Helryx came into being.[2] When the organization was disbanded, Axonn became bereft of a purpose. He then resorted to conquest, becoming one of the most powerful and feared beings in the universe. Whole cities fell before his giant axe, and he eventually ended up conquering a number of the Southern Islands. Hydraxon, another former member of the Hand of Artakha, later approached him and offered him a membership in the newly formed Order of Mata Nui.[3]

Seeing this as an opportunity for having a newfound sense of purpose and a reason for living, Axonn gave up on his dreams of conquering, and became a trusted member of the Order. Eventually, after a number of adventures as an Order member, Axonn was stationed with his best friend, the scholar-warrior Brutaka, near the village of Voya Nui. Their tasks were to protect the village's Matoran inhabitants and to guard the Mask of Life.[4]

Voya Nui

Axonn as seen in If a Universe Ends

Axonn and Brutaka both survived the Great Cataclysm, which sent the landmass containing Voya Nui rocketing up into the surface world. Unfortunately for Axonn, the events of the Great Cataclysm triggered a crisis of conscience in Brutaka, who began to believe that Mata Nui had betrayed his people. While Axonn firmly clung to the correct belief that Mata Nui had been cast into slumber but might one day reawaken to restore order to the universe, Brutaka began to lose heart.[5]

During the millennium of peace on the newly created island of Voya Nui, Axonn continued to protect the Matoran while keeping his existence a secret. During a hurricane, Axonn rescued the Ko-Matoran named Kazi from falling and placed him where the other Matoran would find him.[6]

Axonn attacking Reidak and Thok

1000 years after the Great Cataclysm, the six Piraka arrived on Voya Nui seeking the Mask of Life. Axonn tracked their movements in secret, eventually revealing himself to a Matoran named Balta after saving his life. He also encountered Gali, driven mad after her encounter with the Matoran Resistance, and healed her mind with his powers, releasing her to continue her duty. He continued to watch events until his ally and friend, Brutaka, betrayed him and the Order by incapacitating the Toa Nuva and their Matoran allies.[7]

Angered by the betrayal, Axonn began to harass the Piraka. When he encountered Thok and Reidak, Axonn attacked them, engaging the two in battle. As he prepared for a final blow, however, Brutaka knocked him out with a blast of energy from his sword, enabling the Piraka to escape.[8] Axonn eventually made it back to his hideout, encountering two Toa Inika and Matoran, whom he instructed to stop Brutaka at all costs. Axonn remained in his hideout, nursing his wounds, until he was strong enough for battle.

After recovering, Axonn traveled to the Piraka Stronghold, where he witnessed Brutaka's defeat from having his energy absorbed by Hakann and Thok. Axonn volunteered to go after them, but was stopped by Jaller, who insisted it was the duty of his team. Axonn consented, and crafted a special Zamor sphere, and filled it with some of his own power, his ability to create stasis fields. He remained in the Stronghold, while Jaller led his team to defeat the Piraka. The Inika eventually recovered Brutaka's powers, which returned to him. After failing to convince his former ally to believe in the cause, Axonn engaged his friend in battle.[5]

During the course of the battle, Axonn began to see the futility of his attempts to reason with Brutaka. Eventually, Axonn was driven into a rage, denouncing Brutaka's actions and attacking him with all his might. Axonn noted Brutaka's eyes turning to the Antidermis vat, and Axonn destroyed the vat with his axe, scattering the essence to the wind, and destroying his former comrades last hope at defeating him. Axonn eventually defeated Brutaka with his powers, and called Botar to take him away. When his fellow Order member arrived to banish Brutaka to the Pit, however, Axonn vowed that he would save his friend.

Axonn faces off against Brutaka.

After the battle, Axonn and Botar met up with the Matoran resistance and the newly-freed Toa Nuva. They informed the Nuva that, if the Inika succeeded in their mission to save Mata Nui's life, it would be time for the Nuva to awaken the Great Spirit. Axonn instructed the Nuva to return to Metru Nui, retrieve a scroll from the Great Temple, and accomplish each of the tasks listed on the scroll in order to prepare the universe for the Great Spirit's reawakening.

