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Toa Kaita

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"The Toa will unite and find more power in the joining. They shall merge their skills, their knowledge, their wills to become Wisdom and Valor, named in prophecy Wairuha and Akamai, in these forms they are the Toa Kaita."
Turaga Nuju (as translated by Matoro), Mata Nui Online Game

Toa Kaita
Toa Kaita Statues.png
Formed by Three Toa of different elements
Powers Multiple elemental powers, enhanced strength
Kanohi Depends on the fused Toa
Tools Varies
Pronunciation TOE-AH KIGH-ee-TAH

A Toa Kaita is a being formed by the melding of the bodies and minds of three Toa of different elements.

Abilities and Traits

All Toa have the capacity to form into Kaita. The combination of three Toa also results in a new Kanohi, which contains the powers of all three Kanohi used in the formation. Each Toa Kaita is a separate entity from the next, and each is bestowed a unique name and title.

A Toa Kaita combines and amplifies all attributes of the three component Toa, from physical characteristics such as speed and strength to attributes like personality and knowledge. Therefore, a Toa Kaita is inherently faster, stronger, and smarter than its components simply working together. A Toa Kaita also possesses greater elemental power than its three component Toa, and can wield the powers in combination.

Toa Kaita remain whole as long as they maintain the focus of the fusion; when the concentration is broken, the Toa Kaita reverts to the three Toa. Makuta also possess the ability to dissolve these fusions.

The only Toa known to have formed a Kaita are the Toa Mata, who joined to form Akamai and Wairuha. The Kaita journeyed to Makuta Teridax's lair, using their enhanced powers to defeat the Manas. Upon arriving at his chamber, they were transformed back into their individual selves by Teridax's power.

Toa Nuva Kaita

A Toa Nuva Kaita is the result of the merging of three Toa Nuva. Like normal Toa Kaita, Toa Nuva Kaita possess the combined mask and Elemental powers of the Toa Nuva who created it, and can use them in combination. The difference is that Toa Nuva Kaita have stronger elemental abilities, and that they can share their Kanohi powers with others. They also have extra armor. The only known Toa Nuva Kaita are Akamai Nuva (formed by Tahu, Onua, and Pohatu, but never created) and Wairuha Nuva (formed by Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali). The Toa Nuva can still form Kaita even when wearing their Adaptive Armor, though the Kaita will not possess the armor.


  • If the Toa Inika had formed their own Kaita, its Kanohi would have been organic, and its Elemental Powers would have been combined with Lightning.
  • The Toa Hordika lacked the mental discipline necessary to form Toa Kaita.


The Toa Kaita in The Legend of Mata Nui
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