When the Toa Inika reappeared and it became evident that both teams of Toa had to leave the island on separate missions, Axonn volunteered to watch the Matoran of Voya Nui and protect them from the still-present threat of the Piraka. He also opened up an entrance to the Cord that connected Voya Nui to the lost underwater village of Mahri Nui, allowing the Toa Inika to continue their quest.[9]

While the Piraka decided to stay hidden and await an opportunity to strike, life on Voya Nui became peaceful once again. One of Axonn's more difficult tasks at this point was to convince the Matoran of Voya Nui to stay on the island, rather than attempt to search for Mahri Nui. [10] When a Tahtorak that seemingly appeared from nowhere began to threaten the island, Axonn summoned Botar to teleport it away.[11]

After the Toa Mahri led the Matoran of Mahri Nui into the tunnels of the Cord, Axonn defeated the mutated Piraka with an energy blast and guided the Toa Mahri to the Toa Terrain Crawler, a giant Rahi that Axonn had modified to serve as a transport vehicle. He then led the Matoran of Voya Nui down into the Nui Caves. When the Cord was severed, they were returned to the Southern Continent safely.[12]

Destiny War

Axonn later spotted Krakua and Botar's Replacement as they arrived via teleportation on Voya Nui. He attacked them until Krakua told him they were sent by the Order to retrieve him, as verified by his Kanohi Rode. Botar's replacement then teleported Axonn to Daxia, where he reunited with Brutaka, who informed him of the coming war.[13]

Axonn and Brutaka journeyed to Zakaz, hoping to form an alliance with the Skakdi. They clashed with the army of the warlord Nektann, and Brutaka eventually dragged Axonn out from their hiding place in mock surrender.[14] When taken prisoner by the Skakdi, Axonn demanded that they were taken to see Nektann. There, he lied to the Skakdi that the other warlords had already agreed to their alliance, and exaggerated the riches he would obtain from doing so. Nektann agreed to the alliance, and Axonn and Brutaka left his lair to convince the other Skakdi warlords to follow suit.[15]

After leading the Skakdi to attack an army of Rahkshi on a southern island, Axonn and Brutaka headed to a hidden chamber in one of the island's canyons. Inside was a pool of liquid from which the Makuta species was created. When Axonn and Brutaka discussed its destruction, the pool erupted, and the two stumbled in.[16] Before drowning, Axonn was pulled out by Brutaka, who had become mentally linked to the substance.[17] Brutaka teleported Axonn and himself to the Core Processor, where they encountered the Toa Hagah, Miserix, Keetongu, and Helryx. After Axonn related their recent adventure, Teridax revealed himself and destroyed Brutaka's mask to prevent them from leaving.[18]

Teridax's Reign

Miserix tried to destroy the machinery in the chamber, and was abruptly stopped by Brutaka, who revealed that they were inside the mind of Mata Nui. After Teridax dealt with Miserix, he banished Axonn, Brutaka, and Keetongu to the southern edge of the universe.[19] Teridax kept Axonn trapped in an illusion, in which he perpetually ran toward a screaming Brutaka in an endless wasteland, and was never able to reach him. Axonn eventually realized that he was within a fictional reality and escaped the illusion, finding himself on a peaceful beach. He vowed to return to Metru Nui and take revenge on Teridax.[20]

Axonn and Brutaka eventually reunited and teleported back to the Core Processor, where they discussed the fate of Matoran Universe with Helryx, the recently freed Miserix, Tren Krom, and Tuyet. Helryx and Miserix argued that Teridax had to be stopped, and the leader of the Order commanded the two titans to stop the others. Brutaka, still mind linked with Antidermis, disagreed, and announced that Tren Krom should send the message to Mata Nui and that their universe was still needed regardless of whom ran it. Kapura and Hafu, who had come with Tren Krom from above, watched in dismay as the group of six then split into two sides with Axonn joining Helryx and Miserix's reasoning.[21] To his dismay, Axonn was forced to fight Brutaka and began wondering if he had chosen the wrong side. The battle was soon interrupted by the arrival of Artakha.[22] Teridax requested that the combatants leave, but Axonn refused the order. The Makuta responded by teleporting him out into space with Brutaka, Helryx, Tuyet, Miserix, Artakha, and the two Matoran.[23]

Spherus Magna

Lewa created air bubbles around their head, preventing them from suffocating, and had them link hands to prevent them from drifting off into space. They were saved by Vezon, who reached through a dimensional portal, and pulled them into a chamber. As Vezon continued to ramble, Axonn shoved him against a wall and put an arm to his throat, forcing him to give them answers. Vezon introduced them to the other one in the room, an imprisoned Great Being.[24] The Great Being, who had been cursed by the Ignika, bid the beings free him, and Axonn and the others immediately began to argue over whether or not do so.[25]

Outside, Velika rigged the fortress to explode and destroy everyone within.[26] Axonn and the other biomechanical beings managed to escape the fortress.[27] Unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.[28]

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

Axonn was one of the survivors of Mata Nui's death and migrated with the others to the island of Mata Nui. When Takanuva arrived in this alternate universe, he was taken to Axonn by Macku to see if he was lying about his identity. Axonn used his mask to prove that, at the very least, Takanuva truly believed himself to be Takanuva, and then took his Staff of Light.[29]

Abilities and Traits

Axonn is a rather tall being, measuring roughly nine feet in height.[30] He is an extremely powerful being, with a wide range of abilities. He is known to have great brute strength, approaching that of a Makuta, a strength that is tremendously enhanced when he is enraged.[9] He can also heal other beings and can cure insanity with a touch of his hand.[7][1] However, this power has a limit, and some beings are beyond his healing ability.[31] Axonn is also able to shoot pure energy at targets, a power that can be channeled through his hands or his axe.[32][1] He also possessed Electricity powers[33][34] and could create temporary stasis fields.[35][36][37][38][39] Axonn is also immune to the slaving effect of Antidermis.[40] Additionally, Axonn possesses a number of unrevealed abilities.[41]

Like all other members of the Order of Mata Nui, Axonn's mind is shielded from any means of telepathy or mental attack. Axonn's abilities have also been enhanced beyond those of other members of his species by the Order.[42]

Axonn believes in his job and the will of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, refusing to believe that he had died after the Great Cataclysm.[5] He is good friends with Brutaka and never lost hope in him, vowing to save him from the Pit when he was imprisoned there.[9]

Mask and Tools

Axonn wears the Kanohi Rode, the Great Mask of Truth, which allows him to see through any tricks in appearance or speech.

Axonn wields a Protosteel Giant Axe known for its great strength.

Set Information

Axonn Set

8733 Axonn was released as a large boxed set in mid-2006, containing 196 pieces. The 2006 Titans were also the first to utilize the new shin braces, utilizing a new ball-joint piece and a piston to better support the set's weight in various poses. Botar can be made by combining pieces from 8733 Axonn and 8734 Brutaka with instructions available on The pieces from 8733 Axonn, 8734 Brutaka, and 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk could also be combined into the Kardas Dragon using instructions available on or in the special edition 10204 Vezon & Kardas set, which contained the parts of all three titans and was only available at Target or LEGO stores.

Due to production changes during the year of 2006, some releases of the set featured a lighter silver color than others.


"I was placed on this island as a guardian of the Mask of Life... one of many."
— Axonn, Vengeance of Axonn

"You have five seconds to put that down and end this battle in one piece, Piraka. One... two... Five!"
— Axonn, Vengeance of Axonn

"Well, what are you waiting for, Naming Day? Get out of there!"
— Axonn to Balta, Dark Destiny

"You fool, Axonn! Don't you realize you're fighting for a lost cause?"
"Maybe, but don't you realize those are the only kind worth fighting for?
— Brutaka and Axonn, Inferno

"Things must be desperate if they're calling on an old war Rahi like you."
— Brutaka to Axonn, Destiny War

"Just like the good old days. Now I remember why I hated them so much."
— Axonn, Destiny War


Axonn in the 2006 Titan Commercial
  • Axonn gave Brutaka his Rotating Blades.[9]
  • After heavy exertion, Axonn breathes very loudly, with the sound being compared to a bulldog.[43]
  • Axonn is portrayed as a villain in the non-canonical game BIONICLE Heroes.
  • In the product description of 8733 Axonn, it is said that Axonn is able to make lava balls using his hands.[44][45] This is however not canon, and was based on an older story bible.[46]


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